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  1. Cozart Trout Upton Simmons Ohtani Pujols Kinsler Maldonado Calhoun
  2. After a few months of Kevin McCarthy we'll all be missing Boehner
  3. Salas will pitch the 8th to close this one out...for Oakland
  4. Who's alleging a conspiracy theory? If you want to take that blurb at face value with no names, no quotes, and not even the standard "a team source said..." that's great, but I don't buy for a second that any frustrated players volunteered that information to a reporter.
  5. Right, because history has shown us that reporters are routinely fired for embellishing and/or putting out unsourced, unverifiable garbage.
  6. It's also kind of stupid to assume that any Angel player that had these feelings about CJ would willingly share them with a reporter. The fact that he's claiming several players feel this way makes it even more suspicious, as if a sizable chunk of the roster sought out Alden Gonzalez just to vent their feelings about CJ Wilson.
  7. Nice to see both Perez and Giavotella rewarded for their play last night. Perez's 2-4 with 2 RBI won him a spot on the bench and Giavotella's key bumble on the bases got him a starting job.
  8. Not really. This just proves that Lebron is an opportunist that will jump ship when things start to look bleak. If Cleveland isn't contending within 2 years he'll be itching to get out of there again.
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