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  1. He likes playing in big empty stadiums? Probably a dream of many Japanese players.
  2. Binged that whole series the past few days. I agree with you. Was bummed out last night when I watched the last episode ...mostly because I didn't know that there were only 8 episodes in the new season. "Monk" is excellent as her father. Going to go look up "The Good Place"
  3. Biggest Loser: Los Angeles Angels 5 OF 6 Shohei OhtaniCarlos Osorio/Associated Press It's a tough time to be a Los Angeles Angels fan. This was the offseason they were finally going to bolster the roster enough to build a contender around superstar Mike Trout. This was the winter they were finally going to address the longstanding need for starting pitching help. Now what? (from bleacher report) https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2866470-winners-and-losers-of-gerrit-coles-signing-with-the-new-york-yankees#slide5
  4. Wheeler was my choice and my prediction to be an Angel at the start of the off season. When we couldn't snatch him up I felt this was probably going to be another feeble winter with Arte and the gang "trying" and not getting it done. Been a familiar theme in Haloland for a long time. Time to search BBR to find a Vernon Wells clone..
  5. Since the Cubs are competing now, and are looking for more balance in the lineup, I'm assuming they will want at least one ML ready guy in any package for Willson. Would any of these guys fit that bill?
  6. I'm wondering if the fact this team had a starter die from an OD, and the origination being under investigation, is going to turn possible FA's away from coming here. Will that make players think twice, even if the money is comparable? That, and the long playoff drought, have to enter the minds of top players considering signing with this organization.
  7. The Irishman (netflix) Pesci, DeNiro, Pacino. The movie itself was OK...Maybe a C+..but what struck me was the fact that all the main characters in the real story, were portrayed by actors that were 20 years older than they were at the time. Hoffa was 62 when he disappeared and Pacino is nearly 80 (and he looks even older than that) I had a hard time with the whole movie because of it.
  8. Cant believe UNI wasn't the heavy favorite in the mile..guess people didnt see this race.. (she's the 4 here)
  9. I didnt cash a ticket on Friday, so I didnt dare give out any "picks" ...luckily i only caught the last 3 races and was playing conservatively while trying to knock off the rust. I wasn't going to play at all Saturday but my GF had to work so I figured WTF , I'll try one race..wound up hitting 3 in a row and had enough to play some verticals and hit them too..
  10. I started with $20 today..my final balance is $606.75...along with a few trifectas..I hit a pick 3 and the late pick 4. Vino Rosso, Blue Prize and Mitole were my key picks of the day