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  1. Just another example of name power taking precedence over building a winning TEAM.
  2. One of, if not the biggest, problem with Arte's ownership. He values "Star" power above all else. Having a big name draw has always been his priority, Having a viable MLB TEAM is beyond his scope of understanding. Many of us have railed and screamed about this for years. I dont see any hope of it changing as long as Artie is the owner. Many long time fans have given up and moved on.
  3. This thread makes me remember why don't post here much anymore.. the same dick heads posting the same shit.. That and the fact that the Angels suck year after year, and have ownership and a front office who can't seem to figure out how to get any better. The ball club is unwatchable, and the chat forum is unreadable... Sigh..
  4. MLB front office should be strongly encouraging him to get out of baseball
  5. Look at the crappy team he's been throwing out there year after year after year.. Look at his many atrocious big name signings.. Arte has done nothing to prove himself a good owner of this franchise.. He should be run out of town
  6. Netflix...and one of my favorite shows of the past few years. Very well done.
  7. watching the entire series a second time...with someone who hadn't seen it. She loves it...and I'm finding it just as good the second time around.
  8. Just spent a week in Whitefish, Montana. Few masks seen over there. Restaurants and bars all open with no sign of social distancing. Swam in the lodge pool..soaked in the hot tub...got a massage.. It was soooo nice.
  9. Snow skus. I'm so over winter weather. My plan right now is to spend next winter in South America...if the pandemic lets me. Undergoing the vaccine regimen right now ( no fun) but know I will need it in order to travel internationaly.
  10. The douche brothers are sitting 1-2. Lou must be ecstatic..
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