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  1. really, the Angels can't do any better than that !!!!!
  2. enough already with minor league OF signings, get us a quality SP or at least a quality RP, come on Minasian what the hell are doing ????
  3. with this deal and the one for Slegers I'm getting the feeling there is a bigger deal coming soon.
  4. to bad the deal wasn't for John Means instead of Cobb !!!
  5. After they get a top SP, I like Rosario or Dahl, good BA and power. Wouldn't even consider Puig or Schwarber and their 180 something BA.
  6. How about the worst trade in club history, I couldn't believe they traded Dante Bichette for an all but done Dave Parker.
  7. pardon me but didn't we just spend over 245 million on a 3rd baseman for the next 7 years.
  8. I read where Boston would consider trading David Price 3 years 96 mil remaining on his contract, with JD Martinez mostly likely on the move I thought Upton for Price might make some sense for both teams.
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