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  1. And this is why im not here, there is no point to being here. Peace.
  2. As they stand, no they are not. They could be, very easily, if the FO does its job.
  3. Its ok, YK and respect in the same post must have been rough on him even if it was sarcastic. And people ask why i havent been posting much lately... go figure.
  4. And yet the purists will still tell you know over a 100 year old offense. which is who im talking about.
  5. Its the only move that makes any sense unless you also want to discuss re-alignment. The only other west coast-ish locations that might fly is Portland or SLC, but i wouldnt put a taco stand in portland right now with its unrest and SLC just doesnt seem to be large enough, whereas Vegas has proven major league level support in the NFL and NHL. The only reason you dont so this is the stigma of gambling, but thats moot really considering he game are being wagered on if played in an outhouse so, MLB might as well get over that.
  6. Win The team has to win games for either he or Trout to get that consideration going forward. Either that or has has to pull a Baylor and it must be so obvious that no one else could be considered and put up video game numbers while no one esle gets close.
  7. Many here wanted this for a long time, even before we actually had a viable replacement. Once it became Clear that Walsh was the correct choice for the position it became inevitable. I would have preferred to see him step down after last season as it was clear this was how things were going to go, but who among us really know when its time. I thank him for all he did as a Halo, especially the mentoring of Trout, but, the name on the front still matters much more than the back so, its time to move forward. He will be a first ballot hall of famer, as a Cardinal, there is little doubt of that.
  8. To leave KC with Whit Merrifield top play RF?
  9. Im curious based on what? They lost so much they really didnt replace are we just assuming they will find the usual magic?
  10. While true we also played 3 playoff teams while the astros and chisox padded thier differential against the Ms and As. The Chisox left Ana -2. We put a -1 on the Astros in the 2 games, the rest is all Oak/Sea. Im more encouraged by where we are than where they are. Our opening month-ish is actually a bit brutal with almost all potential playoff teams with the exception of 3 with KC and 2 with TX between now and the 25th. Lets hope the team can keep up this pace till they get to the softer ones... then again we somehow always manage to play down to a lot of those teams so maybe not .
  11. What an absolutely horrible call. A week in and weve seen games outcome affected by this and the dropped third strike thing, not exactly baseball putting its best foot forward. The games have been ridiculously fun and entertaining, but stuff like that leaves an impression.
  12. Probably. I am older, i do lament the days when it wasnt like watching live action strat-o-matic.
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