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  1. Moreno is 73 years old. He wants a championship before he drops dead
  2. Maybe Arte and Joe Maddon are gay lovers
  3. They probably fired Ausmus to bring Scioscia back
  4. It might be helpful to use some qualifiers here. CA PUBLIC teacher = overpaid CA private teacher = probably underpaid Elsewhere = probably a toss up
  5. Hardly. Stradling can't seem to figure out that causes of death being made public are necessary for compiling public health data. We wouldn't otherwise know what causes people to die. They also make it public for life insurance verification purposes, but hey, we can't force Stradling to listen.
  6. I already explained to you, months ago, why this information is a public record.
  7. I'm going to ask an uncomfortable question. Flame me all you want. Did the family hire Rusty Hardin because the autopsy report, at face value, compromises their payouts from life insurance and/or pensions? Kind of weird IMHO to immediately hire a sleazy trial lawyer to point the finger at the Angels. I'm wondering if this is a tactic to ensure they get paid when they otherwise wouldn't be entitled to much?
  8. Let's think about this. Wouldn't it make sense the "Angels employee" is actually the team doctor, who prescribed him oxycodone for pain at some point? I'm not suggesting the doc gave him fentanyl, or truckloads of oxy. But all a trial lawyer needs is one pill bottle to point the finger at the Angels and say, look, look, the Angels helped kill him.
  9. I went to the Orange County pound on Saturday looking for a dog to adopt. Nothing but piece of shit pitbull LOSERS waiting to be adopted!
  10. I know OJ Simpson... ...from television
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