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  1. Where is the Angels' self-appointed Baghdad Bob / unofficial spokesperson / Sosh nutswinger?
  2. Ep has won me over. Hopefully, Arte does the same.
  3. Another former Halo hate-hitting Scioscia.
  4. If GR stays, the Angels chances of keeping Trout goes up 1.8% because they and their wives are best buds.
  5. Exercise is only 10% of the formula to keeping trim. 90% of it is calorie intake. Pujols has lost all self-control.
  6. IMO, the negative reactions will only inflame discussions and is quite childish. You asked the board about doing something similar a while back and it was resoundingly knocked.
  7. lol wha? Talk about hand wringing to make a point that isn't there. Jesus. P.S. anyone who uses the new "reaction" list beyond a "like" is a 12yo girl.
  8. Why mischaracterize what he said? He didn't say that at all. If you're going to give him shit about his act then fine but don't twist what is clearly stated otherwise.
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