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  1. They list Teheran's two seamer as the fourth best in baseball. I thought Bundy's slider might be listed but it was not. Anyone else on the Angels who might have made one of the lists? Who has a particularly nasty pitch?
  2. I don't know what you people are complaining about. Makes perfect sense to me.
  3. Well, that's just it, haha. My point is that things aren't different. Baseball is essentially just how it has always been,
  4. Maybe mics and earpieces for the pitcher and catcher?
  5. As opposed to what? The good old days of dead baseballs, sharpened spikes, sign stealing, heavy drinking, bad umpiring, and some other things?
  6. The bottom five on the list are interesting. Future DH's?
  7. I haven't seen you bullying anyone. Perhaps you express your opinions strongly at times, but other posters seem to be a little sensitive. Not the best combination.
  8. Arte should sign someone to beat his wife? That's almost as bad as John Taylor's willingness to commit murder for a fanfest. You guys make me wonder sometimes.
  9. If we could trade Adell strait up for Buehler I would personally drive him to Dodger Stadium.
  10. I blame him for Bumgarner. He should easily be worth that contract. Several teams did very well putting rotations together this offseason and all we came up with so far is a couple of third tier pitchers that might be good. On the other hand, if Bundy forgets how to throw his slider and his gopher ball tendencies jump to the negative, and if Teheran starts walking one more hitter per game, we're basically back to last year's parade of injuries and ineffectiveness. Admittedly, the offseason isn't over, but I'm having difficulty adding any sort of perspective to the overall picture. Given the enthusiasm at the beginning of the offseason, I never would have guessed that we would end up with zero of the upper end free agents.
  11. We added two mid-rotation (3-4) starters and an elite third baseman with a top 10 bat. How anyone can rate this as a D or an F is simply panty twisting sour-grapes. I gave him a B. A low B, albeit a B. Give us Ryu and Eppler gets an easy A.