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  1. I only have an Xbox, so I gave this a try. RBI Baseball is not in the same class as "The Show," but it is still a fun game. The best thing about it: I can use Ohtani however I want!
  2. Hulu + Live TV has FSW, Prime, and FSSD. No MLB Network though. Worth the extra money to get rid of the ads.
  4. Just switched to Hulu live TV from YTTV. Suck it Google, go Halos.
  6. Teheran. Ohtani will miss April, Bundy not as good, not sold on Heaney's health, Canning still young.
  7. Pelosi has full-blown TDS. San Fran Psycho
  8. I'm still not convinced Obama was born in Hawaii. Why does it take President Troll to get you to finally release a birth certificate? Remember, it was the Hillary Clinton campaign that first raised this issue.
  9. Same way Michelle Obama will and Hillary almost did.
  10. Melania, Ivanka, Don Jr., Eric, Barron? 40 more years!!!
  11. I'm sure they would just rip it in half.
  12. Horseshit impeachment from the very beginning. Needed a 2/3 vote in the Senate to convict and they couldn't even get a simple majority. Even Murkowski voted against it, and she voted against Kavanaugh.