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  1. He got his first start at SS tonight. Looking at the boxscore he got 2 ground balls and 1 line drive. No errors.
  2. https://www.mlb.com/prospects/international/denzer-guzman-694203 #29 on that list
  3. The Angels are tied for the third least amount of signing bonus pool money, we lost $500,000 for signing Rendon. https://www.mlb.com/news/mlb-international-signing-day-2020-21?t=mlb-pipeline-coverage Here is a list of the top 30 international prospects
  4. Are the Angels linked to any of the big international free agents? Tomorrow is the first day of the signing period, but haven’t seen anything
  5. 2019 Standings through 50 games (roughly) vs Division/Wildcard winners AL East NYY Actual Winner NYY AL Central Min Actual Winner Min AL West Hou Actual Winner Hou Wildcard TBR/Oak Actual Winners TBR/Oak NL East Phi Actual Winner Atl NL Central Chi Actual Winner Stl NL West LAD Actual Winner LAD Wildcard Mil/Atl Actual Winners Mil/Was 2018 AL East Bos Actual Winner Bos AL Central Cle Actual Winner Cle AL West Hou Actual Winner Hou Wildcard Sea/LAA Actual Winners NYY/Oak NL East Atl Actual Winner Atl NL Central Mil Actual Winner Mil NL West Col Actual Winner LAD Wildcard Phi/Pit Actual Winners Col/Chi Last 2 years the division winner was 9/12 Last 2 years the wildcard winner was 3/8 The division winner at 50 games is pretty accurate (75%) wildcard winner is a lot less accurate (37.5%). Better than nothing
  6. I think Jones deserves the promotion. He's closing in on 200 games and 800 PA at Double-A. He finished the season strong. Over the last 3 months of the season he hit .277/.350/.393, that was over 324 plate appearances so not exactly a small sample size. Not bad numbers for a 21 year old facing guys 2-3 years older. In comparison, as a 23 year old, Fletcher posted a slash line of .276/.341/.354 over 272 plate appearances before getting called up to Triple-A mid season. Depending on what happens with Simmons next year and if we trade Rengifo or not there is a chance Jones is our starting second basemen in 2021.
  7. We already have Steven Matz LHP Player A (2018-2019 Average) IP 157 ERA 4.09 H/9 8.5 K/9 8.7 BB/9 3.1 FIP 4.61 HR/9 1.5 ERA+ 95 WAR 1.7 LHP Player B (2018-2019 Average) IP 138 ERA 4.41 H/9 8.6 K/9 9.7 BB/9 2.5 FIP 4.21 HR/9 1.5 ERA+ 98 WAR 1.2 his name is Andrew Heaney
  8. The Angels have 2 games today, La Stella is starting in the other game
  9. Haven't read the thread, but I get why they would want more teams in the playoffs. If you're a casual fan you're more likely to watch the playoffs if your team is in it. Having division winners playing a 3 game series is dumb, but I wouldn't be against more teams making the playoffs. If more teams are added to the playoffs I would add 1 more, so a total of 3 wildcard teams. If you win your division you advance to the ALDS/NLDS (increase the DS to 7 games). Wildcards 2 and 3 play each other one time the day after the final regular season game. The winner of 2/3 plays the wild card team with the best record one time the next day. From there they can have the team with the best record choose who they want to play. In order to avoid playing into the middle of November I would get rid of the of some of the off days forcing teams to use 4 or 5 starters instead of 3 or 4. In this scenario there would be 12 playoff teams
  10. I don't see how if Maeda stayed Stripling would have to as well. Maybe if the Dodgers didn't end up getting Price they would want to keep Stripling, but if a Betts trade happens Price will almost certainly be in it.
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