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  1. Limited space for workouts. LOL!!! (35 mins ago) Trout has been staying in shape during the MLB hiatus by getting work in at a Little League field near his home in New Jersey, Mike Oz of Yahoo Sports reports. Trout indicated that he has been working out every day, though he hasn't done much hitting. He also explained that he spent about a month "working hard like the offseason" and is now "transitioning into getting ready for the season." If a 2020 campaign takes place, expect Trout to once again put up MVP-caliber numbers while hitting in the heart of an improved Angels offense.
  2. Fans of the pretend Angels everywhere hope pretend Shohei Ohtani (.220) snaps out of the pretend hitting doldrums. Just wondering: Will the simulation continue if a "real" season launches in July?
  3. Pretend Mike Trout seems to be most of what separates the 20-30 pretend Angels from the 16-36 pretend Mariners. Keep it up pretend GOAT!
  4. In the end, Gene was a choke artist. Both with the Phillies and with the Angels. Rig did more with less than anybody I can think of. The Angels in their first year were expected to show up like the Mets did one year later. Instead, they won 72 (same as Brad) and finished ahead of the new Senators and the old Senators. In Year 2, Rig's juggling of the relievers kept the Angels relevant into September in a 10-team "division." They were atop the AL 10 on the Fourth of July. With Fregosi and Dean Chance and some other one-year wonders, he had the Angels in the extremely tight chase into mid-September in Year 4. They had a winning record and a Cy. He helped give Angels fans a reason to consider Chavez Ravine a welcoming but rented home for the first half-decade. The Angels played well there and still do.
  5. Gotta hand it to the pretend Padres' ace Garrett Richards. He started May 21 against the pretend Marlins and led the 8-0 shutout. He's had a hot pretend start and stands 5-2 as of today (5/21). LOL!!!
  6. Gov. Cuomo has expressed a similar position regarding New York. At least that's what I think I heard on the car radio about an hour ago. So there may be access to ballparks (without fans in the stands) in the biggest markets if players and owners can solve some of the other big problems they still face.
  7. I ain't holding my still-COVID-free breath for the start of a shambles of an 82-game season in July. My concern at this point is getting my refund from MLB.TV or a full credit for 2021. I recall the Trout comments about red flags in the plans being thrown about a few weeks ago. This plan appears to have the same red flags. There is unlikely to be any major public sports or entertainment events in California, Washington, Illinois, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Massachusetts or New York before 2021. It's pointless without effective prevention, detection and treatment.
  8. Them pretend Mariners are too close for pretend comfort. If pretend Mikey sneezes, it's fifth place, baby.
  9. Pretend Heandog looks on pace for 20-plus losses. Do pretend players get hurt? Time to check out that pretend left forearm.
  10. May 4 and the Halos are already 9 games behind Houston. What a cluster you-know-what!!! Lucky the Strato-TV stream fell through!!! Otherwise, Mr. Moreno would never sell another ticket.
  11. Indeed, Heandog appears to be progressing as expected. Heh heh. And Goody seems to be sharply regressing, which is probably why Adell is make-believe recalled. Just another Halos April. And Tommy Boy sure sucks after that broken whatever. Fire Joe!!!!