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  1. lot of injury threads. Yep, angels baseball is near.
  2. Very good post. Exactly how I feel too. After seeing what could have been, it really does suck.
  3. It helps me in these trying times. Other than eggs of course
  4. Angels suck dick. cause I say so. i don’t want to hear it.
  5. This is honestly infuriating. Lol god damn. I just want to act like a little bitch and throw a tantrum... waaaa!!!!!.. the angels just aren’t that good a good franchise. So good things don’t tend to happen as much as I would like. But god damn. This sucks...
  6. Whatever the fucking reason is.. bad stuff happens to this team lol it’s just comical at this point.
  7. No offense, but I think this guy is going to be worthless as a major league ball player. I’m going to be wrong, huh??
  8. That looks like Scioscia with a walrus stache. we know he doesn’t eat Quaker Oats though.