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  1. IF thats the deal, im in... anything more, im not.
  2. This is where i am at this point as well for the most part. It cant be just Bauer, either way so if you get him you still have to be prepared to get the other p[arts, if your not, you dont do it
  3. I hate to be the broken record but it all comes down to if the budget is locked with no going over. If it is then you go #3. If not you insert Bauer for Odorizzi and still get the relievers and OF.
  4. Pretty much dead on as far as im concerned, although my hopes for Bauer and dwindling by the day. Just feels like if it was going to happen, it would have, and were being leveraged to get more from other teams. No real reason other than its an obvious fit they have literally had months and... nothing.
  5. i dont think there are any trades left that would matter, were just giving up kids for people who wont be that much better at that point, i see no reason the Reds trade at this point unless overwhelmed.
  6. IF all that happens, does he hit a different oh shit button and maybe go back to to the bats and revisits Realmuto if still out there? Or Osuna? If you cant get top pitchers, get top bats. It worked for us last year. I highly doubt it but the precedent is there.
  7. If states are opening back up, which it now seems they are (ill save the political commentary and stay on point) then there is no reason baseball should not. I could see maybe limited seating at first and probably a spectator less spring training, but if they are removing all stay home orders and re-opening what left of the restaurant industry then there is little reason for baseball not to do the same.
  8. and still have the biggest parts of need open... come on man, does everything have to be pulling teeth with you?
  9. 10.5 is a little steep, more than i wanted to pay or expected him to get. Stop me if weve heard that one before though right....
  10. If some of those risks pay off, they could be very good. At least they are doing something, lol
  11. Yeah, as noted, although the upside is debatable. Worth noting the same team took the chance both he and Kluber.
  12. People angry over missing out on Taillan seem to be the same folks telling me that Kluber and or Paxton are too big a risk. I get that hes only making 2+ mil but again it comes back to if a few mil are stopping us... then were not a big player on the big guys.
  13. if this is what we are targeting, were in deeper shit than i thought.
  14. Not getting nervous yet, but i can feel it start to gain a little momentum... lol
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