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  1. Oh and stay out of my thread if you have nothing but shit to talk, or I'll fuck you up.
  2. And who might you be? I didn't ask for a crotch's advice.
  3. There's really nothing to discuss in this thread, it's a statement. That's why nobody is talking about it, because I'm right. I'm going to e-mail Manfred.
  4. Says the enabler, I talked to a top head about you a few hours ago. Stradling.
  5. Fuck off, get out of my thread. Seriously, everyone shut the fuck up about me for one fucking minute
  6. I mean if the team has shown good results and won more games, they deserve less draft support. A weighted draft in this manner will remedy complete teardowns and gutted fan bases.
  7. I'll keep this short and sweet: MLB rewards teams that are destructive, handing out high draft picks for tearing down and losing lots of games, a complete rebuild hurts fans and players, all for the selfish act of building up a cheap and powerful, effective system. It's not good for baseball. The Angels have not done a complete rebuild once this century, they have spent exorbitant amounts to win and please the fans every season, yet we get the worst deal in the league when we come up short. Why doesn't the league reward teams that actually spend and attempt to win every season? The re
  8. Maddon, wears glasses and looks smart, that's the only thing I can think of. We need Scioscia back in our org.
  9. We're in a way better position than the Phillies are you kiddin? They don't have the best player in baseball or Ohtani or a killer lead-off hitter or a Rendon. Our team is twice as exciting.
  10. I know I already said the Angels/Scioscia bridge has been burned, but with Maddon back perhaps amends will be made and Scioscia will be convinced to return and join the front office etc. It's a possibility at least.
  11. No but they might trim the sleeves of the new uniforms.
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