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  1. MLB should s**t or get off the pot re: the universal DH. Seems like that is holding up the hitting market.
  2. Let's just trade for Contreras, sign a couple more bats, and carry 9-10 RPs.
  3. Worth kicking the tires but likely bigger fish to fry.
  4. With the Rule 5 draft approaching, it has to be someone that wasn't protected right? Just waiting to see whether the PTBNL clears the Rule 5 draft. This would put our top, top guys off the table I would think.
  5. I think when he took the job, he had a monumentally tall task. I do think the talent in the organization from top to bottom is stronger than it was when he took the job. I also think it was the right call to move on.
  6. I don't see Eppler being around next year. I'm also not sure who, if anyone, can fix this roster as quickly as any of us hope/want.
  7. How are there like 4 sellers in all of baseball and we still can't find a deal for our expiring contracts?
  8. Never been so disappointed to miss out on a PTBNL or cash considerations. On to the next disappointment...
  9. We are not getting Patino for Jason Castro. Being in SD, I follow the Padres quite a bit and they are getting Castro to platoon with Hedges. Mejia seems like the odd man out there, especially with Campusano in the wings. He would be a homerun if we were able to get him but I highly doubt it; Pads might use him in a bigger deal for pitching. It's going to be cash, PTBNL, or some marginal/high ceiling_low floor type guy.
  10. It's probably Jorge Mateo, so we can have our own 2B battle next year: https://www.sfchronicle.com/athletics/article/Franklin-Barreto-speedy-Jorge-Mateo-kick-off-15077085.php
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