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  1. Its a definitely quirk of the stat, but again.. Probably because it first came to use as a way to gauge pitchers.
  2. You can tell which one of you has been married longer.
  3. I almost said it when I made post.... But I was going to use the crack "he's looking to avoid showing his ID in LA by putting his age on his jersey".
  4. Yeah.. it's one of those stats that needs a bigger sample, no doubt. To be fair -- we use it all the time to show bad luck and it works but we have to keep in mind it excludes HRs, I tend to count the HRs as hits and then recalculate it just to see how big of an impact the HRs are but, I don't believe it's something that is necessary -- just something I do for shits and giggles. Anyway this is actually one of the reasons why a lot of people argue it's better suited for pitchers. FWIW, I've always found the argument that HRs are NOT a luck thing for hitters while at the same time arguin
  5. BABIP = (H – HR)/(AB – K – HR + SF) Yeah -- not really a luck issue, it's a type of contact issue.. He's got 9 hits, 4 of them are HRs... It's one of the reasons why BABIP's primary usage is on the pitching front. This becomes less of an issue as the sample size grows and the BABIP "normalizes".
  6. I just get a kick out of it these days. You did the right thing. The Scout.com community was a really solid group, but the constant rebranding and reshuffling completely decimated it.
  7. That may be it, a lot of people have given up on them ever keeping a team together, finally winning in the playoffs.. I dunno what it is. But you used to be in Scout.com, A's fans have always been super reasonable, super patient. I don't think there was any fan-base that was more willing to trust the process than A's fans, and to be fair, it's likely they grew conditioned to it. People have been writing the A's off then being surprised by them for the better part of nearly three decades. Their fans have grown to accept "wait and see" as an actual thing.
  8. AW.com .... Where if you're not Mike Trout at hello you're a bust and if you're Mike Trout and you go through a rough two weeks people wonder what's wrong. Fans will be fans, most fans are very much in the moment. I think it's pretty much the same everywhere save for A's fans. All I know is that it's a good thing none of us get to make team decisions.
  9. Not sure where you see me in this analysis. but I was really vocal Adell wasn't ready last year... and for me, nothing has changed. He's the same exact guy he was when people were clamoring for him to be brought up. The one thing I will say is I'm not fond of his showboating before he's established himself, but that's just me and I always hear Jimmy Jones preaching about talking the talk and walking the walk. Marsh seems to be the new Adell and it's funny because I can recall people questioning what was wrong with him when he was in AA and the park was masking his performance.
  10. I think the Angels may be done aggressively promoting guys, there are fewer teams, less levels. They also seem to still be in the process of adding organization types.
  11. Yep.... A prospect with established skill sets and faults who made both clear in his brief time at the MLB. Only thing left for him to do is to work on the faults.
  12. There is nothing really left to analyze with Adell. He's supremely gifted, capable of doing things few others are, but he has a gaping hole in his game that could keep him from being successful. We all know what he does well, so does he, unfortunately the thing he doesn't do well is on display on a daily basis.
  13. Jeff makes a great point about keeping track of what you think were the bad decisions and the good ones and tracking how they panned out -- but whatever you do don't look up Baseball Savant's data as you do this unless you want a self induced migraine.
  14. He wants it -- but he gets in the way of getting it. And as I've said many times, he can't see the forest for the trees.
  15. Nope, not it. The guy you're responding is to talking up JD and the Mariners what Clod was the Yankees. Yeah but don't let that stop you. Be the first one on your block to get his Jarred Kelenic gear https://shop.kelenic.com/
  16. Meanwhile Nero is talking about culture taking time to change.
  17. The scouting department has not grown. Maybe that's something that happens this winter when he can sign guys who's contracts expire but they have not added to the domestic scouting dept.
  18. It doesn't matter how many scouts you have, how much you spend in analytics, or how good the information is if the guy calling the shots is going to ignore all of it and do whatever he wants
  19. That's because the stats genius once again ignored all the stats and made a move none of the numbers support. Its become laughably predictable.
  20. Turned the TV when I saw the pitching change.... Then I got the notifications on my phone. He's single handedly breaking me of my desire to watch Angels games.
  21. He's been unlucky if you look at his BaBIP (.380) and LOB% (51%), other than his K rate which has completely cratered (down from 11.4 to 6.99 this year) the rest of his peripherals are in line or slightly better than his career numbers. Looks like his FB is the issue. The velocity is in line with previous seasons but it's gone from being his most valuable pitch at 3.7 runs ABOVE value to 12.1 runs BELOW value. Looking at the data at Baseball Savant, it's the two seamer that's getting hit harder.. The sinker is actually seeing better movement than in recent years but producing the le
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