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  1. Forgive me for going off the board but the options didnt fit for me. #1 all of the above, but overall a general sense of normalcy. #2 i think it depends how long this continues. #3 Frustrated. #4 Wishful thinking but i think it will begin to flatten out but im not sure were over the hump yet. #5 im lucky in that sense it hasnt hit me as i generally telecommute anyway and most of our business is online limiting the direct human interaction.
  2. Im certain you will disagree but in my opinion Yang and Gabbard to begin with topped my list. Not so much for their polices as there were some i didn't agree with, but for the people they seemed to be. But to be clear, literally anyone not named Biden, Sanders, Warren, or Harris would have been better options than where we ended up.
  3. Did they though? If all those line items that had nothing to do with it made it in, and by all accounts many have... the best you can say is that they reached compromise which is suppose is more than they have done in the last 3 years. The only thing i oppose in all this more than corporate bailouts is line items that have nothing to do with the crisis. I will vote against every person i can on both sides who was responsible for taking advantage of this crisis to push agendas.
  4. THIS, 1000 times this... they had one job, give us someone not batshit crazy or has their own issues as an option, they somehow managed to completely screw that up. They had so many better options that what they ended up giving us.
  5. i love the "couldnt get around to it" comment, like WTF else is he doing right now that this wasnt priority? Its going to get sweeped under the rug.
  6. Probably right, im just trying to maintain a little optimism over doom and gloom. At whatever point things get back to normal, you pick up from there is the point. Whatever is lost between now and then is simply lost. There is no logic to thinking the season will extend beyond current schedule.
  7. I just dont think its realistic to assume the season can go any later than originally scheduled. AS of right now the teams will still need a minimum of a couple week to get up to par. So if we assume things get back to normal around Easter (optimistically speaking) your looking at the season starting first week of May-ish and we open the season against the Twins on May 1 and assume the season from there? Your looking at a minimum of about 30-40 games lost or about 110-120 games played. This is just me spitballing and not intended to be anything other than that but i dont know what other options they would have to keep games played balanced and whatnot.
  8. anything to get those service days up right Scotty boy? The man is a bonafide idiot, as if there is any chance at all that could happen weather wise.
  9. Point of clarification, Puig would not be a trade Otherwise i kinda doubt anyone is doing much right now for fear of being accused of not taking things seriously, but honestly, they should be i mean WTF else do they have to do right now.
  10. that was a mistaken click... thank you for pointing that out.
  11. People are 100% overreacting, poorly, to this. However, i think large gathering taking action is prudent whereas hoarding TP is fucking stupid. Am i concerned, id have to be stupid not to be, but im not living in fear either. Taking proper precautions and life goes on. Staying in this weekend, thats pretty typical for me to be honest but i have a few things planned so not entirely. Work from home, im lucky enough to already telecommute so, yeah. Will sports be lost for the year, no i dont think so. Delayed, shorter seasons, all that absolutely but i believe our scientists will resolve it soon enough.
  12. More like take all precautions and dont be a dick to others also in need But yeah, that too.