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  1. We refer to that as the east wing of our estate.
  2. incredibly sad to see what a mess it's become. even sadder to realize it's only going to get worse as no one in a position of power or influence seems bothered enough to do anything to change what it has become. you couldn't pay me to go there for a visit. if you were a store manager, why would you keep re-ordering supplies?
  3. holy smoke. mom must not have a very firm grasp on what an "F" in a class means. if she couldn't show up for a parent-teacher conference, that's on her. what was she doing to help her son? sounds like nothing much at all. i hope the school tried to help this kid somehow in some way, but if they only made one attempt in four years for a conference, that's pretty careless on their part. it also speaks to the culture of the school that this kid finished that high in his graduating class. what a mess. i'm also guessing that the 58 students who finished below him had an awful lot of simil
  4. anyone else concerned about texas lifting it's mask mandate and opening up everything the same week that they released over 100 mexicans who tested positive for the virus but were sent on their way into the interior of the state?
  5. i completely forgot the game was on and missed seeing ohtani pitch. watched the highlights and am really pleased. we sure could use effective pitching and good health from him this year.
  6. the maid and butler in the south wing of my house think this is a wonderful idea. the maid and butler in the north wing of my house think it's overkill. the chef was too busy preparing a wonderful winter salad to really weigh in on this. and i refuse to show it to the chauffer. he's kind of a snob.
  7. i've given up on trying to understand the whole binary/non-binary stupidity.
  8. why does his running look so weird as he rolls into third?
  9. which will happen first? A. odorizzi signs with someone/anyone B. the angels hire a replacement for victor rojas
  10. no, what a goofy question. i knit them myself, just like everyone else.
  11. he literally has junk in his trunk just like JLo.
  12. @Blarg stay clear away from this one, buddy.
  13. i'm concerned with how bitter you seem to have become. how can i help? maybe you need a pumpkin beer.
  14. it might. it depends on how many beers @ELEVEN buys you.
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