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  1. To leave KC with Whit Merrifield top play RF?
  2. Im curious based on what? They lost so much they really didnt replace are we just assuming they will find the usual magic?
  3. While true we also played 3 playoff teams while the astros and chisox padded thier differential against the Ms and As. The Chisox left Ana -2. We put a -1 on the Astros in the 2 games, the rest is all Oak/Sea. Im more encouraged by where we are than where they are. Our opening month-ish is actually a bit brutal with almost all potential playoff teams with the exception of 3 with KC and 2 with TX between now and the 25th. Lets hope the team can keep up this pace till they get to the softer ones... then again we somehow always manage to play down to a lot of those teams so maybe not
  4. What an absolutely horrible call. A week in and weve seen games outcome affected by this and the dropped third strike thing, not exactly baseball putting its best foot forward. The games have been ridiculously fun and entertaining, but stuff like that leaves an impression.
  5. Probably. I am older, i do lament the days when it wasnt like watching live action strat-o-matic.
  6. Im going to keep my view on this and what MLB should or should not have done to myself and save it for other forums as ive learned the audience her over the years and pissing in the wind is pointless... BUT what i will say is that the problem isnt having or not having conversations, its willingness to listen to the opposition and leaving the self righteous silliness at home. Conversations these days always seem to end in one side or the other making baseless accusations of horrible labels as soon as it gets difficult and devolved into mental masturbation.
  7. ill simply it to just one because it covers most of what i dont like today... how excessive analytics have changed it.
  8. No they dont, at all. They never took responsibility, told everyone to get over it, and got off scott free for years of systematic cheating the likes of which we havent seen since the black sox. The pandemic spared them the trash talk last year, but fans dont forget. They think its bad now wiat till they visit NY or LA whom they stole titles from. In short, STFU Dusty and take it like a man.
  9. Apropos of nothing I had a friend in the know tell me he had issues being coachable, part of what got him sent down in the first place. But yeah this seems a bit overkill.. i hope he dont do anything stupid.
  10. Right on both counts, it is unrelated and i am excited for the season. Ive given up trying to have political discussion here so thanks for the mention but, yeah, peace.
  11. God I pray hes right. In recent years ive gone from being a baseball fan to more or less just an angels fan due to the changes in pace and style of play that has evolved, it would be nice to actually want to watch any baseball again.
  12. Not finishing the job is going to haunt us. The guys that would do it are almost still out there FFS.
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