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  1. You included though haha. no offense. But you guys all sound stupid.
  2. I don't necessarily disagree with your main point but even though Fletcher is good defensively, he is not close to Simmons. Simmons is pretty much a GOAT shortstop defensively. Not many players are close. Not saying Fletcher isn't really good defensively, but Simmons is on another level. But again, I agree with your main point. That's 18 million dollars less that can go to pitching.
  3. I remember being hungover in my early twenties waking up to the Pujols signing. I was pretty excited about getting him when it happened and thought he would be a huge instant boost for the first half of the deal at the least. But I did also realize he probably wouldn't be good towards the end of it. Here we are 9 years later and the fat ass has posted one year of an OPS higher than .800 with us. One fucking year. Fuck Poo Holes.
  4. True, if I'm on my lap top working from home I will delve into the forums on there as well. I'm well rounded.
  5. Welp, my work here is done. Back to the political forum to read people bitch at each other.
  6. The design is great. It does have a really cool feel to it. My only improvement recommendation (seems to be desktop only) is that you can't see the notification bell or messages icons very well at the top right corner because the background it black. I think maybe making the bell, messages, and forum name icon more white would help improve that. Shit, that's racist. Anyway, that's my only suggestion and maybe other's aren't seeing the same issue. Maybe they are and you already know this and it will be part of the minor changes going forward, as it is a fairly minor change.
  7. Glad I skimmed over this page before bed to see Randy’s comments. You got four laughs out of me. Night night.
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