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    Certainly the Angels chances in 2020 would have been better with Ryu than without him. But you can understand why they wouldn’t want to risk $80M over four years on a guy with his medical history.
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    2020 Democratic Field

    Calolfornia and most politicians are like the cable company. They will sell you on the $19.99 deal. But then you sign up and realize that after taxes and fees, it's $39.99. Then after the promotion period ends, it's $79.99.
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    War with Iran?

    I'm 1 for 1 at picking up bar chicks. I am never trying again because it's only downhill from there. I'll stick to funerals and Tank's barbecues from now on.
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    Nolan Arenado feels disrespected

    I get why he feels disrespected. I’m sure they told him they were committed to being competitive after he signed with them considering they had just made the playoffs. Not even a year later, coming off a terrible season, they do nothing to improve the roster and are reportedly putting him on the market despite giving him a NTC. I can see why that bothers him.
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    Yep, which GM lands us Cole or Strasburg Or Wheeler? Also how long until DC regrets that contract? Which top of the rotation arms have been traded this off season? Kluber and who else? Also I don’t know of anyone that would have given up Marsh for Kluber and if that is what Cleveland asked for I guess that is proof that Eppler isn’t going to panic.
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    2020 Democratic Field

    Tulsi Gabbard. Died 2020. Drowned in a surfing accident with two gunshots to the back of the head.
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    ASSTROS to interview Assmus

    According to MLBTR'S. Ok stop laughing.
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    Evangelical is simply an umbrella term that refers to all Protestant denominations that aren't considered mainline. Mainline denominations include Presbyterian, Episcopal, Lutheran, Anglican, and others that have more traditonal-Catholic roots. When it comes to their beliefs, evangelicals traditionally emphasize a conversion experience that leads to a personal relationship with God, as well as the inerrancy of Scripture (the idea that the Bible is the authoritative Word of God and contains no errors), the movement of the Holy Spirit, and a few other things. Christians who attend mainline churches might also believe some of these things, but typically mainline churches have more of an emphasis on communal traditions and are more theologically progressive. The phrase "born again" comes from the Gospel of John, when Jesus is talking to the Jewish leader Nicodemus. Calling oneself a "born-again Christian" was more popular a few decades ago, but like MT said, it's a redundant phrase. The word "Christian" already implies that you have chosen to become a follower of Jesus, and therefore have been "born again" by accepting a new life as a follower of Jesus. In popular culture, "evangelical" has become linked to right-wing politics because of the ridiculous "culture war" nonsense that was initiated by certain evangelical pastors in the 70s. Since then, many Christians and non-Christians alike have used evangelical as an umbrella term to refer to self-proclaiming Christians who vote Republican.
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    Valenzuela in Canadian translates to Valbuena.. You dumbass.
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    Jeter should go in as a Marlin.
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    But how could they have a parade with the homeless all over the route? Priorities people, priorities. What they should do is vacate it a la USC in the BCS. You cant award a title not won on the field, but you can force the cheaters to remove all references to it and take it from them.
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    I wish the Angels would draft and develop someone that becomes a really good pitcher.
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    There are teams i dont like for competitive reasons, or whatever... but cheating puts you dead top of that list.
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    ASSTROS to interview Assmus

