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  1. Yes, my question was poorly worded, sorry about that. But thanks for the info. Brandon. I'v always wondered about that and assumed that was possibly a reason why many FA held out from signing before the new year.
  2. Just wondering - Have the Angels signed Rendon? lol! Another question - If a FA signs a contract before New Years, does he have to pay income taxs for 2019? If so, maybe that is why some FA don't sign until January of the next year.
  3. Wow! Just imagine, next year we could be looking at spending $30 for a hot dog, $50 for a beer, and $800 for a box seat if we sign Cole. Good Time's!
  4. Eric Aybar 's nephew Wander Franco should be here soon with the Tampa Bay Rays. I also have my fingers crossed that Mike Trout has a few son's that the Angel's Draft in the future.
  5. Thank you SlappyUtilityMIF and John Taylor for the feedback. I regularly attended the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes games when the Angel's single A Team' was there. But now that they have moved to San Bernardino, I usually only attend when the Big League Team is out of town. I went to a few Las Vegas Aviators games this year too. I have friends who live over there. Got to admit, Milb has a flavor all its own. Some of the between innings stuff are almost worth the price of admission alone. Again, Thanks for the feedback.
  6. Some on this message board have way too much time on their hands, but it sure was a fun read to start a Saturday morning.
  7. Just wondering, does anyone know what minor league players get paid at different levels? (A, AA, AAA, etc.). And do Host Families get some sort of financial assistance?
  8. I think that if a player isn't looking for just the $$$, that he would take a serious look at the coach's and teammates that he would be playing for, or with, for the length of his contract. I am sure that a potential pitcher would take a hard look at the teams pitching coach to see if they were on the same page. Same with a hitter. I remember that there were several players on the Angels that didn't particularly like the way Rod Carew instructed player's on how to hit.
  9. I wonder which business had the most client's?
  10. I wouldn't miss any of them if they were either DFA'ed, released, or traded. We need better quality players than what they offer. When most of them came up this year we were a .500 team, now we're 19 games under .500 and falling (actually crashing). They are either way too green, or way to over-rated.
  11. What if he turns out to be just as bad at 1st base?
  12. I don't think the only option for Upton is moving him to 1st base. Why not let him DH on the 3 days a week that Ohtani isn't batting? He can also play another couple of days a week when one of the OF's needs a rest. Our OF is going to be really versatile in the next couple of years. Trout, Adell and Marsh will all be capable of playing any of the 3 positions.