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  1. WTH is up with the new Ballys app? They finally switched over from Fox Sports Go to the new Ballys app and it doesn't work. So much for watching the game on my phone.
  2. First they wanted to postpone the Cactus League start. Now they are going to allow fans? Which is it AZ?
  3. My Gawd!!! 9 runs allowed in the last 2 innings!! Just terrible!!
  4. I'm in KC for work and I pull up to my hotel and go to check in and I pass by Lastella, Calhoun and Fletcher. Had no idea that I was going to be in the same hotel as the Angels. I asked the valet guy about them staying there and he said not to bother them because management will toss you from the hotel. Should be a great weekend in KC.
  5. I'm at the game and saw it happen. I thought that it was his ankle when it happened. He was going 1st to 3rd and hurt himself rounding second.
  6. Rip Captain!! I sat next to Captain and Tennille in the late 70's at an Angels game vs the Yankees. They wouldn't sign autographs until the 7th inning. This was during the peak of their popularity.
  7. I am a safety professional and do safety audits at job sites all over LA County. I get to see some great projects and this is one of them. I go to the stadium every 3 weeks or so.
  8. Here are a few from the new LA Stadium I took yesterday. This is going to be an amazing venue. I still think the Big A is pretty nice for it's age.
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