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  1. It’s amazing how markedly better every other team the Angels play is than them. This team is absolute trash.
  2. Pujols has got to be a top 5 douchebag of all time, right?
  3. I love how much better this team is without Assjols! I wonder what the little bitch is up to.
  4. Bravo. Fuck Pujols. He’s a giant piece of shit. So happy to be done with that clown.
  5. We might lose 90 games. This organization sucks!
  6. AMAZING. Thank you! Thanks for nothing, Albert!
  7. Well you're no help! This is a good point. Right now, a #3 starter. We've also seen plenty of "sure things" become anything but. Most of our farm development has been low round guys. All of our recent firsts have flamed, position players or not. Obviously we don't know how Adell will pan out, but I am not confident in him. Seems like there are a lot of holes in his game. Why do you think the Angels stay away from high upside SP's at the top of drafts? It seems like bust potential in baseball is a wide range. Anyone can bust. I understand taking the BPA if you are going
  8. Good god. You guys are so sensitive. Why don't the Angels draft pitchers in the first round? Can you change the thread title for me?
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