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  1. i wonder how exactly he expects to do that? Feels a bit like bird in the hand versus 2 in the bush, i dont know.
  2. i wonder if thats even fair after the damage he did in killing a deal that would have helped a lot.
  3. I would think if they truly believe that was going to happen, the Pederson thing wouldn't have been on the table. WE want that to happen, but is that whats best for the kid? Does the front office think its best for the club? Bottom line he will dictate that, and if we make no other moves, i hope he does. Im not expecting either of them before summer myself, if that changes no one will be better pleased.
  4. 90ish wins and a playoff berth. Anything less with not be considered a success. Might take a little luck as we are projected 87+, but i also dont think were done upgrading so i think the extra few games are out there to be had.
  5. Hes played this wrong every step of the way and has lost all credibility. He should resign, or be forced to. Nothing he says or does will carry any weight after this. | Who the hell opens and investigation with an offer of immunity for petes sake.
  6. and yet has comparable numbers to Goodwin's best season based on your own post. Likely wont matter, ithink well see a lot of Fletcher in the OF as long as we still have LaStella so... perhaps moot.
  7. 1 season, 400+ ABs, where he nearly double his total career at bats, versus a guy who over the same time period has only been under 300 once in 6 years?. If this was a guy you liked, youd be saying the same thing. Im willing to look past the baggage, youre not, simple.
  8. Speaking only for myself, as one who has also suggested this, Goodwin has never been a regular. The fact that he excels in a reserve / 4th role doesnt always mean he can just be an every day starter. Comparing this 2 using WAR etc... isnt necessarily apples to apples. Further, it isnt about just that, but also, what happens if Upton has another freak toe injury or some other silliness, youre looking at Hermosillo or something back here till one of the kids are ready. Hes had issues ,true, but no one is going to act the fool around Pujols/Trout, no one. I would be 100% ok with this, worse case sceario you trade him at the deadline or whenever ADell or Marsh are actually ready. Hate the guy all you want, butt it isnt a terrible idea from a purely baseball perspective.
  9. Sidenote, EUFA outright bans Machester City in Soccer from the Champions League play for misrepresenting finances... something literally every mlb team does, lol Meanwhile, MLB lets a franchise off the hook for outright cheating.
  10. You could have just stopped at extra salty and been good. Im not a big national league guy, but unlike most i dont hate the Dodgers as a team, but their fans are for largely intolerable and make the team hard to support. That having been said, if i was a better man, id put a few bucks on them to win it all this year.
  11. i was going to say in before someone says "but can they pitch"... but i see the reference was already made...