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  1. Dave Henderson was the worst moment, but I am still not over 1995 September collapse as far as a season goes.
  2. 1979 Still have dirt from the infield after running onto the field after we clinched.
  3. 1. I watch every pitch of every Angel game if possible 2. I watch games with my Fantasy players involved 3. I watch A's and Astros games to root against them. 4. Hard to get into games after that, but I will if I see something interesting going on.
  4. Castro for 2 years Price for Rengifo and a pitching prospect and reduced salary
  5. Jeff Passan @JeffPassan · 1m Right-hander Julio Teheran and the Los Angeles Angels are in agreement on a one-year contract, a source familiar with the deal tells ESPN.
  6. The only way those one year deals pay off. Is if they were stop gaps until this free agent class, and the money that has come off the books is used to get two long term solutions at pitcher.
  7. C : Bengie 1B: Joyner 2B: Grich SS: Fregosi 3B: Glaus LF: Salmon/G Anderson CF: Trout RF: Guerrero DH: Baylor SP: Ryan CL: Percival
  8. Would Straily have pitched better than Cahill yesterday? They seem to be the same type of Pitchers to me. He would add depth, but I do not see him as any improvement really
  9. Career years from a few guys plus good health is always possible. So spring always brings Optimism for me. 50 years of watching this team has brought enough surprises and great moments that I can't help but overhype and dream of what could be each and every spring. Most years it fades by the All Star break, but I just can't help but be excited once again .
  10. The question to me is what impact Doug White will have on these pitchers coming off down years. If he can have a consistent positive impact on the entire staff it could be a fun year.
  11. 5 innings 7 Hits 4 ER No decision Angels win 7-6
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