    there is hope for conpeting for AL West title after all.
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    I thought so also when we traded for him but I looked into it in more detail and noticed some changes he made in the 2nd half last year. He led MLB with 41 HR's in 2018. In 2019 he gave up 29 HR's but only 9 in the second half. His GB% has been between 32% and 36% each year and it was 36% in the first half. But last year it was 47% in the second half. So we may be seeing a different Dylan Bundy this year.
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    Read an article last season about Bundy I thought was interesting: https://www.pitcherlist.com/going-deep-dylan-bundy-should-make-a-few-simple-changes/ "Bundy bumped his sinker usage up significantly for three games, and then for the rest of the year, it hovered around 10%, which he had only done in one game prior in 2019. This alone is encouraging, but the results were too. First, let’s see how it affected his strikeouts and walks, as well as ground-ball and fly-ball tendencies: The strikeouts went down some, and the walks went up some. That’s not a good combination, but his HR/FB and HR/9 both came down to earth, and he started inducing a lot of ground balls. Right now, our top priority is to get Bundy’s home run numbers to come down from where they are, since they are so drastically bloated. This change seems to have achieved that, at least temporarily. Next, let’s take a look at his ERA and ERA estimators: Across the board, this looks really good. The sample size isn’t huge, but this is more than a month of pitching (47.1 innings pitched), and there’s a substantive change that we can point to." It goes on from there but it brings up some good points about how, if he mixes up his current repertoire, there could be noticeable improvement. I wonder if it wasn't something along these lines that prompted Eppler to snag Bundy.
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    Ok Plato
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    That does sound insane. Just like any other strawman argument.
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    AOC Thread

    She clearly focused a lot more on the cum than the laude. The logical problem with her position on "1 billion dollars" is it implies a cutoff. How much money can you make and have it be classified as earned rather than taken? There isn't a finite amount of wealth. It is created. I get the disdain for billionaires from an emotional standpoint though. I'd be more respectful if her energy were focused on what billionaires do with their money. Just saying they shouldn't exist is just a tired platitude.
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    The Wall

    I believe the defendant in that case was caught red handed showing feelings. Showing feelings of an almost human nature. The defendant in the case before the Senate has never done that.
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    LOL Angeles

    Can we just go back to paper ballots and pencils already?
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    2020 Democratic Field

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    Runner up for "Moment of the year" was the Texans 30-23 preseason win vs. the Lions.
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    Like I said, if Daniels trades for Arenado, it gets a lot more interesting.
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    No, that's too easy, he will do the impossible. He will accurately predict the weather.
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    2020 Democratic Field

    I love her more and more everyday.
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    This season Marsh may just become an untradable asset like Adell. Just too damn good for what the return would be.
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    Keep this in mind. A friend of mine is a hemophiliac. Hes considered a miracle baby because he got so many transfusions in the 80s/90s, never contracted HIV. Then they made blood tests, which "solved it". Hes dying now, from liver cancer... from Hep C he got in a transfusion circa 2004 give or take. They test for Hep C as they do HIV... EVERY communicable disease is a threat.
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    Hall vote, who you got?

    There are certain people we know cheated but we don't know their extent of using. What we know is they weren't the only ones cheating. I imagine something like 50-80% of the league was using. Either people are getting in, in that era or they're not. Who's to say Jeter wasn't using when it is assumed a lot of his teammates were? Steroid use or PED use isn't just for hitting home runs. Put the people who were best in that era in and if you want to put a they played during the steroid era on their plaque so be it. Also I am guaranteeing you people are still using stuff that's undetectable right now.
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    another reminder of how bad this farm system used to be. 90% of the talent or future talent in this system is concentrated from the DSL to A ball in terms of depth. Yes there are a handful of guys in the upper levels now but outside of them there is almost nothing. That huge gap of talent from A+ to AAA still exists and it won't fill in for probably 2 years.
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    THE Official 2019-2020 Hot Stove Thread

    If he wanted to be "respected", he should have secured a no-trade clause in his quarter-billion dollar contract. The only one who's being disrespectful is Arenado for badmouthing the organization. The Rockies have done nothing wrong.
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    The end of privacy.

    Nope, it's Kaz kulan. The real Kazakhstan ass.
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    Favorite international vacation spots

    Love that phrase. I'm feeling proper chuffed you used it.
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    2020 Democratic Field

    Well, it is deficit spending for something that is never really going to be of any practical use.
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    I liked them until they traded gaylord stillwell knickerbocker. He was my dads fave growing up.
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    This has been one of the strangest weeks during a baseball offseason that I can remember.
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    Its funny. Whenever you see stolen valor stories, its always guys saying they were SEALs, Delta, etc. I always said you could lie your ass off and say you were a supply guy in the Navy, and would never get caught. Omar Olivares would be the equivalent. So i was wrong.

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