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  1. 1 of 57. And I only marked banana bread because my wife made it, and I ate some of it. seeing how close in score I am to @angelinkc, it is my mission this evening to find the first random dong in a 10 mile radius and shove it up my cornhole. To widen the gap, if you must (double entendre intended)
  2. Appears so. Or putting out the feelers at a minimum.
  3. Nah. Pretty sure there was some back pedaling that went on today. Look on the bright side... At least you didn’t create a separate thread for it to be bumped at a later date.
  4. C’mon. Why should that post get any less ridicule than pizzagate, infowars, or Qanon posts? It’s all complete idiocy.
  5. I pretty much agree with this guy. She was a bit of a c*nt. Not what she did to the Clintons, but how she repeatedly badmouthed Lewinsky over the years after basically ruining her life. Not a huge loss for mankind here.
  6. Cy Young Zito though, and not SF Giants Zito.
  7. It was sometime in junior high. Allegedly.
  8. A girl I dated briefly In HS had an ex-boyfriend who supposedly once kissed Alyssa Milano before she was famous. So, ipso facto, I basically hooked up with Alyssa Milano.