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  1. Now accepting applications for appropriate names for the Stros. I suggest the following: As-terisk-stros. Really just rolls off the tongue.
  2. FS1 is killing post-season American baseball. It’s not easy to get FS1 with all the bollocks restrictions
  3. The Angels have to be weary of any future wrongful termination claims. Drug addiction can be a “disability” for purposes of a claimed medical disability. Even if the employee doesn’t inform the employer of the disability, he can claim that the Angels knew or should have known (I’d put that in all caps if I knew how) that the employee had the disability. Do you see how the employee is stating things to show the Angels “should have known” about the employee’s addiction? This is by design, amigos. If the Angels terminate the employee they open themselves up to a wrongful termination/disability discrimination claim under California state law and federal law (ADA). California law essentially mirrors the federal law but also, California state courts are more employee-friendly then other states so the Angels have to really go by the book on this one or they risk a lawsuit. This reminds me of the Miami Vice episode “Fruit of the Poison Tree.”
  4. Point of fact: Both Burt Young and Lou Diamond Phillips (Filipino) appeared in separate episodes of Miami Vice. If you have the opportunity, watch Lou Diamond Phillips’ episode titles “Red Tape.” It’s very good. Also stars Annette Benning. The episode was banned in the U.K. for its violent ending, which I found to be brilliant.
  5. Michael Madson was in an episode of Miami Vice. I believe it was the episode entitled “Whatever Works.” I talked to him about it once. He was very proud of the fact that he did his own stunts in that episode.
  6. This reminds me of the Miami Vice episode “Evan.” Really a great episode. Crockett and Tubbs are having a bit of a fallout because Crockett won’t tell Tubbs the full story on an undercover arms dealer (Evan) whom Crockett came up with. So Tubbs does some digging on the side and then asks Crockett about Evan and his relationship with Crockett while in the Ferrari Daytona. Crockett screeches the car to a stop on the side of the road and says, “You’re my partner, not my priest. And where the hell do you get off demanding I bare my soul to you.” Tubbs responds, “If you wanna drop the friendship and just be partners, so be it.” To which Crockett replies, “So be it,” before peeling out. Note: this is an abridged version of the conversation. But it’s a great exchange found in an excellent episode directed by Rob Cohen (Fast and the Furious).
  7. We need to do to Houston in extras what the orioles did to the Angels.
  8. I would like to see each and every Angel hitter bunt from here on out. If only to confuse Houston. Problem is, I don’t think Wong, Cowart and def Hermosillo know how to bunt.
  9. It’s good to see a pitching change. It’s been a while.
  10. Strength. Pronounced as “streungth” or perhaps, “streuongth.” Located. Pronounced as “lo-KATE-ed.” Emphasis is on the “cate” in “located.”
  11. Based on his short stature and minimal frame I strongly suspect PEDs. But this is also a reflection of being suspicious of teams playing Boston. Whether it be The old Boston Gardens having dead spots on its floor and purposefully creating an awful atmosphere in the visitors locker room, or Ortiz - and other Red Sox players using PEDs, Boston has proven to get creative in an effort to win. This doesn’t even consider the two other reasons for Betts’ numbers: he’s very good on contact and fenway loves a high pop fly to left. This has been mastered by Betts.
  12. I was wondering who would be headed to the DL today. Legit not being sarcastic. The only surprise is that we didn't see it happen during a game. It is somewhat Christian of the Angels to go ahead and build up to it today so we're not troubled later while watching the AAAngels.