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  1. My SO is a registered psychotherapist/metal health councilor.. once we got a system for tele-health figured out and set up, she has become super busy with a growing waiting list. Lots of fear and anxiety around this pandemic.
  2. this is what happens when you have a compete fucking moron leading the country and a whole bunch of complete morons who will blindly follow along. Th blind leading the blind in real life.
  3. yeah...my ratings tend to skew in relation to how much they are OK with the S.O. We've been watching the first 3 seasons of Fargo and she's started getting annoyed by the violence by season 3. Still..I'm totally looking forward to the new season.. which is coming soon.
  4. hope these motherfuckers get prison time...and I had Shekky Shebaz this weekend who probably wasn't doped this time because the heat was on..I want my money back. https://www.horseracingnation.com/news/Records_Indicted_trainers_Servis_Navarro_were_in_on_it_together_123
  5. Pretty Awesome there GB. Played on a few races yesterday including the Tampa Bay Derby lost my ass and didnt cash a ticket..was alive to a good P3 @ SA to recoup my losses and got beat at the wire by the chalk. Nice to read a story of success while licking my wounds. Congrats..
  6. Classic AW thread now...you guys never seldom disappoint.
  7. My Bad.. TBH I was short on time and made the mistake of checking the Griffin Canning thread looking for Griffin Canning information...I know I have been around here long enough not to make that error but there it is..
  8. there are mods here?? With the new season coming up there will be new people checking out this MB ..they wont stay long if all they find is this crap.
  9. So I come here for an update on Canning , click on the last page for the latest info and there's hardly a mention of Canning to be found. There are hundreds of other places on this website for you little girls to play and bitch-fest on why not try to keep it there?