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  1. im going to decline to participate as ill define what these things mean for myself thanks
  2. Not sure what point youre trying to make, but you just proved mine. #9 (1.9B value) vs #29 (1.0B value)... one paid everyone, one didnt... and it was in the order you would expect. How 30Mish they got in revenue sharing should make that make sense is beyond me.
  3. And the reason they are is we make far more... come on man really? OK lets say we make 200M, they make 100 they get 30m in sharing we get none. were still 70 m ahead. MATH101
  4. Youre prerogative of course, but these are huge numbers... no minor leaguer or scout is making millions, its hard o fathom how the Royals could do this, and the angels or others could not.
  5. Fairly sure when discussing minor leaguers or office personnel that none of the are making 30M and have absolutely nothing to do with that payroll number.
  6. How is it that the Royals, traditionally one of the most cash strapped organizations, can somehow manage to not release or furlough anyone... while the Halos and the rest of baseball find it necessary? That is an embarrassment folks, it truly is.
  7. Baseball used to be about the fans... its clear to me that it no longer is. The business of it has become the only true driving factor. Every other league apepars to be doing what it takes to work with each other and make something happen, MLB and the players union dont seem to care at all and are using this as the first round of the CBA fight. At this point i dont think we will see a season, and well get the usual back and forth finger pointing each blaming the other to the point where we will see another work stoppage or lock out as part of the next CBA. I hate to be the full negative nancy but the game as we know it may be effectively over as if that happens the loss of fans will be tremendous. It took the ecxitement of McGuire and Sosa to bring people back last time... i dont see that happening again in the era of walk is as good as a hit no running boring baseball.
  8. One would think he would have taken that into account... and of course were assuming they all comes from the same pile. I dont know the numbers involved, but im guessing these people were a drop in the bucket comparatively.
  9. Scouts have been downplayed for a long time now... see moneyball. It isn that any of them will be missed per se, its just odd optics after other expenditures.
  10. The thing i dont like about it is that it comes on the heels of all this land deal and whatnot. Clearly not hurting for cash, yet boom. I guess in the end the businessman always wins over the baseball fan.
  11. Id dig it for sure... anything to get passed the all red like everyone else look.
  12. I agree we cannot trust the numbers, and traditionally i have always been pro player. In rcent years ive found myself wondering though with the dollars that are actually getting handed out when 10 mil becomes an average salary for a player most wouldnt think an upgrade, but i digress The fact that we cant trust the numbers really doesnt change the issue though. Its logical and reasonable to expect that whatever they do make., they will make far less this season. I think we can all agree on that without knowing what the numbers are. You make an exception for this one season, in good faith... if you want to use it do so in the next CBA... now just seems the wrong time when we all need to get back to feeling something normal to go to war over money. We know the owners are greedy bastards... now we also know many of the players are as well. I dont see anyone with the high ground here.
  13. Are they? Ive asked this question haven't gotten a complete answer. Lets say a team has a 100M TV deal... thats for 162 games, not 82... is the network still paying all 100M or only a prorated amount? I gotta believe there is language in the TV deals to protect the networks in case of work stoppage or other such occurrence so i highly doubt the team are getting all that money for not playing games. We know there wont be fans at least in the beginning so concessions, parking, souvenirs, all that is going to be down. Where is all this revenue coming from in an 82 game season without fans? Honest question i dont know the answer and cant seem to find it. Dont get me wrong im not suggesting they will go broke or poor or whatever but it wont be business as usual either. Seems to me a little give and take would have made sense for all. Use the leverage in the upcoming CBA negotiations... now seems ill timed.
  14. Yes, im aware of that, did i not give the answer you wanted somehow as i thought thats exactly what i addressed?
  15. Verlander probably, Molina definitely, im on board with. Some of the others.. idk too many injuries. Harper, Stanton, Betts still have something to prove to me. I dont think he gets in, but I read something the other day about King Felix that i cant find now on twitter i think it was but it was some silly number of quality starts, i think like 122 or something, that the team lost. he went something like 0-42 in those starts, with a sub 3 ERA. If he played for better teams he would have been a potential first ballot type.
  16. Some intriguing names there for sure. Do i really thing nay are HoF worthy, i dont know. Like other im on the McGriff/Lofton train im just not sure that trains stop in Cooperstown. You could make an argument both ways i think and for me thats not a good sign. Both were tremendous players, im just not completely sure i can say hall worthy.. but definitely on the edge of it.
  17. I cant find anything on the TV deal issue, but at this point i am becoming very doubtful we will get a season. what other source of income would thier be after all? of significant value anyway. No fans, no souvenirs, no concessions... just broadcast. Im generally pro player, i like most of us generally believe the owners make FAR more than they admit, but.. in this case in wondering where that is supposed to come from. To be fair i also think that at this point the players are FAR overpayed, this isnt 20-30 years ago, they have more or less all the power anymore and journeymen are getting paid more than most of us so, im having issues feeling sorry for either side these days. One season, one darned season i think the players could put the egos on the shelf, and use it in the next CBA instead of playing this game, that i could understand. At this point it seems like the players want it both ways... being unwilling to even discuss options, for one unusual season, that likely means we wont even have one, is hard to swallow.
  18. Im as much of a Salmon fan as anyone, still put him on my Rushmore... BUT, Vlad wins that one. Looking at that list i was a tad surprised we never had some better options.
  19. And i now dont have a lot of hope for this to actually happen. If the owners are pushing revenue sharing and the players wont even talk about it, what motivation do the owners have to play at all and accept all losses? Even half a season wont get them a normal half a seasons revenue. If someone knows, as i dont, how would TV deals be paid? based on x number of games or ? Im truly trying to understand how the players can just say no, what am i missing here as on the surface this feels like a have that cake and eat it to.
  20. well if thats true then the players may have an argument.
  21. I would wholly agree with this, the optics are poor, BUT, out of fairness im trying to look at both sides, the optics have to look at both players and owners... if the owners arent losing then the players shouldnt either, but i dont see how that could be the case. and by losing i mean making less as i kinda dont truly believe any are actually losing but thats another discussion.
  22. Honestly, this is one war the players should lose, and frankly almost volunteer to lose. If you only play half a season, thru no fault of anyone, no labor dispute no nothing other than natural disaster, why should the owners eat all of that cost? Jesus its not rocket science, if 25% of the season is lost cut 25% and get on with it FFS. Are the owners getting TV money right now... i dont know, if so then diffent story but my assumption is not... if thats incorrect someone please update me but if the revenue is gutted, then i dont see an issue. If not then sure, the players are justified. If they were smart they would say OK, take some cuts, and use that as leverage in negotiations for then ext CBA. They dig in now, and we might as well accept that baseball is once again in question moving forward and that there will likely be another lockout.