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  1. The best part of this article was the first comment... I'm guessing thinking this is a bad thing is "ignorant and reactionary" but he thinks Suzuki would be a fine coach.... John P. 44m ago I really am shocked by the ignorance and reactionary spiraling over this move I have seen on Twitter. I suspect maybe Suzuki will retire and move to coaching. Angels fans are reaching Mariner fan levels of special..
  2. Here's what you missed.... They repeated a Molina quote from 2019, and state that the Angels refused to comment.... That was it and another old quote from Mianasian about the team taking a look at every facet of what happened in 2021. That article was a huge nothing-burger
  3. Any minute now Angels fans will start pointing towards Suzuki as proof Molina wasn't a good coach.
  4. LOL if they offer Suzuki a coaching job because -- "culture".
  5. Great! Getting an early start on "improving" the defense! /sarcasm
  6. The defensive situation is a cause of extreme pessimism for me. They can obviously improve the OF defense in house. Third should be better with a healthy Rendon, and removing Suzuki should have as positive an impact as removing AP did. But other than changes at SS/Back up catcher they will likely be returning a lot of the same people.
  7. I do. But I've always tempered it by saying we don't have their data in order to know where to place the blame. I think that's a fairly simple premise. Something has changed the last two years, the eye test pushed me towards the numbers, the numbers at three different sources (two of them pay sites), validate what my eyes have been leading me to believe.. There is a problem with the defensive alignments. I've said before I wonder if whatever algorithm they are using may be wonky... If its the algorithm, then we can't blame the on field people/coaching. My saying we don't know where the blame lies doesn't mean I don't believe there is an issue. Simmons was quoted as saying he tended to not to pay heed to the data. I always found that interesting but I couldn't really make a case one way or another from that comment because that dude was a magician. Rather than obsess over what I think? Do you think its a player issue or a data issue? When talking about guys like Rojas, I'd argue it could be both. Then there's the question ...is the data spot on and someone is overriding it from the bench... You tell me.
  8. Nice to see them adding to the braintrust. Btw, this might actually be something a legit numbers guy like @ettinwould be qualified for.
  9. Like I always tell people.... It's not worth trying to dig or watch it live because it will frustrate the shit out of you. Having/not having that data is pretty vital to determining where to place blame or if there is any real blame. Being someone that tries to validate what i think i'm seeing I've been guilty of it.
  10. Yes, I've only said that every time this conversation comes up. Every single time.
  11. Yes Jeff.... That's the exact data I'm talking about. Stats Perform can break it down by pitcher and every possible matchup situation. Not seeing the info they (Angels), use its impossible to know....
  12. They shift more against RHH than most teams too....
  13. Baseball Info Solutions, Stats Perform (formerly StatsInc), Baseball Savant (Statscast), which is powered by MLB advanced media. Normally, I'd watch the live Baseball Savant feed, see the weird then log in to the other two sites to see if their data was dramatically different.... Never was. So, either the Angels info is very different or someone is ignoring data. It's been a thing two years running. Since we can't see the Angels info (and minus that it's impossible to know where to pin the blame), its all very frustrating and I don't recommend people doing it.
  14. Earlier in the year he said it was his guess it was probably the analytics dept.. I think he said recently he didn't believe they would answer if he asked certain questions -- not sure if the meant the defense specifically.
  15. Just having their defensively alignments match up to the hitter's actual tendencies would be a glorious start. They have shifted against the tendencies or failed to shift when the situation screamed move the defense over... It was a very very weird thing to watch in real time. It's impossible to call them out completely without seeing what their data is, but, when BIS, Baseball Savant and STATS Inc all show the same tendencies... I have a hard time believing the Angels in house data would say -- "do the exact opposite". This shit has been going on now for two years.. Well, 1 year and whatever last season was.
  16. This is from the article in that tweet. "Trying to describe Ferreira’s role with the Cardinals is challenging. Essentially, it was to do anything needed to ensure players are where they need to be and ready to play, whether schedules, rosters, logistics or payments – while on call basically 24/7." There is also this.. https://thecardinalnation.com/ferreira-receives-2019-cardinals-george-kissell-award/ “The player had problems – and the way he was routed was through Chicago to get to Los Angeles. And he was delayed. So within a matter of minutes, Tony had to change it – knowing that all the flights out of Chicago were booked. He couldn’t get the player out. And then it goes on with everything involved in the logistics in moving a player. Within a matter of five minutes, Tony pinned it down, got that player set to go to Midway (Airport) and got him out of Midway on a different routing to get back home. “Now, multiply that – which is the remarkable part about what he does every single day. He knows our system. He knows our players. He knows our staff. And the contributions he makes – that is why I always enjoy recognizing him. Because the contributions he makes on a day-to-day level are what really allow us to work and make it go. “When you have a problem in Johnson City over something – meal money or otherwise – you are calling Tony. So I thank Tony. He has been here the same amount of time I have (since 2008) and he knows the Cardinals inside and out,” LaRocque concluded. I'm trying to find a BBA article that mentioned him a while back and how he basically acted as the fixit guy for Card's minor leaguers.
  17. Two random items and Grey Poupon, cause I'm classy.
  18. Kind of funny because he was supposedly in charge of making sure everyone had what they needed, a super strong logistics guy. This hire may be an indication the Angels are actually making an attempt to improve the conditions for minor leaguers. We all make jokes about the number of scouts but adding support people is likely just as important moving forward.
  19. Was referring to his numbers coming into this season. As far as what went wrong. His HR/9 also went up along with his BB/9 but both of those things would be a sign of peripherals predicting the opposite of success. Still, nothing was as big of an impact as the defense. His walk right spiked but his K rate also rose from a career 7.9 K/9 entering this season to a career high of 12.3. Upping your K rate by 4.4 K/9 tends to offset some of the rise in BB/9 and the predictive data supports that. Add 4.4K/9 to Barria's projectable numbers and nobody would be talking about trading him. The MLB average FIP was 4.27 -- the Angels team FIP was 4.25, Quintana came in at 4.31 .vs a 6.75 ERA. The team ERA was 4.69. People will continue to talk about the pitching.. But the defense is the biggest problem
  20. Yeah, this was covered pretty heavily at the time and again when Quintana was signed. Quintana is the example he should be using in this case. Quintana is also the case study of why it's all going to be pointless unless they fix the defense.
  21. That team could play defense, which likely helped what was a middle of the road rotation put up a combined ERA that ranked 8th in all of MLB that season, 4th best in the AL. They also didn't start the year off with a great bullpen out of the gate -- they had Dennis Cook, Donne Wall, Mark Lukasuckwics.. But they stayed the course and went to the farm system when they needed help.. even as everyone wanted them to trade it away for guys like Alfonseca. Hopefully Minasian has the vision to avoid mistakes while looking to find quick fixes like Stoneman did. What does the 22 team need that the 02 had? A GM that stood his ground against ownership.
  22. Honest question since I don't really read most of those pages, do they discuss the stuff written here?
  23. I read it. Reminded me of Dick and Jane books. That said, go Angels sites.
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