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  1. Cant believe UNI wasn't the heavy favorite in the mile..guess people didnt see this race.. (she's the 4 here)
  2. I didnt cash a ticket on Friday, so I didnt dare give out any "picks" ...luckily i only caught the last 3 races and was playing conservatively while trying to knock off the rust. I wasn't going to play at all Saturday but my GF had to work so I figured WTF , I'll try one race..wound up hitting 3 in a row and had enough to play some verticals and hit them too..
  3. I started with $20 today..my final balance is $606.75...along with a few trifectas..I hit a pick 3 and the late pick 4. Vino Rosso, Blue Prize and Mitole were my key picks of the day
  4. Up 266 and alive in the P4 to the 6-8-10-11
  5. If I knew I was going to get this old....I would have taken better care of myself!
  6. It's going to happen someday..a guy starting a "bullpen" game throws a complete game...probably not today.
  7. I just turned 65 last week and am cranky as hell.. But I like the new ideas...gonna be a hard game to manage and to those people that say managers make no difference...PFFFFTTTTTTTT!
  8. This is just something that is so new to most of us..a different way of thinking and using your assets. I dont see it as weakness at all... a big adjustment for those of us that have been baseball fans for many years. Nothing "pathetic" about it..