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  1. From my conversations it appears godly white men definitely approve
  2. I'd say 7/2 is a realistic shot. Still don't see how Trump is any better than Hillary. Every criticism of HC can be applied to Trump. The same can not be said the other way around
  3. They acknowledge I'm brighter than them. As far as the biggest trump supporters on my crew, I bang their wives/girlfriends in my spare time. And they thank me for it.
  4. The conservative thought process. Every rational part of me says this guy is exposing the base republicans created. I honestly didn't think it would work and doubt Trump thought it would actually work. At some point people should say "He's clearly taking advantage of us right now and will continue to take advantage of us in the future". Bernie Sanders didn't have the greatest plans in the world, but I'll take 100-200k/yr politician over a billionaire. The billionaire most definitely screwed more people along the way than a politician fighting for what he genuinely believes. Right o
  5. See right there. Conservatives think Donald Trump is a step up from politicians. He's apparently more honest, less greedy, and cares about the american people. Even though he's spent his entire life lying and leveraging to get his way screwing the little guy all the way. I'm shocked conservatives are this stupid. I was raised on small government and family values. Trumps neither of those things.
  6. In a lot of ways I like Trump. I'm surprised Republicans elected someone who's clearly boosting his own brand, I say some mean shit but I gave cons more credit than that. So did Trump, who probably never dreamed he'd be elected and only intended to get his name in the paper. He's probably drinking champagne right now thinking "They're dumber than I thought" The national election should be a landslide.
  7. I'd sacrifice my job for that….
  8. Oh like Trump didn't know a klan rally in the south side would turn ugly. I say bull****
  9. 250? Daaaaaaammmmmmnnnnnnn. I've worked out of town for as long as 3-4 months and more than make ends meet with a modest per diem. It's a huge perk to a hard job. I couldn't imagine a big city like waikiki, san francisco, etc. on 250/day… But Trump has gone well beyond the dog whistle and the silent majority. His rallies have resembled white trash raves for a while, I'm not surprised violence is breaking out now. Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.
  10. And their position on operation keep darky down.
  11. Anyone else hear this "High end bird hunting" place is really a brothel? Scalia going out Odom style? I choose to believe this conspiracy theory.
  12. I think history clearly indicates everything Cals said. Scalia was a prick and America won't miss him.
  13. Of course, he's not a slave. Still not a positive career move. If he's passionate enough to quit he probably liked being a GM and still wants to be one somewhere else. If he has come to the conclusion he doesn't want prominent front office role than fine, tell your critics to kiss your *** you're done working to make them look good.
  14. We'll find out if any MLB organizations disagree…
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