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  1. I think Angel Oracle should nominate one of his favorite wrestling announcers. It would be great when they have on-field altercations.
  2. Probably about 70 innings or so. I believe that his pitch count, and games started, will be strictly monitored this year. Something similar to what Tampa Bay did with Snell last year. Early in the year Ohtani may only get the opportunity to pitch every-other Sunday for 4 or 5 innings or so. There's also the chance, that if that doesn't work out he could still be effective as a relief pitcher on the days he doesn't DH. I think that the Angel's will do everything they can to get a few innings out of Ohtani so they can claim him as a two-way player. That way they can have that extra-man on
  3. Getting Lyman Bostock in 1978 was pretty cool too. But sadly that had a very tragic ending.
  4. I guess my 'meh' trade would be the 1971 trade that sent Jim Fregosi (my favorite player at the time) to the Mets for Leroy Stanton, Don Rose, Francisco Estrada, and a struggling pitcher named Nolan Ryan.
  5. This article appeared in the newspaper just as spring training was coming to a close. The Long Beach Independent reported that the New York Yankees had traded center fielder Mickey Mantle to the Los Angeles Angels. In return for Mantle, the Yankees received "$1 million dollars, half interest in radio station KMPC and a player package of Ned Garver, Del Rice, Aubrey Gatewood and Gene Leek." The Article was written on April first, 1961. My first big Angel disappointment. Obviously, there would be many more in the years to follow.
  6. Just wondering - What is the Qualifying Offer amount this year for Free-agent players? Has there been any change because of the Covid-19? I know that many organizations are hurting because of the loss of attendance revenue. Also, weren't the players salaries prorated this last season? Does any of this have any affect on the players QO's for this coming off season? Thanks
  7. I think adding Fletcher to the risers list should be in order. I'm pretty sure that he has exceeded almost everyone's expectations for this year. He's a very good contact hitter, and he's doing much better at taking walks this year too. Outside of Simmons he is probably our best defensive player. He can also be used to play several defensive positions as well. We really don't have any other super-sub's on this team that can do what he does defensively.
  8. If you remember the first few years that the Angels were in LA they played a lot of day games and Double Headers. The reason being was that the Angeles were the only American League baseball team on the west coast back then. They were at least 2000 miles from their nearest rival. So when teams were scheduled to come to LA they usually need some extra time to get here. And when the series was over they needed extra time to return back home. Back then the American League scheduled a lot of off days and double headers for teams scheduled coming to the west coast. Not many baseball teams flew
  9. Me too (check out my screen name). Actually I've been an Angels baseball fan since the late 1940s when my dad use to take me to see the old 'PCL Angels' play in old Wrigley Field. When the Dodgers moved here in 1958 they bought the 'PCL Angel' team and moved my favorite team out of town. I really hated the Dodgers for that. On the day after the Angels held their original 'Player Draft' in December of 1960, I could hardly wait to get my hands on the morning paper to see who they had selected. As I looked at the list I recognized very few names. I collected bubble-gum baseball cards back th
  10. I wasn't aware of that. I'm not a big 'Stat' person like many on this forum. So thank you for bringing that to my attention. However, if Rendon is now in the equation as an MVP candidate, that could hurt both him and Trout in the voting. They will be taking votes away from each other. I would be just as happy to see Rendon win the MVP as I would Trout. They are both deserving. Go Rendon - Go Trout
  11. I think there are '4' viable candidates in the AL for the MVP Award this year. Shane Bieber (Clev), Nelson Cruz (Minn), Jose Abreu (White Sox), and Mike Trout (LAA). And 3 of those players are on teams that have a chance to make it into the play-offs. I think it's going to come down to which one gets the hottest over the last 3-4 weeks of the season. Go Trout.
  12. In Houston will they be including the sound of a trash can being hit with a bat? Or will they just have a cardboard cut out of a man with a camera sitting in centerfield?
  13. Mike Trout 'Rookie' baseball card sells for 900 thousand dollars. Any of you card collectors out there have one? Hope so. https://www.cbssports.com/mlb/news/mike-trout-rookie-card-sells-for-record-breaking-900k-at-auction/
  14. I was introduced to Baseball by my Dad back in the in the late 1940s, but didn't learn to fully appreciate the game until the early 1950s when I became older. There were no major league teams on the west coast back then, so we followed teams from the old Pacific Coast League, mainly the LA Angels and Hollywood Stars. My hometown hero back then was Steve Bilko who played for the PCL Angels, and in 1961 also played for the MLB Angels. My Dad was also a fan of the old Brooklyn Dodgers and at that time that was the only connection I had to the MLB. I knew all the Dodger players names: Newcomb
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