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  1. You do realize I was being facetious, correct?
  2. I'm not half as stupid as you are sounding. Let me repeat what I said earlier. I will try to write slowly to help you understand. I HAVE READ THAT THEY ARE INTERESTED IN SHOPPING HIM. THEY ARE IN THE INFANCY OF THEIR REBUILD AND WANT TO CONTINUE ADDING PROSPECTS. I THREW HIS NAME OUT THERE TO SEE WHAT PEOPLE THOUGHT. If you read the above two sentences several times perhaps the actual meaning will sink in? I have my doubts, but please give it a try.
  3. I'm not "proposing" anything. Are you having trouble with the English language?
  4. Well Mr. Snotty, I'm not a professional armchair GM like you. I threw his name out there because there has been rumors about them shopping him and I was curious about what people thought.
  5. A 26 year old rookie with no pedigree, a less than stellar track record, and who had a breakout year for a team that is years away from contention. Do you think they consider him untouchable?
  6. Speaking about the Orioles, what about Chris Davis' teammate John Means? Second in ROY voting. He had a very good year especially pitching in home run happy Camden and the AL East. The O's are deep in rebuild mode so they might consider a package centered around Marsh.
  7. I've been saying all along that I think we sign Odorizzi. I've also been saying that I think last year was an outlier that he will never repeat.
  8. Yeah, and I'm sure that's exactly who they have in mind.
  9. The Dodgers have freed up over 60 million and are considering trading Pederson to free up more. I wonder what they are going to do with all that cash?
  10. Eppler is a pretty smart guy. After putting his blood, sweat, and tears into this organization since he has had the helm, he has to know it's on the line this year. He has done a remarkable job of turning this team around from top to bottom but the one thing missing is results. Arte is raising the budget, capable talent is on the market, and he now has an undisputedly successful manager. This season is do or die for Eppler and he knows it. No more pressure than before? Hogwash.
  11. Yep, it's the overall package that is important, not necessarily the specific ingredients.
  12. I wouldn't say we are ALL coming around to the idea of adding CastellaNO
  13. Nope, not buying this for a second. We could likely bring back Calhoun for less if we wanted, but we have zero need for an outfielder.