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  1. This is all ridiculous. The best way to prevent cheating is more technology. Allow electronic communication of some time between the catcher and the pitcher. this likely reduces the length of games. Far less time if we remove the need for catchers to visually put down signs.
  2. The Angels should play nothing but songs about trash cans when the Astros visit the Big A. oscar the Grouch all night long.
  3. This is far worse than steroids. Players would rather face steroid users than the incredible amount of cheating that has been rampant with a number of teams across the last decade.
  4. For what it is worth, I’ve had friends who work in a few MLB front offices (not the Angels) share a few stories with me this week. Holy shiz is the rumor and speculations amongst players and front office types going nuts. The cheating allegations for other teams and players are pretty remarkable. This is going to get really ugly. MLB is going to have to come down hard on a whole host of teams. If not, just legalize cheating as players who don’t cheat are beyond livid. This is truly lit AF.
  5. I really don’t get what Kennedy is doing here. He clearly has some bitterness towards the organization. I suspect he was on TeamScioscia and resents how the new FO didn’t want him back after his contract ran out.
  6. I do but I don’t really post on baseball on the account. I’ve also been posting on the various AW forums for more than a decade.
  7. RUMINT from a friend who works for a MLB team. He/she does not work for the Angels. It’s entirely legit.
  8. If there was promotion/relegation the league could have docked them points, essentially forcing a relegation. Banning a team from MLB is ridiculous and clearly illegal.
  9. How would this be tied to the Astros minor league contraction plan? I don’t get it.
  10. The owners don’t want to pick this fight in the midst of important CBA negotiations.