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  1. Have you ever heard about backwards baseball?
  2. Trumb0ner could hit dingerz. Wood could not.
  3. Did he ever learn to play 3b? Very curious.
  4. So, my friends and I were talking about left handed position players, specifically third basemen, shortstops, second basemen, and catchers. The last left handed throwing catcher to play in the Major Leagues was Benny DiStefano. He caught three games for the Pirates in ‘89. Third and second basemen and shortstops go back even further. My question for everyone is, “What would baseball be like if it was played backwards?” Imagine, third base is first base and a shot hit to the first baseman gets thrown to the third baseman. Runners run to third first instead of first (clockwise)
  5. Remember the Maddon vs. Scioscia argument. LOL.
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