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  1. Lol. Your and idoit. It’s the Major Leagues. No one gives a shit about your “assistant” or whether she will come work for their company. Arte is a fucking clown. No wonder this organization sucks ass from head to toe. It’s run by a billionaire that doesn’t give a shit about anything but the bottom line.
  2. Kennedy for GM. I guess he was right. Feels that way too.
  3. Can we start a list of all the excuses made for the Angels?
  4. I know I was ranting before, but now I am serious, burn this organization to the ground. Not even Mike Trout can save it.
  5. He’s still young. He looks like shit, but zero reason to panic. I do like Marsh better though.
  6. Definitely agree. Trout wants to win, but I don’t think winning is #1 on his list of priorities when considering where to play. His loyalty also played a big factor in his decision. The Angels picked him, they made him a great offer, he loves things the aspects of playing with the Angels outside of the game (who wouldn’t), the sell on “contending” was good enough with up and comers like Adell, etc. It was probably a pretty smooth deal.
  7. Wow. Interesting. Kind of sucks though because I was hoping we might be able to take advantage of some desperate teams like Rosenthal mentioned in the article. I don’t see why Eppler would be allowed to make any moves if he is about to be shit canned.
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