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  1. As bad as this tweet may seem -- this is pretty common at draft time every year. Going to be interesting if this gets Rosenthal'ed into something bigger.
  2. Make sure to hold up a sign that says F them next time you're at a game.
  3. Sorry did you take offense? That wasn't my intention so much as I was trying to appeal to your understanding of situations like this. But fine -- what we do doesn't matter but it seems your stated agenda of seeking a fair deal is ignoring the one sided nature of this particular situation while my "advocating" is trying to actually be fair... Sorry, but there is nothing equitable about this... That's the core of this entire BS and it's anything but a new problem. The pandemic is working out as a nifty little smokescreen for something thats been festering for a long ass time. Tell you what, I 100% agree that it doesn't appear either side is trying very hard to get a deal done, but maybe they would if both parties laid all their cards on the table.
  4. They also can't collect unemployment insurance because they are contracted employees... There is a ton of shit that MLB has gotten away with for eons and nobody has ever given a shit about.
  5. You're an atty right? Whats the old adage about not signing until you've read the fine print? Now, try imagining a situation where you're being asked to sign something and being told -- BTW, we are going to keep the fine print hidden -- just trust us. That's the world MLB players have been living in.. This isn't just about the pandemic to them, this is about the last few years and a system that they know is completely one sided.
  6. The only real question is how bad they will fuck this up.
  7. Pretty much what I said a couple weeks ago... Players aren't going to do shit unless MLB opens its books. Owners will never do it, too much to lose.
  8. Are you sure you're disagreeing with me? I mean yes I fully believe he's committed more in the last 18 months than other owners and that he'll point to that but I'm not trying to validate him. I think you're under the impression I'm making excuses for Arte, I'm not. What I am saying is that when it's Arte's turn to cry poor he's going to talk up the stadium and his recent investments in players. Not sure if you've seen my other posts on this but, I'm the guy arguing the players can't trust the owners given their history of turning profits into losses. Like I said... Are you sure you're disagreeing with me? Take it easy...
  9. I'm not trying to convince you of anything, but it's pretty obvious he's opened up his wallet more than just about any owner in MLB in the previous 18 months... To argue otherwise is foolish. 1 -- the team's value isn't realized until it's is sold or borrowed against. He's still going to have to come out of pocket or add debt in the deal with Anaheim. More importantly -- every owner in MLB has seen their values rise. 2 - I missed where the city of Anaheim signed over the deed and said it's yours. There have been a wide range of values depending on whether or not the stadium was demolished but again first he would have to PAY for the land, then he would have to sell it (or borrow against it) to realize it's value. 3 -- So, would having paid cash as you claim (he hasn't yet BTW), then mean he's out more money than owners who didn't spend the off-season buying land and a stadium -- because that was my point. 4 -- Trout actually did get an upfront payment of 20 mil Doesn't matter really... Player salaries would actually be the weakest argument Arte could make because every team has them. Lastly.... while you were busy dismissing all the reasons why Arte couldnt make a "convincing" argument for being hit harder than most did you consider that given the Angels have a top 3-5 TV deal the would theoretically be one of the teams hardest hit by the lack of baseball games? I mean, those are the sorts of revenue streams that Manfred was yapping about when he talked about the owners "losing money". I'm not in Arte's camp on this -- the owners have been turning massive profits for years -- but when they line up to lie about their costs and all they money they are losing, Arte's going to have a bigger line of BS to spew than most.
  10. Thats it in a nutshell -- those guys got paid, and now they are looking for playoff money -- both sides stand to win. MLB can't even guarantee there will be a postseason. Meanwhile the NFL can talk all it wants, it's months away from having to make any real hard decisions or deal with local governments making demands regarding social distancing. Are the CA and NY based teams going to play two hand touch or flag football? Because right now you have people throwing hissy fits when people just go out in public much less tackle each other. Baseball's season was set to begin just as the shit hit the fan -- doesn't mean Manfred or the MLBPA has handled it well but comparing their situation to leagues heading towards the post-season and one that just ended their season is an apples and oranges type thing.
