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  1. The Angels went into the offseason needing an ace pitcher. They knew this and knew it was going to cost a fortune and still lost out on both of them. It doesn’t surprise me though. The Angels haven’t been relevant in over a decade. And a lot of it has been mismanagement from the front office. We shouldn’t have been in this position of desperation in the first place.
  2. The Inside the Episode made it seem like they were dead. With one episode left, there’s really no reason for them to still be alive. It seems a lot of people are complaining because things aren’t happening the way they thought they would. People loved this show for being unpredictable...and now they’re mad because the show is being unpredictable.
  3. You're all right about this. I see a lot of comments on other boards about her and I think to myself, didn't any of these people watch the previous seasons? Daenerys has shown in almost every season that she can make some pretty ruthless decisions. She's not all there in the head. If it wasn't for her advisers along the way talking her out of some things, she would have done some pretty horrific things in the show already. Now she doesn't have any advisers to talk her off the ledge and look what happens. Also...
  4. What do you mean more powerful/accurate than the Night King? Night King killed a dragon with a single spear.
  5. The Dothraki charging in like that I think was their tactic. That's how the Dothraki fight and have always fought. They're strongest on their horses and when they're running at full speed. I think the plan was for the Dothraki to charge in and try and cut down as many White Walkers as they could and thin the numbers. I wouldn't be shocked if they overestimated the power of the Dothraki and figued they might eliminate the majority of the White Walker army, leaving the Dragons and Unsullied to clean up the rest. Daenerys and Jon watching from the cliff kind of showed that was the plan all along because Daenerys abandoned it pretty quick when she saw the Dothraki getting slaughtered. I was ok with Arya getting the killshot. Everyone seems to be all up in arms about the fact there wasn't some epic showdown between the Night King and Jon Snow. But I think Arya killing him was the perfect person to do it. She was the most equipped person to do it at least. It made all her training at the House of Black and White mean something. I think Jaqen knew what he was training her for.
  6. That’s strictly a football stadium anyway. Kroenke has plenty of space there to build a separate baseball stadium. Then there’s the land in Carson that they were going to put the Raiders/Chargers stadium on. Im sure the Angels have been doing some searching the last couple years and are better prepared with leverage this time.
  7. I’m wondering if the Angels have been talking to Kroenke and they feel comfortable enough with those conversations that they’re willing to go to battle with Anaheim again with more leverage. Unfortunately I don’t think Anaheim cares.
  8. If you go down Melrose, I'd recommend Mario's. It's a mile or so from all the shops and night life on Melrose, but it's definitely worth trying. Parking sucks here though unless you go after 7pm. https://www.yelp.com/biz/marios-peruvian-and-seafood-los-angeles
  9. If you like Chicago style pizza, I'd recommend Masa in Echo Park. If not, there's all kinds of stuff up and down Sunset that you could just walk to around there. https://www.yelp.com/biz/masa-of-echo-park-los-angeles
  10. Weird they are giving something to commemorate Pujols getting 3000 hits before he even gets 3000 hits.
  11. Yes, you can download the HBO Now app on any device. You cannot download shows for offline viewing however. So you'd still need an internet connection.
  12. HBO Now is HBO for people without cable. It has everything that HBO offers. The only difference is instead of buying HBO from a cable company, you buy it from HBO.
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