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    Yes, the Angels are interested in a good starting pitcher. Bang up job there Morosi. Now collect your money.
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    Upton for Price straight up is a bad deal for the Angels. Sure it's trading from strength to fill weakness but you have to think Upton is a far better bet going forward than Price while being owed less money.
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    Had to read thru this Moose thread to make sure it wasn't the one from last year....or the year before.
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    That dude treats his pepsi like your mom treats my wiener.
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    The yearly earnings for this contract is essentially what Wheeler could get with a backloaded contract. If it comes down to one or the other, I'm taking Wheeler all day.
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    MLBTR had him getting a 4/68 deal. If the Angels signed him for 4/73, most posters here would be commenting that he only got 5 million more than what the "experts" thought and that the Halos got a great catcher at a great deal. Since they didn't sign him, the White Sox overpaid and will come to regret it. Gotta love the spin on these fan forums. I don't recall any of the posters here that are bagging on the Sox stating what they would pay for Grandal and at what price Eppler should walk away from.
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    Good God if we finish SECOND to Wheeler and Cole in the FA sweepstakes I don't think there's enough water in the world to put out the fire here and save this place from total destruction.
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    if they take away the comp pick, maybe they'll remove the loss of a draft pick for the team that signs Cole.
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    Shoeless Joe has emerged from the corn, logged onto the farmers WiFi and is posting on AW. That’s pretty cool.
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    Internet Free Speech Thread

    I'm not sure what this aggregate of vocabulary signifies
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    True Grich

    Expect a big trade soon

    Every single trade proposal that includes Zack Cozart is just plain funny to me. I understand the context of each proposal, but they're all, still very funny to me.
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    Adding to that, if we did sign both Cole and Ryu, Id like to claim ownership of the phrase "Cole and Seoul".
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    Barr's expressed concern over this is a complete facade. He could have made sure Epstein was held in a much more secure manner, if that was of importance to him. It wasn't. A lot of people very likely wanted Epstein dead, including our current president, a past president and Epstein himself. This is all for show.
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    Not to mention the Maddon connection again with Archer. I almost guarantee we'll land at least one player this offseason either because Maddon has extensive history with them or he convinced them to come here.
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    If were looking for a bat it absolutely is a secret. Everything I've read is 2 pitchers and possible a catcher, and not an expensive offensive catcher either. Pretty sure we are standing pat on position players other than the catcher.
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    Trump's Trade War

    I don't think he's left or right but more of an opportunist. Whatever benefits him or his polls is what he wants.
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    If the Angels fail to sign Cole or Stras then maybe signing Wheeler, Ryu and trading for a starter(Boyd, Ray etc.) is the way to go. A staff of Wheeler, Ryu, Ohtani, Boyd, Heaney and Canning should be light years better than last year. It would look a lot better if Cole was their number 1 though.
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    Pretty much anything from Robles. But I'll go with his 4.69 K/BB ratio. This might be the cleanest of peanuts. Dude might be an almond.
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    Erstad Grit

    More crazy trade ideas

    I hate all these. Just sign Cole/Stras and Wheeler and keep Adell.
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    i believe a "no shit" is in order here.
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    Just like the weather man in Seattle. In today's forecast, RAIN.
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    Inside Pitch

    Expect a big trade soon

    If the Angels trade for that I'm going to be really pissed.
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    After we sign the necessary pitching we need, then it’s time to take a look at position players. Until that happens, Moustakis discussions are a non-starter for me.
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    You’re right. He will be great
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    Hmmmm. All I see is a man chewing on a jacket.
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    Finding Value in Free Agency...

    that would actually be a good thing. then we could focus on Cole, get him done and still have a ton of options for that second guy. I don't think it will happen though. Cole is in a completely different bracket in terms of price. I think wheeler is going to move very quick and set the secondary market early. Bumgarner will be this years Keuchel unless he takes 3 years.
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    Was it as good as the first couple of times he said this?
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    exactly. painting those against allowing government the power to control healthcare as uncaring is straight out of the lib playbook.
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    The Official 2019 MVP Award Thread

    Great way to wrap up the season with the Astros taking another massive L
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    Coach Mike Napoli

    Damn. Those are big glasses.
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    You only get one chance with Edna Crabapple Zack Cozart.
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    I named my orange cat Ohtani

    I love that I can see hidden posts.
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    To piggyback IP (sorry about the weight!), and again I hate to sound overdramatic, but I think this is right next to the black sox scandal. Obviously one was to win, the other to lose. But both were to make money, and tainted a WS. And like Sean Regan said, ai dont see how this is less than Pete Rose. Rose in essence did insider trading... he used inside knowledge to bet. But there was never (unless Im wrong) any evidence he played any role in the bets, as far as the outcome of any game. To be fair, everyone cheats. Everyone steals signs. This goes way beyond that. Was it houston who hacked St Louis, or vice versa?
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    It means that rather than buying cars from manufactures that refuse to meet CA standards they will instead purchase cars from manufactures that simply lie about it.
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    The year before he was traded Wells had one if not the worst contracts in baseball. After having one of the 3 best seasons of his career at age 31 someone in the FO thought he was worth acquiring. On the bright side that trade probably led to some of the best threads over the years considering who they traded for him.
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    Thoughts and Prayers

    He's still alive. He just responded to me in my super hot The Mandalorian thread. Go check it out, and post some stuff so we can get the count up.
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    Gerrit Cole wonders WTF you're talking about
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    Spin Forum Dumping Bin

    This is fantastic. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/amp/live-feed/south-park-mocks-trans-athletes-1254732
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    Yes. 4 years of Wheeler for a 3rd round pick and no loss of international pool funds.
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    True Grich

    Cole SIGNS!

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    I'm starting to convince myself that the Angels can acquire Jon Gray without giving up our top prospects.
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    California Golden Bears Football

    Yes. In the PAC12.

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