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  1. Heaney is a Free-agent at the end of the year, so it's still possible that the Angels could resign him. No, they wouldn't do that to us would they?
  2. Mike Trout made his debut 10 years ago today, July 8, 2011. Read what he's accomplished in that time. https://www.cbssports.com/mlb/news/10-years-of-mike-trout-celebrating-10th-anniversary-of-angels-stars-mlb-debut-with-10-incredible-stats/
  3. Ditmers arrives and becomes our #2 starting pitcher, right behind our off-season signing of a top Free Agent pitcher.
  4. I remember back in the 60's, and 70's, when they use to have pitching duals between the best pitchers in the MLB that wouldn't end at the end of the 5th inning. I miss those old pitching duals where the starting pitchers pitched deep into games, occasionally even well into extra innings, sometimes 14 or 15 innings or more. They sometimes threw well over 200 pitches in those game. In 1963 Spahn (227 pitches) vs. Marichal (201 pitches) matched up in a 16 inning game that the Giants won 1-0. Both pitchers went all the way. Nolan Ryan, when he was an Angel, often threw over 200 pitches in a game too. In todays game it's almost considered a quality start if the pitcher can get into the 5th inning and throw less than 80 pitches.
  5. It's never to early to start building for next season. I agree with what jsnpritchett said above:
  6. Kind of reminds me of the summer of 1986 and the old 'Wally World" days.
  7. Maybe Mike Scioscia will pick him up for the U.S Olympic Baseball Team. Not sure if the Dominican Republic fields a team, but if they do maybe they need a hole in their line-up.
  8. Well he's not pulling them under with those 3 yellow barrels stuck in his side either. "Not with 3 barrels in his side he can't" Captain Quint.
  9. Don't start getting down on Trout JATF. You know Trout has always been a sporadic hitter. I think that he sometimes tries to put the team on his back instead of just relaxing and letting the game come to him. If you look, and I'm sure you have, Trout is still leading the league in several categories, or at least he is in the top 10. But I do have to say, I sure wish he would find a way to cut down on his strikeouts.
  10. Holy Shit!!! Now that Pujols is gone, are we going to start blaming Trout for all our poor play? (Don't take it personal JATF, this topic was just posted a bit to soon. Especially since you are one of the largest Trout supporters here I just couldn't resist).
  11. Very well written and thought-out article. I think Pujols would have gotten a lot more respect from Angel fans if he had been able to produce 1 or 2 of his spectacular offensive seasons with the Angels. But injuries and father time robbed him, and us fans, of that opportunity. Also, from the very beginning Albert arrived here much like Mo Vaughn, disliked and a bit past his prime. He also went out in pretty much the same way - 'don't let the door slap you in the ass on the way out' kind of attitude from all of us fans. Someday I hope that all of us will be able to change our perspective about Albert and say to our kids, or our grandkids - I once had the privilege to see the Hall Of Famer Albert Pujols play baseball for the Angels.
  12. Hopefully someday we can compare his stats to someone like Mike Napoli.
  13. I have been following the Angels since 1961, so there have been quite a few players that I have formed a dislike for. But the all time worst for me was Jonathan Papelbon of the Red Sox. A Relief Pitcher that always dominated the Angels. But I'll always remember that 2009 play-off series when we had that infamous 9th inning rally against him and won the Division Series.
  14. Then when he warms-up in the bull pen he would'nt need a catcher.
  15. Fans that spend more time paying attention to their tablet or cell phone than the game. 'Buttercup' Beachballs, the wave, thunder sticks, and fans that hold up large signs. Obnoxious Red Sox and Yankee fans. Anything Dodger. The new extra inning rule. (putting a runner at 2nd Base) The new double-header rule. (7 inning games) The MLB for trying to speed up the game. Players that stand at home plate for 15 seconds to admire their Homeruns, then do their own specialized 'bat flip' before rounding the base's. Inter-league play.
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