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  1. Agree totally. I was all about him two years ago when it looked like Simba and Fletcher were going to be locking down the defense for a few years... but now it feels like a mistake. I half expect us to over pay Rodon... I have no reason for thinking this.
  2. I think there is about a .2% chance we actually sign the dude, but Sherzer is the guy you want. You basically hand the dud a blank check for three years... which is why it won't happen.
  3. Nah, I got you. I was just re-enforcing your point. We can probably afford to let Marsh/Adell develop -- especially if Correa were added.
  4. Having closely studied the Angels approach for the past decade, here is our offseason: SS - Corey Seager - 8 years, 245 Million. SP: Chris Archer - 1 Year, 9 Million Dollars BP: Trade for Rando McMinorleager; sign AJ Cole for 1 year, 5 Million Dollars.
  5. I honestly see our offseason going one of two ways: 1) we sign a mid-tier starter, one high-end bullpen piece (in addition to Iglesias), and whichever short stop is left (probably Iglesias). Trade for a few more high-upside, small-track record bullpen guys, and call it a day. 2) Swing one larger trade to fill multiple needs, then fill in with a free agent or two. The Marlins are brought up alot on here, but they make a ton of sense as a trade partner. It might not be an "Adell-or-Marsh-for-an-ace" deal, either; a trade for a couple of quality bullpen arms and a usable shortstop/4th outfielder would do wonders for the team's outlook next year.
  6. Bush feels like a guy that will rise pretty quickly. Lefty with upper 90s fastball and a decent slider? Hell, I wouldn't be surprised to see him in the MLB bullpen next year if his command is good enough.
  7. The only way this gets accepted is if ratings for sports -- which have been trending downward for a couple of years -- continue to go down. If ad revenue goes down, players MIGHT be pressured into taking more security (higher floor) over high-end earning potential. Otherwise -- lowering the the tax threshold is mega dumb.
  8. Feels like just a couple years ago Bush and Daniels would be top-8 - if not top 5. Of course, once Rodriguez, Adell, Marsh, and Detmers all loose eligibility next year, they will be close, but still -- the system has MASSIVELY improved in the past couple of seasons.
  9. Spend 35 million on Trevor Story, then Dart board a mediocre SP and trade for 4 minor league relief arms in the hope that two work out.
  10. I think one of the kids is traded -- I'd expect the Angels to target a mid-tier outfielder on a short-term deal, with Ward as the #4 fall back guy.
  11. TLDR Version: Unlike these other teams that are losing on purpose, the Angels will lose with guys that made them lose before.
  12. Agreed --- I'd take any of them, but Lopez is my personal favorite.
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