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  1. On the road I'd agree with you, but not at home. Home fans came to see Trout. Bad move to deny them that.
  2. Dude was a fraud. He’s nowhere near 41 years old. I won’t miss all the DP’s. Good riddance.
  3. Lets see what our $50M gets us in these next two at bats
  4. Our closer has an ERA over 6. Glad Billy already sold his house.
  5. .290 avg 19 Hr 78 RBI 30 years old $245M 7 years Minor league pitching staff across the board No Ace No closer
  6. Spent hundreds of millions on a pedestrian 3B and continued to dumpster dive for the entire pitching staff. Brilliant.
  7. Blue didn't call the outside or high pitch all night! Total screw job there!!!
  8. And its complete. We have pitchers that can't pitch, hitters that can't hit and catchers that can't catch. you can't write this stuff.
  9. Cody Allen and Justin Bour need to be gone immediately. I'd clean out their lockers tonight. Bring up the kids for crying out loud. This team is full of other teams rejects. If we're going to spend the year in the basement, I'd rather do it with our kids than a bunch of bums playing out the string.
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