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  1. Is Mookie the best player in baseball? That question is actually asked here? The answer here must be NO!!! No further discussion.
  2. If Ohtani is settling in as a .220-hitting DH with some occasional power who can't pitch anymore, then peddle him off to some willing dreamer in KC.
  3. Can Lindor win a Cy?? If not, then NO! HELL NO!!!
  4. Doesn't Tony realize that Ron Kittle is now 62 years old? Been there. Done that.
  5. Rest in peace, Joe Morgan. Quite the all-star list recently: Tom Terrific, Whitey Ford, Bullet Bob, Al Kaline and Lou Brock.
  6. Walsh opened a few eyes by raking it for about one month of a two-month season. He has to follow it up in '21 by producing over a longer haul. I hope he does.
  7. You can't make the 6 pitcher rotation work, except on a spot basis. Fitting it for one guy ruins the rhythm of 5 others. And it's tough enough to find 5 starters, never mind 6 quality ones at all times. The Angels are the prime example of this.
  8. I voted Yes because the Yes rout is apparently on and I wanted join in. 42-33,so far. Billy's misfires were wearing thin.
  9. On Saturday, Trout said losing "sucks." He wants that to end. Winning will make him happy. He's not taking Billy on his next fishing trip in South Joizey.
  10. But he already escaped. A clean getaway. Why would he get sucked back in?
  11. Harold Reynolds just made his suggestion: Logan White from the Padres FO.
  13. Why highlights of this mess of a one-third season? LOL. Just go quietly, Vic.
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