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  1. This makes me wanna play this game again. By the way, players take time to learn new positions so if you move trout to left or right, his rating will be bad but just takes some time. Players actually learn positions faster in spring training so you can't move players around for experience. Sincerely, ex-ootp addict
  2. You should look for a team trainer who has a excellent or legendary rating in the "prevents arm injuries" category. Probably wouldn't help because well...Angels baseball but still worth a shot. Also, as someone who's been addicted to this game since about ootp14, I wanna thank you all for letting me live vicariously through your ootp updates since I finally skipped out on getting it this year this game is so immersive & it only gets better as you play more seasons & watch your prospects grow up.
  3. Last time I heard the phrase "chronic changes to the elbow" was when they were talking about Andrew heaneys issues last year. Ended up being arthritis at the elbow joint & he was able to pitch after some rest. So there's still a small chance Canning won't need to have his arm amputated.
  4. Taylor Ward in RF? This......should be interesting. Tequila shots everytime he misplays a ball out there.
  5. There's a supposed MLB executive burner account on Twitter who's been right about some things & has a lot of good insight (& sometimes wild opinions) who says eppler's been cozying up to SF front office as a safe landing spot in case he's outta a job next year these are waiver moves so Eppler can't control what happens but interesting thought nonetheless.
  6. Agree with this. I feel we do need a good swingman & would have preferred signing someone like Colin McHugh. We need some versatility in the pen. Not sweating losing Beasley but I do hope maderos makes it through waivers. I was surprised they added him to the 40 man last year so he must've not been progressing as well as they hoped he would.
  7. Do the Astros get to keep the comp pick from Cole signing with the stanks? First reaction was that this seemed kinda light. Losing those picks will hurt. Not just because of the players they would've picked but the $$ allotted to those picks hurts just as much if not more. The 5 million is a joke but if that's all Mlb can fine then so be it. Also....since watching that video of altuve begging his teammates not to rip off his shirt, I was hoping he would get some sort of suspension. But it's harder to punish players so meh.
  8. Glad we're out on kluber. Rengifo is expendable but Sandoval is someone they should keep. If the velocity jump he had is real, then we definitely got something with him. I’m definitely hoping for a Keuchel signing. Not sure what his price is, but an extreme groundball pitcher with our infield??
  9. Yeah the new ball definitely hurts him seeing as how he's always been a fly ball pitcher. But this year he's 1.1 war according to fangraphs & that's over 90 innings. So IF he can stay healthy ( yeah yeah impossible, I know), I don't think it's a longshot that he's a serviceable rotation option next year. He's shown us flashes of that potential that made him a highly regarded prospect. It's just frustrating watching show that potential for a 2 game stretch & then completely blow up for another stretch.
  10. I don't think he ever really recovered from TJS but at this point we don't have very many options so I'm sure he'll be back. Was a lot of fun watching him throw that spilt change for a bit. One thing I've noticed though & I'm probably looking wayyyy too much into this but when he's pitched I've noticed his hand has this weird discoloration like he's not getting enough oxygen in there. I wonder if he loses feel while pitching. I've heard of players losing "feeling" after TJ. But like I said, I don't know jack lol.
  11. Maybe so, but Eppler seems like he'll prioritize defense at the premium defensive positions like catcher & shortstop. Personally, I'd rather have a really good defensive shortstop with a weaker bat than a bad shortstop with a decent bat. But we're in a position where we just need value any way we can get it.
  12. I think his defense is gonna keep him valuable for a few more years but that bat is definitely gonna decline over the next couple of years. If some team offers some near MLB ready pitching, I think you have to listen. On the other hand, I don't think Fletcher is a true shortstop & I'm not sold on Rengifo's defense in that spot as well. Obviously, we have a some good outfielders coming up but we are pretty thin in infield prospects. Only one I can think of is Rivas in Advanced A ball. Maybe the Wilson kid we just drafted will be fast tracked by the time Simmons contract is up (shug).
  13. He's looked really bad behind the plate but I'm still surprised we couldn't get a warm body for him. On another note, Eppler & Asmus seem pretty quick to cut dead veteran weight. Don't remember this many veterans being cut under Sosh.
  14. I think Houston did very well here. They didn't even have to give up Whitley & Kyle Tucker who are pretty close to Mlb ready if I remember correctly.
  15. Unlike the Facebook broadcast, this YouTube stream is actually pretty good.
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