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  1. The first line of Doc’s post is about as accurate as one could get and his description of the organization just got better from there. This is a less-with-more franchise without a legitimate excuse.
  2. Just saw Marsh’s pregame interview. Dude looks and sounds like 1969. I think he’ll add a fun element to the team.
  3. 9th inning, with a 2 run lead or more and the pitcher walks a batter. No. Never. I absolutely hate it. Aside from a double play prospect (and often especially with 2 outs they just give the runner 2nd base via catcher’s indifference) in that situation a walk and a HR are the same thing. Pitchers have got to challenge the hitter. (See Percival vs. Bonds, ‘02 World Series, Game 2.)
  4. An Angels monster inning like the 8 runs in Game 4 in the 2002 ALDS against the Yankees or the 10 runs in Game 5 in the ALCS vs. the Twins. I still remember how loud and joyous the ballpark was. That Yankee inning was so cathartic. Every hit that Saturday afternoon in the 5th inning just dropped in inches from a glove or found the perfect gap batter after batter and seemed to wipe away 1982, 86 and 95 all at once. And it happened again 8 days later. After all the years of frustration and almosts, this time - this time! - the wind is at our backs and the momentum is unstoppable.
  5. Certainly, any successful team needs talent. They’re really not that far away at least offensively. But it’s not an either or thing. The Angels also need some kind of edge which is just code for accountability. This franchise is just way too comfortable with mediocrity. They need an Erstad-like figure. No one crazy, just a strong, steadying presence. And I don’t who that is. As much as I respect and am impressed by Trout as a human being and generational superstar, it ain’t him. Fine. But someone or better yet a handful of players need to fill that role.
  6. A lot of accurate comments in this thread and I think IP is particularly spot on. Good clubs don't continually make mental errors, miss multiple opportunities, etc. especially in key moments. And that's just what's disturbing on the field. The bigger picture is that there's just something missing from this franchise. A lack of urgency and accountability and a comfort level with mediocrity to begin with. This is not a mid-market team like many have mislabeled it. They're in the second largest market in the country and should act like it. One of the reasons I was excited about Maddon returning was that I thought this might be the start of a culture improvement. Granted, it's early but I don't like what I see so far.
  7. Just recounted in my head and I forgot that I saw the Nats at RFK. So 38.
  8. 37. Every current ballpark except for the new ones in Atlanta and obviously Arlington plus a few of the older stadiums. I’ve been blessed to have a career where I travel and enough flexibility to coincide trips with the MLB schedule.
  9. I was at this game as a kid. I was a big fan of Rick Miller, too and thought he could have made the catch. However, it was a bit of a stretch calling that an error. Anyway, the next night was Baylor’s tying home run off the left field foul pole in the ninth and Merv Rettenmund hitting the walkoff in extras. Finally, with two out an no one on in the bottom of the ninth it looked like the Yankees would salvage the last game going into the All Star break. But a walk brought Grich to the plate and Bobby hit a fly ball to right that just sneaked over the fence. I remember my brother and me swimming in our pool at our home in Fullerton listening to the game on KMPC going nuts after they won. That was the catapult to the division championship 2 1/2 months later. That and the KC series the last week of ‘82 were a couple of the best regular season series I can remember.
  10. To me, there are scenarios and windows when you need to overpay. I felt that way about Adrian Beltre a few years back and I think the same thing applies to Cole now. I'm sure that's how the Angels viewed Pujols. It was discussed here ad nauseam that a 10 year deal was too long but if you got vintage Albert for the first five, then it was worth it. And it would have been but that didn't happen. Cole may not end up here but given the circumstances I'd be disappointed and frankly surprised if the Angels are outbid by some other team.
  11. Angels and Rockies. Only two franchises to never lose 100 games. So we’ve got that.
  12. I think a radical realignment is a bad idea. Let's face it, if baseball were introduced to the public in the 21st century, it would be a second or third tier sport. It's a leisurely game that relies on nuance in a society where nuance has little value. No other sport in America is supported by its legacy and tradition like baseball. No other sport honors its statistics so highly either. To steamroll the existing leagues would detract much more than the sport would gain in my opinion. Although I'm not a particular fan of pitchers hitting, I actually like the fact that the NL hasn't adopted the DH if only to hold on to one last vestige of differentiation. So the trick is how does the sport leverage its history -- and there's a ton of value in the brand if done correctly -- yet position itself for the future? Replicating the NBA and NFL is a fool's game. You can't win that way and if that's the path Rob Manfred and team elect I think it's a long term loser. In the end, baseball has to live or die on its own merits. So I'm not sure what to do moving forward but I'm pretty clear on what not to do. I'm also good with two new expansion teams slotted into each league. Portland and Montreal or Charlotte would be my choice.
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