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  1. Not really looking to get into a big argument because I don't really disagree with your main point, but I think people underestimate the importance a manager can have in the clubhouse and how that plays out over the course of 162 games. A case can be made that there isn't much of a difference between a good in game manager and a bad one, but a guy that can't control a clubhouse is death IMO.
  2. Dude was a really good manager for a really long time. His short time in the front office has been a lot less impressive. His time in AZ was brutal.
  3. First time I've said this and actually meant it.. THANKS JERRY!!!! I have a lot of respect for what LaRussa has done but I'm glad his "influence" will be gone.
  4. IF any of the teams below us with any semblance of an above average budget (like Boston), don't pick him up then it's a pretty clear we are in for a really weird offseason. I really hope the Angels see the obvious value and if he is there when they can claim him, actually do.
  5. You have to hope whoever is calling the shots currently sees how easily Hand could fit into the picture... isn't that was they paid to get Allen? Hell, claim him and then try to trade him if all you want it to add talent to the system. If we or someone below us doesn't claim him, I can see Seattle claiming him for the sole purposes of trading him. Would be a really really smart move.
  6. Personally -- they can add all the offense they want AFTER they address the pitching. My guess is there are going to be a ton of non tendered bats available.
  7. So.... Turner got pulled mid game cause he tested for Covid? Lol... 2020 in a nutshell
  8. Hmm. Good point. Could let them out in the parking lot instead.
  9. Bullshit, if they released T-Rexes in the stands during the 7th inning stretch, shit would get real.
  10. This season made me reconsider my position on a shorter season in general. They won't ever go back to 154 games because of money reasons but they could come down from 162 games and I wouldn't mind. As far as the WS goes -- first one I've watched every game of in a long ass time, in large part because they haven't had as many off day's during the post-season.. Maybe that's what I have liked (again) and not so much a shorter season. The ending the other night was an all timer, it's been a fun WS.
  11. Agree 100% and now there is also the news that now both High and Low A may be taken out.
  12. Manfred isn't even waiting for the WS to be over before starting to complain about MLB "losing" money... https://www.sportico.com/leagues/baseball/2020/mlb-debt-2020-manfred-1234615474/amp/?utm_medium=email&utm_source=exacttarget&utm_campaign=Sportico_BreakingNews&utm_content=235491_10-26-2020_headline&utm_term=8166397&__twitter_impression=true Its gonna be a crazy off-season.
  13. You know what's a real kick in the throat for their fans??? They had Mike Rizzo there from day one of the franchise until 2006 when they gave Byrnes the job over him. Rizzo went to DC, the Nationals haven't looked back.
  14. There was, but the Atlanta one was Stewart... They sent Dansby Swanson a year after taking him first overall plus Ender Enciarte for Shelby Miller who absolutely tanked. Kevin Towers also made his Upton and Chris Young for Nick Ahmed, Martin Prado, Randall Delgado and Brandon Drury deal with Atlanta.
  15. Agree 100%, but they are the ones taking the bait and allowing people to get in their heads. I still can't stand a lot of their fanbase but 2002 cured a lot of the old "hates" for me.
  16. Dodger fans are already trying to talk down the "short season, cheap WS" narratives.. It's already in THEIR heads...
  17. No idea who or what you're responding to. But imo they shouldn't be wasting "big money" on any IFers, and none at all on defensive zeroes like LaStella.
  18. Well, I can appreciate people liking Tommy LaStella, but the Angels need better defense than he is capable of. As a super cheap bat off then bench he'd be fine, but I'm guessing he's going to be looking to cash in as best he can on his offense the last two years. When push comes to shove a team that's struggled at run prevention (like the Angels), really can't roll with a defensive liability anywhere up the middle.
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