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  1. The biggest setback to character development in movie is that it is predetermined that none of the hero characters will survive to see Ep 4. Furthermore, to utilize old characters such as Tarkin and 1977 hot Leia, the events of Rogue One had to occur as close to the opening sequence of Ep 4 as possible. From a story-telling perspective, this movie would have done better to have chronicled a struggle somewhere undetermined between Eps 3 and 4 where you could potentially have an open ending to the lives of some heros, and you wouldn't need to kill everyone off. Ahsoka Tano was a p
  2. Now that I think about it, the timing actually works out. Originally I thought there was no way those two could have both escaped Jedha and also had time to get to Tatooine and catch the group at the cantina. On second thought, the whole opening half hour of Episode 4 is that period between Leia receiving the plans and Luke finding Obi Wan and heading to Mos Eisley. That is easily several days or even weeks.
  3. I thought the blending of the new-school CGI/costumes/props with the original trilogy costumes and set models was nice. I noticed a scene, towards the middle of the film, of ships in space that were definitely models, but only subtley noticeable. The subtle blending of Ep 3+ and Ep 4 (movies made 28 years apart) is what made Rogue One so enjoyable. *spoiler complaint below* The throw-in cameos of Ponda Baba and his ugly human friend seemed forced considering they would have needed to escape Jedda before the battle, and then go straight to Tatooine to b
  4. I will be at the BC today. No idea what I'll be betting, but I am sure it will be fun.
  5. How you get so rude and reckless?Don't you be so crude and fecklessYou been drinking brew for breakfastRudie can't fail
  6. Was at Del Mar yesterday, place was packed. The buzz and anticipation leading up to Chrome's race was electric. I was down at ground level, and the press of people up to the rail and building noise was awesome as Chrome entered the last turn. I'm a casual horse guy, but that was a hell of a time to be there in person. Like attending your first playoff hockey game.
  7. Any idea how to check which lodge is the correct one for your area? For me, the one in Garden Grove is the closest, but it's a shithole compared to Orange.
  8. I got kicked out of the Orange lodge during the street fair a year or two ago. We got let up into the upper level with the nice bar where all the legit members get to hang while the peasants are only allowed in the ballroom. Needless to say we got drunk(er) and rowdy and were asked to leave. "OH YEAH?? FINE THEN!!! WE'VE BEEN KICKED OUT OF NICER BARS THAN THIS!!"
  9. Forecast for this afternoon says 113 and windy in Fontana. Milk was a bad choice.
  10. My Chase Sapphire card points have already earned me $400 in free airfare. Not seeing what the big deal is over blackout dates, unless Chase points don't carry those types of restrictions. Two tickets from Pula, Croatia to Copenhagen, in the middle of July, for free. Not bad. Extra points on travel and food, plus no foreign transaction fees, is the heat.
  11. I've recently opted to buy my own modem/router combo rather than continue leasing one from my cable company (Time Warner). Are there settings on the modem/router to be manipulated so that it consistently delivers peak performance? The combo unit I've ended up with is a Netgear AC1750 (Model C6300) http://www.netgear.com/home/products/networking/cable-modems-routers/C6300.aspx?cid=gwmng#tab-techspecs
  12. Yes. Like wicked said, its the tits. I leave in a month from now to go back. See everything, especially along the coast. You won't be disappointed.
  13. Gentlemen, I emplore you. Live for excess. I myself have fifteen Lamborghinis, and one Subaru station wagon. Wendy's Baconator..... EXTRA bacon!
  14. He left to join up with Dirty Mike and the Boys
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