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  1. Yes, extend Simmons. He will always be an elite defender, and he is a clutch hitter. He is worth keeping. His trade value is probably nothing special because all the playoff contenders already have great shortstops. Since we likely can't get equal value in return for Simmons in a trade, we shouldn't let him walk away in free agency for nothing.
  2. Maybe every team is stealing signs, and the increase in home runs are not due to "juiced" baseballs?
  3. Before we consider anything drastic, let's see what Mickey Callaway can do with Barria, Canning, Sandoval, and Suarez.
  4. Boyd. 238 strikeouts last year, 3 years of control. It worries me that Gray pitches better at Coors Field than on the road. Samardzija would be less valuable to the team than La Stella IMO.
  5. Awesome signing! I'm guessing Castro hits behind Pujols?
  6. TB, MIN, CHW, CLE, OAK, TEX If Tampa wins 1st WC, and MIN wins their division, we're looking at: CHW, CLE, OAK, TEX I like our chances!
  7. I thought after the Rendon signing, we'd be trading infielders for pitching. Eppler should be featured on Hoarders if he doesn't trade at least one infielder for a decent starting pitcher this off-season.
  8. If Adell really is the next Trout, as we all hope, I think our pitching staff is good enough to make us a WS contender. Trout RF Trout CF Rendon 3B Ohtani DH Upton LF La Stella 2B Simmons SS Pujols 1B Catcher
  9. Adell is not untouchable. If the Padres offered Paddack, Gore, Patino, and Mejia for Jo Adell, I would say: "I dunno, I guess so . . ." and accept the trade.