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  1. Trump is a bunker boy piece of shit. Now please ban me from this place.
  2. This is pretty amazing: Some excellent replies.
  3. And why the F*ck are the old coots hating on avocados?
  4. As a gen x-er, I'd love napping areas at every place I go.
  5. Do you spend all day on Reddit and AW?
  6. If it's said on AW, it must be true. All those economists labeling poverty a cycle, what a bunch of jackasses.
  7. Kamala Harris has introduced a bill decriminalizing marijuana. I wonder what had changed between now and her time as AG... Oh right.
  8. I'm sure nobody does since it's first taught in high school.
  9. Popular vote should be used if a candidate reaches 50% +1. Electoral college should be used otherwise.
  10. Believe it or not, taco bell accepts cash as payment. It's absolutely bonkers when you think about it.
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