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  1. He's been unlucky if you look at his BaBIP (.380) and LOB% (51%), other than his K rate which has completely cratered (down from 11.4 to 6.99 this year) the rest of his peripherals are in line or slightly better than his career numbers. Looks like his FB is the issue. The velocity is in line with previous seasons but it's gone from being his most valuable pitch at 3.7 runs ABOVE value to 12.1 runs BELOW value. Looking at the data at Baseball Savant, it's the two seamer that's getting hit harder.. The sinker is actually seeing better movement than in recent years but producing the le
  2. The Angels also had insurance on the first three years of his contract, they ended up making money off the contract after they collected insurance and then Disney took their devaluation. He didn't live up to the hype but compared to the other Angels big name buys he was a massive success and yeah, trading him brought a pretty vital part of that 2002 WS team.
  3. Statcast ProjectionsMinor LeaguesRegular MLB Seasons Season Team Level Events EV maxEV LA Barrels Barrel% HardHit HardHit% ERA xERA 2016 BAL MLB 322 87.5 108.2 17.1 17 5.3% 100
  4. That was actually filmed over a two-day period.
  5. Hasnt even suited up and already the butt of jokes. Thats no way to treat a first ballot HOFer. I hope Pedro and Papi don't hear about this.
  6. And just like that...... The Albert signing is once again a source of joy for Angels fans.
  7. After spending 5 years claiming he wasn't and that the Angels were fools for continuing to play him.
  8. The return of tandem starters -- this is both an indication of changing times (teams limiting times through the lineup) and the team actively trying to determine which guys need to be moved to RP roles which is very old school. The Angels did this at the lower levels under Stoneman, it's nothing new but for whatever reasons they got away from it when JD showed up. Really one of the best things happening early on.
  9. Look at his face, he already knows who he is going to punch.
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