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  1. I went to Islands over the weekend. It was pretty interesting, being my first time to a bar/restaurant to sit down since this whole thing started. They had someone checking in people out front with a diagram of the restaurant and where open seats are. Then they sat us down. It was pretty empty since it was lunch time but they had only certain tables that they used and they marked them if they were sanitized or not. Then you exit out the back. It'll take some getting used to.
  2. Politics turns everyone into whiny little pussies.
  3. Well, today was a great day. I was 9.8 handicap before today’s round and I have made huge strides since the whole quarantine started by practicing pretty much daily. Have tracked my scores seriously for almost a year and went from a 14 to mid 9.5 in that time. Anyway, today it all came together and I shot 4 over. Just burying filthy putts from all over the place. But played really great golf even with some bad luck. Now I’m at a 9.4 handicap and I’m just wondering if this can actually be a new thing for me. I feel like I could do it again. I’m just so giddy. I apologize.
  4. Yea, basically the cups now have either Styrofoam or plastic inside so that you don't have to reach all the way down. It's tough to tell on some putts that are on the edge if they actually would have gone in or not. Sometimes they will hit the foam/plastic and pop out and those putts are considered good but you have to really pay attention sometimes. Every course I played until yesterday had the regular flag sticks in but you just can't touch them. However, yesterday I played at Birch Hills and they literally had tiny little flags about a foot high and it was pretty ridiculous. I had a couple of putts yesterday where I think they might have went in if there was a flag stick but oh well. At least the courses are open. Although if the courses did close again I'm back to walking on closed courses regardless. Either way, I'm golfing.
  5. I'm playing at a 9.9 handicap right now and definitely feel like there is room for improvement with the 3 putts I tend to pull off every round and the stupid plays here and there. The goal is to get to 4-5 handicap and then hopefully scratch. Baby steps.
  6. Yea, I'm trying, but it's hard to keep them away.
  7. It's a pain in the ass to book a tee time right now. I usually book through golfnow.com and you pretty much have to book a week in advance just to get what you want. Hoping as all the LA County courses open up again, things will start to normalize a bit.
  8. Loving the net. Glad I made the purchase. Thanks for the idea.
  9. Agree with this. I do have to laugh at the logic of those I see wearing their mask in their own cars with their windows down. That is just sad, honestly.
  10. This is most annoying thing about politics and why it's a fucking crock. These politicians and those who are disturbingly involved in politics are just fighting to screw each other over as opposed to doing what's best for the country. It's probably always been like this, I don't know, since I mostly never paid attention to any of it until the past few years. But as you get older it just kind of comes into your life and it's pretty fucking stupid. The government will continue to bicker with each other and try to screw each other over while they play with the money that the tax payers give them. And then they'll screw us over with their dumb ass decisions as well. The left can suck a fatty and so can the right. Divisive mentality bull shit.