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  1. The problem with this statement is that Chuck's response was not to simply a differing opinion but to an unfounded accusation. It was the imputation of sexism where literally no demonstrable sexism was stated. Differing opinions fine...uncharitable unfounded accusations are lame and a real part of the problem with our cultural discourse.
  2. Finally got around to reading the SI article that Torres cites. https://www.si.com/mlb/2019/02/19/trevor-bauer-cleveland-indians-training-tools-twitter-controversy-cy-young Seems to me like Bauer has the potential to be a pretty divisive character. Also interesting that his greatest supporter in AZ was Dipoto. I'd be happy if they stayed away from him.
  3. Dude is just so sick and so clutch. And this is just from the postseason. So stoked to finally have a third baseman again.
  4. I was on a business trip to Philly of all places and woke up to the news! The day before I had been getting grief from colleagues in Philly who were telling me it was just a matter of time before Trout was gone. As you can imagine I was glowing the rest of the week and gently rubbing it in their faces.
  5. I see David Eckstein not Altuve. But heck I’ll take Eckstein.
  6. Hadn’t seen this posted, wonder what they would cost. https://www.cbssports.com/mlb/news/mlb-rumors-phillies-mind-set-entering-bryce-harper-meeting-two-teams-after-moustakas/
  7. Stanton would be a step in the wrong direction IMHO. Adding Stanton may likely inhibit our ability to extend Trout, and the benefit of adding Stanton is not as great as the benefit of filling the holes at 2b, 3b, and solidifying the farm. I would much rather have a more well rounded team. With Stanton you get a great player but not great value.
  8. I haven't really understood why this rumor persists. In his 60 minutes interview with Morosi (find it on youtube), Ohtani says pretty explicitly that Darvish has had a huge influence on him and that he would enjoy playing with him. He also makes it clear that he'd enjoy playing on different teams too because he'd like to be able to face him. Not sure I buy this prevailing rumor.
  9. I'd say package pitching and prospects for Hernandez, sign Moustakas, maybe pick up a relief pitcher and call it an offseason. That would be one crazy offseason.
  10. UNBELIEVABLE! And gives Eppler so much freedom to do more! This could end up being our greatest offseason ever.
  11. An oblique reference to Tora! Tora! Tora! No?
  12. Maybe it's like in real estate when a call goes out for a "best and final offer" with a time window for all parties bidding.
  13. I don't think I like this rule change. I'm not sure how tight the reigns will be (since it seems that the rule has not yet been drafted), but I can't see how over the course of time this will not necessarily produce timidity in the running game, give a major advantage to the catcher, and change the decision making process at third base. It's called protecting the plate for a reason.
  14. It felt a bit like a playoff game. The bullpen was just gritty. While our offense seemed determined not to win the bullpen guys seemed more determined not to lose.
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