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  1. You know what I mean, though. It wasn't that his skill level wasn't there. He just did really stupid stuff on the ice. Stuff that would make you shake your head and say ,"What is that guy thinking?" Good 'ol Bob. It would be funny if i was a Kings fan.
  2. Despite All the Drama, Jack Eichel Is Still a Franchise-Altering Center Lol. More like: Despite All the Drama, Jack Eichel is Still a hockey player with a serious spinal injury to his neck. See how easy it is to write something smarter than what some 'sports writers' write.
  3. Didn't he do a lot of stupid stuff as a player? I guess he's Bob's kind of guy.
  4. The picture quality definitely isn't NHL caliber. The camera angles don't cause me any problems. But, the picture quality... I don't know. I watched it on YouTube so maybe that affected it.
  5. Has anyone ever subscribed to AHLTV.com? $65 for all home and away games this season for the Gulls. All league games and the playoffs is $104. Since the Ducks are in a rebuild it might be interesting. The site says it's HD picture quality. I don't know how many cameras. But for $65 I'm not expecting NHL quality. I just want it to be watchable.
  6. I would trade Gibson and, if the reports are accurate, I guess the Ducks would too. With the injury history; the time frame of the Ducks return to SCF contention; the contract; and the return he could bring. Yeah, I think it would be best for the Ducks.
  7. Lol. You see what you did here. You set the bar for having BM be a good thing at not doing something horrendously stupid. This is the problem with letting him continue to hang on. The expectations keep dropping... dropping... Pretty soon, the guy will just show up to watch a hockey game.
  8. Yah, and a couple others - which are such talents that I can't remember their names. Do you get the feeling that NY's owner is an old time hockey fan that is willing to blow a season just to kick Wilson's @ss. Let the games begin. Stuff like this and what Carolina did makes hockey interesting. Good ol' boys with passion and a touch of humor. Well, what Edmonton did in the last ten years wasn't interesting. But it was kind of funny in a dark way. I especially like how they got Schultz to buck the Ducks because... well, why did he do that? Because his low talent friend perceived he was mistreated? Only to end up finding out Edmonton wasn't such a class organization. He did get to meet and be conned by Gretzky though. Love it all.
  9. So, Arizona has three 1st round and five 2nd round picks in the coming draft. Wow, not too shabby Anaheim has their original one in each. Way to work the rebuild Bob. In his weak defense, I guess he did work a Manson trade - with a team on his no trade list. Nice practice run. Maybe he should contact New York. They may want to add a little something for their up coming fights with Washington.
  10. My mistake. I thought it was 10 years at 10M per.
  11. You know, something just came to me. Eichel fires his agent(s) to hire one who may be able to get a solution to his problem. McDavid hasn't fired his agent who was doing what when he signed a 10 year, club favorable contract with Edmonton. No short term; no out clause if the Oilers suck. I guess the worlds not fair for sports agents.
  12. I kind of cringe when various rankings rate the most recent draft picks higher than those of 2-3 years ago. Weren't the drafts of 2-3 years ago supposed to be more talented than the recent draft? It's like saying you don't really have anything special. So, let's overrate the new guys to add some interest.
  13. Depends how good the 1st is, don't you think. High probability Hurricanes are in the playoffs. So, no lottery and maybe a 20+ pick. Seems like a reasonable exchange. But if they pull a SJ...
  14. I don't see that changing much for him in the near future. But then, it seems like more of a reaction of what has happened up to now, then a solution going forward. We'll see. I still don't see him playing or being traded in the next season.
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