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  1. Im very well aware of what it takes, i went thru it with 3 kids 2 of which were recruited one was all county. MLB invests in areas that need iot like all sports do, what sport they play is the athletes choice. Find me one story where a kid legitimately wanted to play baseball over football or basketball that couldnt... id love to read it. Especially from these areas you are talking about... the faster money is a huge incentive for them, and you know. It isnt even about race unless you are suggesting white kids cant be poor, which is bullshit. As for the rest im not entertaining the social justice monologue that always comes back to the evil white guy being the root of all evil, you can save that for the next antifa meeting, im not biting. All ill say is that there is no way MLB will pay minor leaguers whats rookies make in the NBA or NFL, that isnt a sustainable models with that many players in an organization.
  2. One thing i think is obvious today, one persons crossing the line isnt necessarily the same as anothers. IF he had a problem with what someone else was saying, he should have spoken to them. Maybe he has I dont know but outing his organization isnt going to win him any friends. Maybe he did and got no where i dont know, but simple assuming that his version of this is what the reality is, im not giving anyone that much credit these days. Too many agendas, too many reasons for not being completely truthful. An MLB locker room has long been a place of many issues, we all know that, painfully so, and i have no issue with him opting out of COVID but adding in the political statement wasnt necessary, he chose to do that. Only he knows why, and only those in that room know if its truthful.
  3. Yeah i for one get sick of this argument.... the reason there are not more African Americans in baseball is choice, as in theirs. The NFL and NBA are much faster paths to the money. Plus I hear literally no one caring about the ratios in other sports which dont fit their narrative. It takes more people and equipment to play organized football than it does baseball, yet they find a way. This argument simply fails to hold water on any level. Locker room issue, whole other matter, thats not excusable, but the whole why arent there more African Americans in MLB thing, sorry, not buying.
  4. Do they though? i mean there are like 5 plans of varying lengths that all seem mostly acceptable but the pay. Seems to me the real issues is the money, not the schedule.
  5. supposedly both, yes. havent yet but there is no infighting and its coming.
  6. I think we have an incoming self inflicted wound. The game was already killing itself in modern times by being slow and dull to the average fan and now money squabbles and possibly being the only sport not to return and the only one thats having these issues... not a good look. It doesnt really matter which side you believe, the end result will be the same.
  7. im going to decline to participate as ill define what these things mean for myself thanks
  8. Not sure what point youre trying to make, but you just proved mine. #9 (1.9B value) vs #29 (1.0B value)... one paid everyone, one didnt... and it was in the order you would expect. How 30Mish they got in revenue sharing should make that make sense is beyond me.
  9. And the reason they are is we make far more... come on man really? OK lets say we make 200M, they make 100 they get 30m in sharing we get none. were still 70 m ahead. MATH101
  10. Youre prerogative of course, but these are huge numbers... no minor leaguer or scout is making millions, its hard o fathom how the Royals could do this, and the angels or others could not.
  11. Fairly sure when discussing minor leaguers or office personnel that none of the are making 30M and have absolutely nothing to do with that payroll number.
  12. How is it that the Royals, traditionally one of the most cash strapped organizations, can somehow manage to not release or furlough anyone... while the Halos and the rest of baseball find it necessary? That is an embarrassment folks, it truly is.
  13. Baseball used to be about the fans... its clear to me that it no longer is. The business of it has become the only true driving factor. Every other league apepars to be doing what it takes to work with each other and make something happen, MLB and the players union dont seem to care at all and are using this as the first round of the CBA fight. At this point i dont think we will see a season, and well get the usual back and forth finger pointing each blaming the other to the point where we will see another work stoppage or lock out as part of the next CBA. I hate to be the full negative nancy but the game as we know it may be effectively over as if that happens the loss of fans will be tremendous. It took the ecxitement of McGuire and Sosa to bring people back last time... i dont see that happening again in the era of walk is as good as a hit no running boring baseball.
  14. One would think he would have taken that into account... and of course were assuming they all comes from the same pile. I dont know the numbers involved, but im guessing these people were a drop in the bucket comparatively.