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  1. Just saw where Grants contract is for 3 years. I guess we miss the next two years draft picks. Way to f up a good thing, Bob
  2. Love me some Derek Grant. Always up for a solid season and bringing us a draft pick until he signs with us the next year.
  3. To be fair, Getzlaf had a full head of hair when he was drafted.
  4. You know Murray will pull the trigger on that one. Our TV ratings in Sweden must be the best in the NHL.
  5. Well, we shipped the Big Stupid off to Boston. So, might as well follow up with the physical Dman who doesn't want to end up like Kesler now that he's been shown the money. Seriously, being physical was what Manson had going for him. What makes him anything special now ? Might as well get a good return if it's available before the other GM's catch on.
  6. Umm... what about the superstar execs in Edmonton.
  7. I think it's the wrong time. We don't have the team to compete for the SC. Just a waste of Eichel and gives Getzlaf leverage to go for a high priced, long term contract that doesn't benefit the Ducks. This coming season, being what it is, is a golden opportunity for the Ducks to make some good trades, pick up another high draft pick, and position themselves for the future. They should use it wisely.
  8. Nick Ritchie costing his team a game with stupid fouls. How could they have ever known this could happen. Oh, that's right, they could have read some Ducks' fan sites. Wouldn't it be nice if some day a GM was fired because the fans knew a players strengths/weaknesses/value better than he or his scouts did and he didn't check what they were saying because of his ego.
  9. Moving on to another topic. After watching Vancouver in the playoffs, does anyone else think Seattle better get Krackin? It's not like Vegas where the town never had a consensus favorite. Vancouver could be a solid SC competitor for the next few years. Are fans going to be willing to switch if Seattle stumbles? If the Kings had been more like the Lakers in the 90's, would the Ducks be more like the Clippers?
  10. I remember it being a little deeper. The worst move Bob made was bringing back Randy. This, among other problems, led to Theodore not being valued as a player. Randy wasn't going to put the time and effort towards developing him. If you keep Randy, you had to move Theodore. Bad decisions leading to more bad decisions. Bob should be gone.
  11. I'm Ok with Minnesota, Florida, and Winnipeg.
  12. Worst nightmare is Edmonton wins the lottery. They shouldn't even let them participate.
  13. Is it any surprise that egotistical baseball screwed things up. Will anyone be surprised if hockey players get it right? I know they have their screwups too. I just think they have the best chance of the four major sports of pulling this off with reasonable success.
  14. It just seems that they try to hard to put out an image. Maybe a little overdone. Unlike Disney who named their team after a kids movie. I guess we can be glad that Disney didn't develop the Power Rangers. Anaheim Mighty Morphine Power Rangers - that would be a lot to put on a shirt. Wow, dodged an Eisner bullet there.
  15. So, Seattle Has chosen 'Kraken' as their team name. Does this require us to refer to them as the Krackheads ? Yeah, you knew that was coming.
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