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  1. With Fletcher now in No. 22, it looks like the Angels book is forever closed on Kaleb. BBR page says nobody has picked him up. May not even be a formal retirement?
  2. Online MLBTV has been spotty with stops and starts so far. Sharp rez becomes fuzzy. Etc.
  3. Whew!! So many detours!!! I almost forgot this is the Tuesday GD thread. Sooo... GO HALOS!!! (Which doesn't sound dumb.)
  4. It's probably sounds dumb if you're a fan of the Athletics, Dodgers, Padres, Mariners (M's ??? speaking of dumb), Rangers, Asstros or any color of Sucks.
  5. Light it for some practice!!! Let's hear it for the (mostly) C and D teams. MLBTV had a few kinks in the stream today, but that happens from time to time.
  6. If the pitching gets you where you want to go, it's not overpaid. A year ago, the Angels considerably overpaid Harvey, Cahill and the washed up Cleveland closer.
  7. Oh, and Billy just acquired Quijada and DFA'd Markel. Who? And Who? The moves just keep on coming.
  8. Canceling the Peterson/Stripling-for Rengifo/et al deal was a big move. Reviving it would be a bigger deal, but that won't happen.