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  1. Nine Rickey Hendersons vs nine Barry Bonds?
  2. I can see it happening. Likely not, but I've been halfway anticipating it this past week.
  3. It might work better if Chuck posts his home phone number so people can call him directly with their complaints.
  4. His value is not negative, his trade value is negative. One of the top 10 players in the game until he hiccupped in 2020 is a very valuable player to have on a team.
  5. I only voted for Bonds. If he doesn't deserve the Hall, no one does.
  6. I'm confused. If we wait and see how 2021 plays out before making decisions, wouldn't including Bundy and Heaney on the 2022 roster be dipping into that 2022 free agent list?
  7. Signing Quintana is a good thing, but it's more about depth than it is actual improvement.
  8. Not sure what they will have in Ohtani this year. I'd guess 70 just as some sort of mid point.
  9. Snell has "overpriced disaster" stamped on his forehead. Given the prospects that would be lost in a trade, I have little interest.
  10. I understand a lot of Irish get obnoxious when they drink, but I think shooting them is probably over reacting a little, no?
  11. Yeah, you really have to hand it to the Aztecs. Using their primitive technology (didn't even have the wheel) they could run sacrificial victims over their altars faster than the Nazi's could run Jews through Auschwitz. That is actually pretty impressive.
  12. A life long friend of mine is Paiute. He would agree with the above statement 100%.
  13. At first, no. As the season approaches, enough of a silver lining for each acquisition will have been uncovered to inspire enthusiasm throughout Angel's Nation. A month into the season reality will have sharply slapped us all in the face and the enthusiasm will have turned into yet another taste of bile.
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