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  1. Interestingly, The U.S. is the largest Tax haven in the world for foreign investors with Reno Nv. being a key spot. I cannot remember if Reno is mentioned in this particular link but Reno always seems to come up. The United States does not tax non-resident aliens for most interest income or dividend income derived from the United States. I'm going to guess big time banking CEOs and the wealthiest Internationalists won't be on any Panama Papers list. I hope I am wrong. http://www.taxhavenusa.com
  2. Yeah that's because false flags just never happen. Go read about Operation Gladio post WW2. Even the propaganda to start the Viet Nam War was started with a false flag. ISIS is one big false flag but Fox CNN and MSNBC say otherwise so everyone should believe that.
  3. How long can people accept incompetency as the excuse. Order out of chaos. Intell agencies know what they are doing and are backed by big money, not our government. This has been the pattern for and since 9/11. Why do so many Americans cowardly accept lies despite all the chronic lies of the past?
  4. The Telegraph's job is to program people's perspective, just like CNN and the other few infamous bread and circus shows. It's disgusting. Our discernment skills have been molded by mainstream news with VNR's "Videos news releases' that have nothing to do with real news. It 's called TV programming for a reason. I don't think good folk realize just how deep satan has gripped it's talons into the into the people that present to us our "rigged reality". ISIS was created by the west and the US is A country under attack by the synagogue of Satan.
  5. IMO, every time these people lower the bar, the gauge that represents the average American IQ, especially discernment skills drops, simply by observing and absorbing this useless circus.
  6. I have lost my confidence in the voting process; I know, surprise! There is past evidence of vote tampering in at least the key states and the media drags the politically less educated voters by the nose using saturation coverage of the candidates in the news that the PTB want selected. I prefer a "write in"; I simply cannot vote for the "evil of two lessers". Until candidates acquire the balls to challenge the Banking establishments that are the majority stockholders in the Federal Reserve, nothing will change. Unfortunately, IMO, it has been set up perfectly for Hillary will win.
  7. I have always seen and heard evil in Madwoman Albright. Given the Weapons of mass destruction buffoonery, her answer in this 24 second clip regarding the alleged dying of 500,000 Iraqi children can only be described as evil, especially knowing the ammo contained Depleted Uranium. IMO, some people that have ended up in places of power with her type of thinking have spiritually infected souls resulting in psychopathic thinking and decisions.
  8. The country is trying to get back to normalcy after they were illegally bombed back into the stone age.
  9. Marco Rubio just shows up when "he feels his vote will be a deciding factor". Another worthless sack of sh$t most likely completely compromised and controlled by corporate means.
  10. Well, there's also the fact that Jeb has got that retarted cross eyed look(not sure if that has been brought up before). Yes, smarter than his bro but looking retarded isn't doing him any favors. As Geoff implied, there all a collection of ass clowns.
  11. Maybe Jeb has figured out he's not on the big boy or big girl list of candidates that have a chance of being selected President by the real owners of the country and is just there for show. IMO, Trump will never be a US Prez. The dude is window dressing(not his hair of course) to give the appearance that we have a choice. Jeb's just not the best Prez for the Military Industrial Complex criminals and WWIII.
  12. Marine, Ken O'keefe talks truth. I don't believe it was a hoax for 1 second as the video titlle says, HOWEVER, what this man says is 100% truth and many folks need to wake to this.
  13. Don't care for the Koc's either but I agree about the absurd 2 year presidential campaign. Something wrong with that, whether it be distraction or whatever it is, it's by design, IMO. As you know AO I am very upset with mainstream reporting. Nobody digs into stories anymore, speculating on news story details before investigations and lazily acquiring State Dept Data for news which IMO cannot always be trusted with some being considered propaganda against countries that prefer not to do business with the west. Since only a few large media corporations exist now, power has been consolidated as we all know and this without question changes the dynamics of Journalism creating more ambiguity in a way that at times you have to dig for the truth yourself.
  14. I didn't count but I think we passed it. I wish I had a basement. Not many in So Cal.
  15. So Obama @ the 30 second mark Obama states "make no mistake (Climate Change) will impact how our military defends our country". He sounds so confident yet seems exaggerated. In May 2014 the Fench Forieign Minister in Wash DC with John Kerry said, we "have 500 days to avoid "climate chaos". WTF, is an asteroid or the winged disk Nibiru going to wiz past and create cataclysmic events? J/K http://www.weeklystandard.com/blogs/french-foreign-minister-500-days-avoid-climate-chaos_792736.html
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