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  1. What is with you guys and this bum Boyd? Why in hell would anyone believe this dude has any value.....
  2. She’s of age, what’s wrong with that? Oh, I forgot I’m in a forum with a bunch of Cali dudes. Oops, did I use the correct pronoun?!?
  3. It would be epic...and he wouldn’t give a shit.
  4. I’d do his mom anytime...she’s fn hot
  5. LOL....Boras gives two shits about the integrity of MLB. He’s all about the spin and how it ultimately leads to putting money in his pocket. The guy is an extraordinary businessman and master manipulator.
  6. This is a strategic hire to attract the Castro street crowd! That’s one fucked up city.
  7. Lol...Gattis hasn’t played since 2018 because nobody wants to sign his fat ass. So yes, he suspended himself by being a one dimensional fat ass.
  8. Ok, so where he is the proof “most teams” are doing this? I’ll wait..
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