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  1. wow, Pujols is 4 years younger than me but looks at least 50. weird!
  2. lots of Alice in Chains, Staley era.
  3. thanks for the necromancing. i'll take likes any way i can get them these days.
  4. binged s1 of schitt's creek. bunch of friends told me it was good, and they were right. kicking myself for not starting it sooner.
  5. shoulders and elbows. been lucky with my legs so far.
  6. I felt like the quality dipped in the last couple of episodes, but mostly because of the editing. Some of the dialogue between Wanda and Vision is almost lyrical while some of the one-liners from Darcy and Woo were just doa. I'd call the writing uneven, but overall, not bad.
  7. thanks, Tank. what a year's it been. changed the way i look at pretty everything.
  8. original came out when i was 12, and i loved it. based on reviews on here and everywhere else, not sure i'm in a hurry to watch this one.
  9. Really enjoyed Wandavision. Like starter kit Lynch in some places which I wasn't expecting Marvel/Disney to even think about doing. I started watching Umbrella Academy because a couple of students rec'd it, and they were right. It's not top tier or anything, but it's enjoyable so far.
  10. This thread is so good to read. I managed to gain 30+ pounds over the past year, and am looking to slim back down. I've figured out over the past couple of weeks that I'm not a kid anymore and I have the random joint pain to prove it. This is tough, lol. Will keep plugging away though.
  11. I went to Vegas in June for 4 days when masks were suggested by not mandatory, and the next week, all the bars got shut down and masks were required everywhere. looking to go back in Dec.
  12. allergy to the food you're using (and if it's a mass-produced food, the specific batch you got in the bag you bought), the dust in the litter you're using, parasites, hairballs backing up the digestive tract, the list goes on and on
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