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  1. Arte is a clown. One of the worst owners in sports.
  2. Adell’s approach looked much improved. Great sign and hope he can keep it going. I loved the walk too.
  3. Why not? I don't trust the Angels FO management. It'd be nice to know if he was pursued by anyone else or if he makes more than the average joe.
  4. What do we really know about Perry? Was he highly sought after? How much are they paying him?
  5. he definitely played MLB the Show GM Mode.
  6. Great post. I am very curious to see what he does at the deadline. I think we will be active.
  7. Agree. He has been awesome and is easy to listen to.
  8. 100%. Marsh is a better player and I don’t think it is even that close. Adell is young, but he has a ton of red flags and is a terrible defender. Marsh will hit enough, knows how to take a walk, and plays plus defense. That’s worth a lot more than a guy that has a lot of holes in his swing, doesn’t walk, and is a dumpster fire in the field. I pray that Adell goes on a tear in AAA the rest of the year and maybe gets a call up and hits enough for someone to bite for a controllable pitcher in the offseason.
  9. It’s incredible how this dumbass organization never addresses the most glaring weakness EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR. The baseball operations group has got to be the dumbest collective group when it comes to identifying and acquiring talented pitching.
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