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  1. Isn't it strange how something so miniscule can have such an enormous and far-reaching impact? The virus itself isn't all that scary tbh -- we aren't talking blood spouting from every pore a la Outbreak (trending on Netflix). But its impact on the economy in particular is staggering. And the short amount of time that everything has ground to a halt is mind numbing. Usually, when I am overwhelmed by something, I take solace in sports; but even those are gone. We are living in a period that will be a chapter in a history book/iPad.history.folder and our world will never be the same. All because of something that can be spread through a droplet. That is what is overwhelming to me. It's really nice to have a forum and community to talk sports or...anything really...and cloak myself in some semblance of normalcy for a minute, maybe two before my home schooled children need a snack, my 5-month old needs to be held, or a new work crisis pops up that I need to snuff out from the interwebs all while doing the foregoing. So, thanks for the outlet, the Angels updates, and keeping the In-N-Out drive thru open. I'm still hoping that the Halo doctors will diagnose this as dehydration and we will be back on the field by Opening Day!
  2. He's a former first round pick and top prospect, and is still just 27. He played in a tough division in a hitter's park for a team that is notorious over recent seasons for their terrible pitcher development (https://thebaltimorewire.com/2018/08/22/baltimore-orioles-pitching-development-issue/). I don't know if he's Bieber but I am somewhat bullish on his prospects this season if he can stay healthy.
  3. Wasn't able to read it but, hey, I'll latch on to a "failed trade-to-World-Series" scenario!
  4. Arte needs to get the F out of the way and let baseball people do their job. He has way too much Steinbrenner with way less W's.
  5. Our trade was never about Pederson, it was about Striping. Not sure what changed other than Arte's feelings. Dodgers still need to shed Joc.
  6. Oh, so the Dodgers and Sux screwed us again? Color me surprised. Time to trade for Clevinger and burn MLB to the ground.
  7. Can you please create an account under "Fleff Jetcher" where you post all "non-confirmed" rumor and innuendo?
  8. Keep doing what you're doing. There are far more people that appreciate it then don't.
  9. If it's Adams +1 and no Pages, I'm way more bearish on this deal.
  10. With all the scuttlebutt, why has it taken this long to identify the "2 prospects" from the Angels.
  11. The Twins are the ones who are in trouble. Graterol's trade value is completely shot now. They have to make this deal happen.
  12. Wicked pissahhh. Can't wait to beat up on these jagbags this season. Except for you Ray Donovan -- #respect