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  1. Man, if Price were just a tad bit better/3 years younger (or they would take Upton) AND We could do this without giving up Adell I'd be all over this -- even if we'd only get Betts for a year. Because, Man, what a fun year. Trout, Betts, Rendon, Ohtani, Simmons - in other words, five of the top 15 most entertaining players in the world -- on the same team? With Fletcher, La Stella, and Castro providing support? And Adell in the wings? Heck, Pujols' corpse is probably going to move up a spot or two in the HR list. I know it's daft - but, like drinking tequila in Florida trailer park, it would be DAMN fun.
  2. I think this is overblown a bit. For one, he's a ground ball pitcher playing in front of an awful defense in an awful park, so his performance has outpaced his production for a while.
  3. Question here becomes -- Are we willing to surrender Addell + Marsh (and more) to get this done?
  4. Underrated option here. He keeps the ball on the ground, and Rendon-Simmons-Fletcher would be a perfect fit for his style.
  5. Christ people- Tehran isn't coming here to be Noaln Ryan 2.0. He's coming here to soak up innings. It's almost like none of you remember Chris Stratton started like 7 games last year.
  6. One thing I haven't seen considered: The Angels could bring on a mid-level guy (like Tehran or even Gio Gonzales) and then include Heaney or even Canning in a trade. The addition of a promising mid-tier pitcher might be enough to make an ace a viable option.
  7. Best part? We have David Fletcher (who would start at short for a bunch of teams) on our roster with Paris, Jackson, and Vera in the pipeline. Should have a solid-to-excellent player there for the next decade.
  8. I keep asking my wife to let me tell the kids the story of St. Nicholas' bifurcated corpse, but at this point I think I am just supplying her with divorce-fuel.
  9. It is possible that the Angles are more willing to pay three players instead of one.
  10. Aren't the Angels already relying on an inconsistent and unpredictable market as we stand now? Even if we sign Ryu and Madbum, there is a pretty high chance those guys all decline. Another way to say it: Rendon would be the third best player on our team right away, and would probably give Simmons a a challenge at #2 right now. You would pass on that production -- which may not affect other FA decisions,, but will certainly free-up trade assets- just because pitching sucks? This is like telling a fat guy not to lose weight because he's also short.
  11. Uh, Rendon would definitely be in improvement over everyone in our infield except Simmons. I also think he'll make a pretty good 1B over the latter half of this contract, which is definitely a big need. Not to mention - it's not like having an abundance of Infielders is a bad thing. It would allow us to include Fletcher, La Stella, Rengifo, or even Simmons in a trade for a pitcher.
  12. Exactly what I was thinking. If anything, his past suggests we sign like 2 "re-bound" starters that end up cut by July, then make a couple of minor trades for an under-the-radar bullpen arm and a mediocre catcher.
  13. If we get something like Rendon + Darvish/Contreras Trade + Ryu, I'd be pretty happy actually. I also half expect us to land an arm that no one is talking about. Something like the Rays trading Blake Snell or something.
  14. This is too good. You need to sprinkle in some more hot takes so I can complain more! Rodriquez at #4 is bold, but I don't hate it. Could easily be a #3 starter before we realize it-- JUST. STAY. HEALTHY. Hermosillo was perfectly ranked. Could contribute, could be the classic "AAAA" player. Similarly, Jackson was perfectly ranked as well. He's going to be the Brandon Marsh of the 2020/2021 off-season. Nailed it on Stallings--- heck, I may have moved him up a couple of spots. He feels like a guy that ends up starting 20 games as a rookie (holding his own) and then being a better-than-he-should-be #5 starter for 10 years. I still think this group is a tad too low on Will Wilson. I think his bat speed is underrated (not top-shelf, mind you, just underrated) because his swing is longer than it needs to be. I also think there is a better shot that he sticks at short than most people give him credit for.