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  1. Of all the "tier 2" guys, he makes the most sense in so many ways to me. If we actually got him, Cole, and Grandal id do a happy dance.
  2. So if im getting this right, he prposed this: I guess Joel Sherman was on MLB Network today and said this about the Angels:#1. Sign Gerrit Cole#2. Trade Upton & 2 prospects to Boston for David Price#3. Sign Yasmani Grandal#4. Acquire Craig Kimbrel from Cubs for prospects If this isnt correct someone please update it but this is what i to from another thread but i didnt hear it first hand So... with that, #s 1 and 3 make perfect sense. Although we would still need another pitcher IMO which is why i assume he suggested #2. #2. Straight up, maybe, i could see some merit to it but not with added prospects, if anything THEY should add for the salary relief that solves a lot of their problems. 2 guys missing a lot of time one costing 24M more than the other over three years doesnt equate to us adding anything to that deal. If we added anything AND took on more money thats full win for them. Plus, where does that leave us for a LF in '20? Where would they even play him, what did he say about that? If they are showing Bradley the door send him here then maybe some prospects make sense, but i just dont see it making sense, its creative just screams more what he wants for Boston than what makes sense for us. #4. No, just no, i dont see him spending that kind of money on the pen, they would have to be fringe prospects to take that on or they would need the throw in Contreras ro something to get more, in short, nope.
  3. Someone on twitter posted it best by displaying a picture of a Rorschach ink blot with the caption "America watching the impeachment hearings" This for me was completely accurate as i read people quoting the exact same "witnesses" in support of their partisan views. People absolutely heard what they wanted to hear, it changed nothing, it proved nothing it accomplished nothing.
  4. Fair point, just seemed like a potential target from the list that was higher up on the charts. Nothing earth shattering but then if it was we wouldn't be talking rule 5
  5. Hes 100% right in this case however... especially when the so-called anti-LGBTQ charity in question is the goddamn Salvation Army. Edit, whats to be confused about Taylor? Supporting the Salvation Army got them labeled as anti LBGTQ, thats the so-called christian charity referred to.
  6. Cant tell if sarcasm anymore.... i hope so, must be right? Unless you literally want to see someone killed on the field, thats a hard no from me.
  7. You may be right on that i was just going from the list. One would think MLBs own data would be right though? Sidenotes, the Yankees have an issue there as they have 6 that were all deemed worthy of protecting or of interest to other teams, i dont think they have that kind of roster space available but know little about them. I went thru the list and saw a couple interesting options, lots of pitchers will be available and a couple bats that might be of interest... Tyler Nevin out of Col system and Bret Cumberland out of Bal. Nevin a bit redundant of course and Cumberland blocked perhaps hopelessly by Rutschman.
  8. Per MLB site we have 3 eligible, they dont seem to high on any of them but i gotta think we protect Jones at least?: https://www.mlb.com/news/top-prospects-eligible-for-rule-5-draft Los Angeles Angels (3)6) Jahmai Jones, 2B17) Hector Yan, LHP25) Leonardo Rivas, SS/2BNo-brainers to protect: N/ACould be intriguing to other clubs: Jones, Yan
  9. Not really sure what the hype is over Archer personally. Aside from being fairly durable, which is a plus, his numbers have always been pretty pedestrian for more of his career than they were above that. AS some have said, as a third option, perhaps, his salary is reasonable enough. Bell, well hes a DH lets be honest, and we already have one so, its a luxury item at best and we need to put our resources elsewhere. In short i dont see it, not if it costs us much more than a couple fringe guys which, of course it will.
  10. Jeter gets in, as much because Yankee as anything esle but he deserves it. Bonds and Clemons are also no brainers knock of the BS statement bullshit For me personally, Schilling and Walker are maybes. Everyone else, thank you for playing and youll be remembered in the hall of the great
  11. Oh please, if Trump is guilty of it then both sides are and it isnt even worth discussion if youre going partisan.
  12. Go back, re-read, or dont i dont care anymore.
  13. Ask yourself, thats exactly what you did. Im over this whole thread at this point ... there are dems id vote for and even that gets called out somehow so, there is little left to say on the matter. Whoever they nominate youll vote like a good lemming... anything else is basically moot.