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  1. The douche brothers are sitting 1-2. Lou must be ecstatic..
  2. Well...I didn't pick DJ or Lefty..so there's that.... and far as I know there's no extra points awarded for daring, unconventional, or bold picks
  3. Hey! I made those picks before the thing started...you guys can all look at my Fantasy picks..
  4. JT for the win.. Rahm, Xman, in close pursuit Tony Finau as the sleeper.
  5. White Sox are impressive...talk about an offense that can rake.
  6. WTF? It's just another Tourney..I think it's confusing and unnecessary
  7. This fanless horseracing has been pretty brutal for me..I've been the kiss of death to anything I've bet in the last month +. Today was no exception. Authentic (the speed) was a no-brainer toss for me. Thought Honor AP and Thousand Words would be the upsetters ...along with Enforceable. Thousand Words scratched in the paddock...and BB's assistant trainer broke his arm while he was at it..and the others all finished out of the money. Just a microcosm of my past few weeks. I thought I had the P4 nailed down pretty well. I had 1 of the 4 winners. I'm walking funny.. Done for a while ...t
  8. I dropped your name, hope that was OK..
  9. forgot about this thread....here is something cool I saw yesterday.
  10. I liked the time they spent with Doug Rader talking about Jim..he seems like a pretty cool dude these days, someone that would be fun to have a beer with.
  11. Set Apart: The Jim Abbott Story So I notice on MLB.TV that because of the pandemic they have a new section of "premium" content, and decided to look through and see if anything interests me... and I find this gem. I was at his debut game at the Big A. Met Jim in 1999 when he and Boras came into the bar I was working at in NB and had a beer. I had never seen this and it was pretty emotional for me...not sure where else it's available but it IS on MLB.TV preview here.. https://www.amazon.com/vdp/974fcba8d7a4408a8a59c50fad95da69
  12. Minor league hard throwing funky angle TJ candidate...nice...I love Eppler.
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