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  1. It's more complicated, actually. There is no clear evidence which way meant what. It's not even clear that they even did "thumbs down" like that; it's more probable they would use thumbs up to kill, then wrap their fingers around their thumb for sparing a life. But anything is possible because no one bothered to write it down.
  2. Even so, you have to make this deal. Not only because Rengifo isn't going to play that much here (especially if we we extend Simmons at some point), but also because our return (Stripling and Pederson should be worth about 5-6 WAR next year; Stripling is old but controllable, and Pages looks like a pretty decent gamble) is too good.
  3. Meh- the Pedo-Pederson connection is much more ripe for the picking.
  4. If memory serves, Goodwin crushes lefties. EDIT: Yup. .844 OPS the past three years vs. lefties.
  5. You are thinking of that classic Stix song, "Sail Away From Me:" A gathering at AngelsWin went way above my head They had a dumbass argument, and I wish you all were dead. So I say Farther Away? Further Away? Just Sail Away From Me
  6. This concept comes from the Old English word Furþor, which came from "fore-ther" or "more fore." "Farther" is just an form that developed when people stopped thinking of "Fore" in the way we used to.
  7. Patrick Sandoval. Projections (even the super stingy ones) suggest that he is an average-ish pitcher right now; any development or new pitches could make him a sneaky mid-rotation starter by the end of the year.
  8. I don't know where to begin. 1) I wasn't suggesting that are definitely going to get two great pitchers. I was simply saying that there is enough in our rotation NOW that two aces would make our rotation look "deep" rather than "fairly suspect." 2) Look at that list again. Ohtani, Bundy, Canning,Tehrean and Heaney don't have perfect track records of health. It wouldn't shock me if only two or three of those guys broke the 160 inning limit. I don't think that our health will be that bad, but there are going to be plenty of starts made by pitchers not in the rotation. 3) Our having a talented (if limited)#2 (Ohtani), 2 solid #4s, and a pile of good #5 pitchers IS a massive improvement over last year. NEVER FORGET CHRIS STRATTON. Remember, this was a response to a post about CONTENDING rotations; compared to average, we probably have a #2, a low-end #3, and a couple of #4s. It's just not enough to make us legit WS contenders.
  9. This is where I am at. Our current rotation is a punch in the gut, but last year our rotation was a punch in the nuts with brass knuckles. Certainly not ideal, but I think we should avoid major testicular damage. Could I be wrong? Could be. I am sorta just assuming that Tehran runs out of magic juice and has like an era of 6. But I also think it's probable that we have 5 pitchers (Ohtani-Canning-Bundy-Sandoval-Heany) that are average-ish or better. (Remember: the average starter is roughly 4.30 ERA.) Is that good enough? Hell no. Even if all five pitchers had an ERA of 4.00, that rotation is not exactly the most durable. But it is better than last year.
  10. Eh... I think it's more like 2 #4s (Heany/Bundy) and 3 #5s. But your point stands. You put two bonafide aces at the top, and that would be workable. However, since we don't have that, we look like an injury or a drop-off away from.... last year again.
  11. Man, if Price were just a tad bit better/3 years younger (or they would take Upton) AND We could do this without giving up Adell I'd be all over this -- even if we'd only get Betts for a year. Because, Man, what a fun year. Trout, Betts, Rendon, Ohtani, Simmons - in other words, five of the top 15 most entertaining players in the world -- on the same team? With Fletcher, La Stella, and Castro providing support? And Adell in the wings? Heck, Pujols' corpse is probably going to move up a spot or two in the HR list. I know it's daft - but, like drinking tequila in Florida trailer park, it would be DAMN fun.
  12. I think this is overblown a bit. For one, he's a ground ball pitcher playing in front of an awful defense in an awful park, so his performance has outpaced his production for a while.
  13. Question here becomes -- Are we willing to surrender Addell + Marsh (and more) to get this done?