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  1. For legal reasons it actually does make a difference. My company employs many engineers and geologists with college degrees in their particular field. A fraction of those folks have put forth the effort to study and sit for the PE or PG exams (Professional Engineer or Professional Geologist). Each state has their own exams and your license may not be recognized in the state in which you are working. For example, my buddy has a New York PE, but California does not recognize it so he cannot stamp plans or reports. California is widely considered to have the most stringent standards, so a CA-PE or especially a CA-PG are accepted everywhere. I have a BS in geology, and I could even have an MS or PhD, but my opinion means nothing in court because I do not have a PG.
  2. WeCleanOC Found them on Yelp; haven't been disappointed. $250-ish for the initial deep cleaning, $130 for one cleaning a month for 1400 sqft keeps things in good shape. Though I think they have multiple crews, my cleaning crew happens to be a very nice Polish couple.
  3. As a follow-up to this, I went with a company I found on Yelp called Socal Tankless: https://www.yelp.com/biz/socal-tankless-san-juan-capistrano-2?uid=9PBXG8v-Rb5HpozrAyecyA&utm_source=ishare&utm_medium=s_nb_ii_g Initial contact, estimate, and install all within a week. Highly recommended.
  4. My gf works at a public charter, though there are plenty of the private variety as well. Hers focuses on a school of thought called Waldorf education. It is a more hands-on approach to learning which eschews exposure to digital media in favor of physical/verbal instruction and social interaction. STEM courses, specifically science and math, are taught more conceptually at younger ages without an intense focus on flash card type memorization. There is also a sound emphasis on art and music. Some of the school philosophy is hippy-dippy, and it attracts some of the granola crowd, but the kids seem to get a lot out of it and are socially well-adjusted. There seems to be a lot of variation in the curriculum that charter schools currently offer. The public charters are still required to participate in standardized testing because they receive government funding, and that can shape the way they teach, but not all of the charters work the same way.
  5. For split pea soup, I use this recipe and add the bone and whatever leftover meat is on the rump of a ham. It comes out fantastic and requires practically zero prep. http://www.chowhound.com/recipes/slow-cooker-split-pea-soup-29348 Today I am trying a new recipe that I saw awhile back, something called Mississippi Roast. http://cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/1017937-mississippi-roast As a bonus, I tried browning the chuck roast in a many-decades old cast iron skillet for the first time. Worked great, much better than using a heavy bottomed stainless pan.
  6. No booze for at least the month of January. Did this in two separate months last year and felt much better for it. My goal is to walk 100 miles by the end of this month. I average 3.25 each evening walking the dog so as long as I stay on the straight and righteous path I can conceivably make it happen.
  7. I have my current @Tanked version in the garage with a 1" black iron gas line feeding it. The garage is currently bare studs so whatever modifications need to be made will be easy to access. I rarely run out of hot water as it is in my 1400 sqft 2 story condo with 2 inhabitants, and water comes hot out of the closest and furthest taps without much difference in timing between the two. What I really need most isn't capacity or speed, but space savings. It looks like I will start seriously considering a @Tankless version. Thanks gents.
  8. Any opinions on these? I am considering preemptively replacing my older water heater for a tankless version. What does one look for in specifications?
  9. $60/hr after taxes = $80/hr pre tax = $160k annual salary that you can presumably set your own hours for. Seems worth it.
  10. The biggest setback to character development in movie is that it is predetermined that none of the hero characters will survive to see Ep 4. Furthermore, to utilize old characters such as Tarkin and 1977 hot Leia, the events of Rogue One had to occur as close to the opening sequence of Ep 4 as possible. From a story-telling perspective, this movie would have done better to have chronicled a struggle somewhere undetermined between Eps 3 and 4 where you could potentially have an open ending to the lives of some heros, and you wouldn't need to kill everyone off. Ahsoka Tano was a popular takeaway from The Clone Wars in part because her fate is undetermined.
  11. Now that I think about it, the timing actually works out. Originally I thought there was no way those two could have both escaped Jedha and also had time to get to Tatooine and catch the group at the cantina. On second thought, the whole opening half hour of Episode 4 is that period between Leia receiving the plans and Luke finding Obi Wan and heading to Mos Eisley. That is easily several days or even weeks.
  12. I thought the blending of the new-school CGI/costumes/props with the original trilogy costumes and set models was nice. I noticed a scene, towards the middle of the film, of ships in space that were definitely models, but only subtley noticeable. The subtle blending of Ep 3+ and Ep 4 (movies made 28 years apart) is what made Rogue One so enjoyable. *spoiler complaint below* The throw-in cameos of Ponda Baba and his ugly human friend seemed forced considering they would have needed to escape Jedda before the battle, and then go straight to Tatooine to be at the cantina when Luke and Obi Wan arrive.
  13. I will be at the BC today. No idea what I'll be betting, but I am sure it will be fun.
  14. How you get so rude and reckless?Don't you be so crude and fecklessYou been drinking brew for breakfastRudie can't fail