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  1. I was interested until he brought up GREG (not Craig) Kimbrell.
  2. I see I am not the only one that wants La Stella at 3rd and Fletcher at 2nd, then.
  3. Whenever I think this, I remember that Dillon Peters, Matt Harvey, and Trevor Cahill started 35 games combined last year. I'd probably sell one of my children to avoid that again.
  4. This is sorta my prospective. After we whiffed on Corbin, I am not so sure that any other options would have justified their cost. Even Keuchel wasn't worth surrendering a pick for.
  5. I always forget that Sparky Anderson wasn't as old as he looked. I was thinking he was about 98 by the late 90s.
  6. 437. I did this twice during a detention (once in 6th grade, once in 10th) and got the exact same number of licks in both cases.
  7. This is true, but I don't think it's working. It didn't really work for the Rays last year or even this year-- What's worked is getting players like Blake Snell and Tyler Glasnow. Other wise, there was basically no real difference between performance for either the opener or the "main" pitcher when they are in use.
  8. This is especially true for a catcher-- give me a solid defender that can call a good game any day. Outside of the truly elite offensive catchers, that's by far their most important role. Plus, there is some chance that Stassi is merely a slight negative on offense, too - he had a .710 OPS last year, which would place him in the low-end starter range for catchers.
  9. I've always thought teams that do this are dumb. Why hold a kid out for a couple of months to gain an extra year of control, only to sign him to an extension his third year in the majors?
  10. And Castellenos to the Cubs too!
  11. I dunno, man. That Reds brawl AFTER Puig was traded might be the best baseball moment of the past five years.