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  1. I have a feeling that their players aren't as good as they like us all to believe. Their pitchers, sure. Their hitters? Not so much.
  2. Arte and Billy... wtf are you guys doing?
  3. Caught some of the press conference just now and I was thinking the same thing. Just look at her little daughter. Disneyland and the weather is a perfect fit.
  4. I'm just glad we don't ever have to face Baltimore, Detroit, and Cincinnati in the playoffs. Then our shit would be kicked.
  5. He's going to throw a no-hitter now and will be worth 30 mil a season. Pay up Arte!!
  6. Wow, just saw the score. Thanks Nats! And LOL at my Kings for losing 8-2 as well. God it's going to be another long season.
  7. Thank you for showing up tonight Nats. Now don't shit the bed when you get home.
  8. Great if we hire him but god damn, Arte needs to pony up and get some good pitching.