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  1. Hopefully the Angels will take advantage of that 20K for undrafted players, but I can see this being a Yankee/Dodger free-for-all.
  2. I remember a slap hitter with horrible D.
  3. Good catch. Two of my all-time favorites.
  4. Gotta love his passion for the game
  5. Dave Kingman's first homerun was an inside-the-park line drive that killed the outfielder. Gotta love that guy. Willie McCovey was another old time beast that I loved watching.
  6. It has never been, nor will it ever be, 100% safe.
  7. I ranked him 6-10 because I feel he is at least partially responsible for the overall organizational lack of focus on pitching. Otherwise he is 2-5.
  8. The Commodities Exchange seems to have delisted cocaine.
  9. They might lose some of the celebrations this year, but they still have their victory and their rings, correct?