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  1. Under 50 appears to be gaining ground. I chose Under 50 because there was no Under 20. I hope it winds up Over 150+, but I'd have to see it first. I wish Ohtani Shohei a successful season both pitching and hitting.
  2. No. I suspect Mike has moved on. If he's not making the lineups and plotting game strategy, he's likely not enjoying himself.
  3. Wake me if Perry ever has something important to contribute to transaction season.
  4. I think of Howie every time a Heaney heater sails over the wall. Good luck, Howie. You were mostly great. Is your voice fit for TV?
  5. Adell is gonna get more AAA if there's a MiLB season. Joe M. essentially told that to the Times Friday. At this stage, I doubt he's enough for Snell.
  6. First base. Perfect. If he's a free agent, sign him up!!!
  7. They are a minor league soccer team on Long Island.
  8. I welcome the management of the Cleveland Baseball Club, formerly the Rustlers, Lake Shores and Bluebirds, into the 21st Century.
  9. The only assumption I ever make is that Mr. Moreno knows how much he has to spend and he has told Perry what the number is. Then I sit back and wait for February.
  10. Iglesias seems like an adequate gap plugger. He ain't Simba and shouldn't get flack when he falls short on a play.
  11. Was Newcomb supposed to be a spot starter in 2020? 13 IP and 17 ER in 4 games? Why do we need to scour someone else's potential middle innings scrap heap?
  12. How many Eppler leftovers will Perry dump? Clear the shelves of dated inventory before it rots. Make room for something fresh.
  13. Me thank JeDi and Vinnie P for helping the Angels -- years later -- avoid yet another TJ pitching loss. Me flip from previous position on this.
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