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  1. Yes. Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself.
  2. Current uniforms are good. We won the WS in them, the sea of red in 2002 was special. Too much blue and we look like the Red Sox, no thanks. The best way to upgrade the uniforms IMO is to get rid of the patches on the sleeves.
  3. If the Padres sign Strasburg, I'm certain they would be desperate to get rid of the Myers contract. I think trading for Myers is out of the question if we sign Gerrit Cole and/or another expensive starting pitcher in FA. However, it may not be a bad plan B to take Myers off their hands if we can get a couple of quality pitching prospects in return, which they have plenty, and a catcher to boot.
  4. One of the SD catchers would be good. Myers is only 28 and played well late last season. He may be a good option to replace Pujols after 2 years. I think if we took on Myers' contract we could get multiple SD starting pitching prospects in return.
  5. Before Climate Change, there were no hurricanes. Any evidence to the contrary is a conspiracy theory.
  6. Let's get Steve Ballmer to design the new uniforms with Microsoft Paint!
  7. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, 1971-2019 Roast in Peace