  11. So, you don't think having to pony up for the land is eating into his pile of cash? If anything he's one of the owners that can argue is being hit hardest by the timing of all this. He's been investing heavily into the team and then boom.... Trout, Rendon, Stadium, ....The rona... booom!
  12. It also helps that NHL players already got their full pay for a solid 75% of their season....
  13. I loved those.... I think @Tank is a fan too...
  14. Eating chips like the rest of us... I honestly don't have the first clue how anyone has handled it. The people I have access to that would know wouldn't really divulge much were I to ask, at least not about their own teams. But if I had to guess, its probably up to individual teams how they set up workouts -- but the typical HS guy doesnt pull that sort of attention a top three rounder maybe.. Whatever teams did put in the most work with travel ball prior to the shut down's is porbably way ahead. The other thing that may have seen a spike is all those baseball academies. Makes sense that teams would maybe reach out and try to get a look at guys in some sort of controlled atmosphere. As far as close relationships and area scouts, it happens and it's a real deal. You gotta wonder how much of that has actually been able to happen THIS year, you gotta think for a lot of HS players that was something that started last year.... and that's the real issue, so long as there is no organized ball being played there is absolutely nothing for these guys to do... In essence it's like their seasons and contracts are over .. The NCAA and HS seasons have already been canceled, so again being furloughed might end up making them more money.
  15. Yep.... I get it. We will see how cheap Arte went if the draft comes and goes and they end up signing less than 40 or so players. This situation is one they should take advantage of to try to add guys ... If they dont.... Stupid. To be honest I believe Arte WILL cheap out, Claude brings up the stadium issue and I agree that it will likely be a factor. Not taking advantage this year will be like sitting on their hands after signing Baldoquin when the rules were changing.
  16. Furloughed, not fired or laid off. Speaking to a member of the Yankees front office, they tell me the Angels doing it this way may mean some of those employees end up ahead due to the in increased unemployment pay .vs forcing the 25-40% pay cuts that some teams have placed on employees across the board. It's interesting to see Rosenthal play this the way he is it only because some teams are concerned this might work in the Angels favor among some lower paid scouts.
  17. Nope... Bob Fontaine Jr. was the brains in the farm... He was running the drafts from 87 on. Thats the guy you should be praising. Bavasi was a personal favorite of Jackie Autry's who happened to have a father and brother who were good at GMing MLB teams. His best attribute while GM of the Angels was letting other people do their jobs and being universally liked. Even his biggest critics within the organization liked him. But Bavasi was 100% responsible for the rot in the organization and his unwillingness to lead allowed the Collins situation to grow completely out of hand. His resigning was the second best thing that's ever happened to this franchise.
  18. How does shit like that always happen? It really is freaky how often that will happen.
  19. The Indians of that era absolutely OWNED Percy.... Loved Percival but man did they wreck him.
  20. So, don't watch and let the people who will still enjoy it, enjoy it?
  21. Bill James wrote a book about HOFers -- one of his arguments was that players who stood out as being unique tended to make strong HOF cases -- Vlad likely fits in there.. He was for most of his prime one of the most exciting players in MLB. That's where Fin and Vlad are very different. There have been a ton of Chuck Finley types --Vlads... not so much.
  22. Finley isnt a HOFer but he was always pretty underrated, he was more consistently above average than great but he stayed at that level for a long time, kind of like a Jimmy Key, Kevin Appier type. Dude ended up in the top 30 all time for Ks, career ERA+ was better than Nolan Ryan's, a lot of people tend to be shocked at that one but it's true.. You look at Fin's career and compare it to Catfish Hunter who is a HOFer and it's hard to argue Fin wasn't the better pitcher, he just didn't play on the same caliber teams.
  23. Yeah, Manfred is there to be the mouthpiece for ownership so, it's to be expected he would lie through his teeth and claim massive losses. More likely than not he's talking about monies not earned as "losses", if they were actual losses then you'd actually see ownership be willing to share their books for the first time ever. Gonna be super neat for any of the teams sold in the last few years when they work those depreciation figures to account for those 2020 losses. Not making 7 billion doesn't meant 4 billion in losses.