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  1. Ya let’s do this every year for eternity. What did Angel fans do to deserve this?
  2. Didn’t Erstad make a comment about being able to hear the lights? Everyone got all up in arms then too. These guys play on the road. They hear how other stadiums play. He’s not wrong
  3. He isn’t wrong. The energy at games in SoCal in general is awful. Kills me watching games at ballparks and stadiums around the country and how much they get into it
  4. I don’t understand why this team won’t address the bullpen. It’s been years of this
  5. MLB just got a billion dollars in a deal with Turner Sports. Is that not enough to cover the losses or.....?
  6. Teams are being sold for billions of dollars. If the owners can’t handle taking a $100 million loss then they could easily sell the team and be extremely profitable. They’re killing the sport with this shit. I’m glad the players are being outspoken. They came to an agreement months ago where the players took cuts and then MLB backed out. That’s on the owners. If that agreement was in writing they should sue. Players are paying salaries for minor leaguers to made sure they’re taken care of. Meanwhile billionaire owners are firing anyone they can. If you’re on the side of the owners, y
  7. I have. I’m not much of a Nick Kroll but actually find him pretty good in that
  8. That’s his best bit in my opinion. His first special is my favorite with the others still being great just not as good. I even love his monologues on SNL. Knowing he teamed up with Bill Hader to do Stefon is one of my favorite fun facts
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