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  1. Maybe Mike should not have been forced to leave by the guy who inflicted Brad on us. But Joe has so far been Mike's star student in the art of baseball management. He has two league pennants and one WS flag hanging inside his trailer. Mike is 19th on the wins list and Joe, with fewer games, is 33rd. Mike is having fun kicking back, apparently. Joe is working miracles with a team so short of competent pitchers.
  2. Giants all the way. The rest is irrelevant or distasteful (Houston? Boston? New York?). Belated apologies to Gabe Kapler. I used to laugh at him. 107 wins suggests he might be a smart fellow.
  3. Aren't the Angels "all in" every offseason? Get a reality check and read the Bill Dwyre column that ran in the LA Times on Oct. 4.
  4. Mariners eliminated. About time. The Angels reached that plateau weeks ago.
  5. Then maybe they already knew his long-term normal and they waited until his past performance schedule reached the narrow end of the season. Meaning, he could be hot for a few games against pitchers he may have had some success against. And the loss of Adell.
  6. They thought he was too valuable to be thrown into the meat grinder before he was ready?
  7. 133,000 of your friends and neighbors showed up this weekend. You're saying you didn't care?
  8. Weren't they crowned Super Bowl champions in waiting last week? What will Plaschke say?
  9. Mariners broadcast is in the process of adjusting. Speaking in the past tense about the Mariners' late-season charge. And looking forward to February.
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