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  1. Another fun game. If this season pans out this way you gotta think a rebuild might need to happen
  2. Probably the most frustrated I’ve ever been with this team. 6 years of this shit and now they have the two best players in all of baseball and their roster just isn’t good enough. It’s such a waste
  3. You would think this team would eventually address a bullpen that’s been bad for a decade
  4. Annnnnd Ohtani out. As he’s due up 2nd next inning. That can’t be a real decision can it?
  5. 2 awful innings. How do you not score in either inning. Is this team near the bottom of hitting with runners on base?
  6. Can’t believe how good Walsh has been. Need Gosselin to do freaking anything here
  7. This is a joke. Imagine having 2 of the biggest superstars in all of baseball and you try to solve your pitching problems with Cobb and Quintana. We can’t win by picking up off the scrap heap. It’s been like this for years. Moreno has to go
  8. I think Scioscia did against the White Sox once for the same call
  9. Same fucking team as it is every year. Madden should have protested the game after that BS call. This is unwatchable
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