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  1. I like Eppler and think he did a good job of putting this organization back together. That said, at a certain point results matter. Time to try something different.
  2. I like the idea. Get it done Arte!
  3. Yep, season is almost over and we're out of contention. Why not go home early. Every Angel player should follow suit and we can just sacrifice the remaining games. In fact, every team that is out of it should just quit now. I mean, why not?
  4. I believe it's mostly financial. Throw in punishing CA regulations and there you go. It's actually cheaper to send the rocket to Florida by ship and launch from there than it is to launch from Vandenberg. Musk wants to cut costs and the best way to do that long-term is to build your own facilities in a business friendly environment like Texas.
  5. Isn't there a "No crying in baseball" rule of some sort?
  6. I understand. That's how it works now. Nevertheless....
  7. Sounds about right. In a sense, my belief that I am not racist is little more than an educated opinion. For fifty years or more whenever my mother receives a notice for jury duty she replies that she believes the court system in inherently biased against black people and that she flatly refuses to participate. Certainly there are many examples of anti-black bias occurring in individual events, but I am unconvinced the bias is systemic.
  8. So, since I'm white I cannot objectively state whether I'm racist?
  9. Although I did manage to sneak into the clubhouse once. I walked up to Reggie Jackson and started a conversation. He was looking at me like "who the f*ck are you" but he wasn't rude.
  10. I tried climbing a fence near the bleachers about 30 years ago. Security was not amused.
  11. I'll not speculate on motives behind the decision to send him down (?) but the Angels gave him a chance to force his way onto the roster and he didn't do it. It's on him as well as the team.
  12. I can see Bundy taking a big step forward. Dude lost his triple-digit heat, but he is still a good pitcher. Out of the band box east, out of what has to have been an oppressive atmosphere, and onto a very good team dedicated to winning.
  13. Last season after 60 games 36 wins would have earned the second wildcard.
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