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  1. And i see that response as arrogant and dismissive... do you know him personally or did i miss something in all this?
  2. and your response was if i was asking how many are still the GM of this club? how was that anything other than argumentative? Whatever i should know better anymore.
  3. he HAD to play to let people know he was healthy again. He did that and punted. See it how you will, i see it as selfish
  4. Im really struggling to agree with this. When the bullpan fails as often as it does, and he doesnt have any other options, how is it fair to put it on him? Weve build the bullpen for years now with clean peanuts and castoffs expecting them to somehow be more than they were. WE wanted Maddon for reasons, what suddenly hes an idiot?
  5. And maybe he doesnt at all if it isnt a walk year... honestly which do you think had more to do with it?
  6. No we do not, but if she has been at risk is that risk higher today than it was last month? I dont think anyone should put at risk family in any more danger i just dont see how bailing on the last 5 games affects that.
  7. i dont argue that at all, you are correct, but as you say these last few years not so much. in the last 13 seasons weve chewed thru 4 GMs. I do not question he will spend i do not question we wants to win, but hes apparently been his own worst enemy in that span.
  8. And a history of losing and chewing up GMs. I will say this though if someone CAN turn this franchise around they should be headed to the hall of fame, lol
  9. If anything the comfort level has risen, hasnt yours? WE know far more now than we did months ago we know the reality of it and we know or should know that most of the excessive lockdown are not really necessary unless you are at risk. a 2 week quarantine or whatever it is for the post season... seems little to ask frankly.
  10. At this point with the articles damning Arte I wonder why any quality GM would take the spot. Unless Arte backs off completely you wont see a Dombrowski or even another Eppler.
  11. Honestly, if that was his driving concern, why play the season at all? He played enough to show hes healthy and still productive then quite to not risk the payday. Its bad faith as far as im concerned.
  12. Ugh, if weve already given up on Adell weve screwed up horribly both in letting Calhoun walk and trading Goodwin.
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