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  1. LAPD is going to bring the hammer down on this guy. A whole month of desk duty.
  2. Neanderthal sighting in Utah:
  3. Wasn’t Tom P’s initial post a pic of some chick with ginormous mammaries?
  4. Since it’s connected to Liberty U, wouldn’t it technically be an “indoctrination tank.”
  5. Awesome! I’m sure my dad has also purchased this book and has it dog eared and highlighted with post it notes. Don Jr is apparently Thomas Paine for MAGAs.
  6. Unfortunately there isn’t a single republican on this board to receive this message. Not one.
  7. We had a Toastmasters club with my former company. Highly recommend it if public speaking is not your forte.
  8. No, but I'm cool with them taking it from Houston and awarding it to the Giants just because fuck the Dodgers.