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  1. So much prospect talent in those years. I remember thinking the Angels would have an infield of Kotchman, Kendrick, Wood, and McPherson for the next decade. Didn't quite work out that way, did it?
  2. Great job! This is very helpful for someone like me who isn't that familiar with the prospects in the org. outside of guys like Adell and Marsh.
  3. The Mets seem like the strongest candidate for Springer, their new owner is intent on spending money. They just fired their GM this morning though so things may be slower on that front. Cohen reminds me of Arti though, seems like he'll get involved when he wants something!
  4. Honest question, when Canning was shut down last August for the season with elbow inflammation, wouldn't the team have evaluated it then throughout the offseason? Maybe the issue worsened as Canning worked out over the last 3 months and it became a significant issue this week. Maybe the two are unrelated but it doesn't seem the case. Same thing happened with the Yankee's Paxton where they tried painkillers for 3 months before opting for back surgery. I'm not sure how involved the team is with players between seasons, anyone have insight?
  5. Came across this Ringer.com article which provides a good summary of the Angels offseason and prospects for 2020. Wish more was done to shore up the pitching woes but I can't wait to see this offense in action. Go Halos! https://www.theringer.com/mlb/2020/1/8/21056186/los-angeles-angels-pitching-needs-julio-teheran-dylan-bundy-mike-trout-anthony-rendon
  6. Great and amazing news going into the season!! After Harper signed, I thought this might happen but didn't hear anything for a few weeks. Second best day in Angels baseball history!!! ?
  7. Red Sox always and it's because of their fans, not the franchise. Yankees are a distant second for me. Guess I would root for the Phils if Trout were to sign or is traded there, but then Harper is there and I couldn't do that!
  8. I haven't been able to see a lot of the minor league guys and was thinking Casey Kotchman when I read that take. Not a slugger but someone with a solid average, good glove, and decent contact.
  9. A Trout-Arenado-Ohtani core would have been nice to dream about but glad he is staying in Colorado. Agree that this could be a Trout contract road map...
  10. Ha, sure thing. It's like the rookie giving up his number to a veteran. ? My favorite Halos logo, surprised more people don't use that for their avatar.
  11. Agreed, it's a fair question. It's kind of like the situation the Cardinals were in with Pujols. Do you break the bank for a home grown, once in a generation talent and limit payroll options for 10 years? I'd be much more inclined to do it for Trout though as Pujols was 32 when he came to the Halos and Trout is only 27 now. Much less of a chance of being stung by the back end of that deal! To me, he's the one guy in MLB you do it for.
  12. Surprising but good for the Padres. Phillies likely finish the Harper deal now that Machado signed then hopefully a Trout extension. Wonder what the reactions are over at PadresWin.com?
  13. I feel like this has been in the works for a while and they have been waiting for the Harper/Machado deals to get done. He deserves it and so do us fans, just get it done! Cautiously optimistic...
  14. Hi all, came across this article today on The Ringer on how Kole came back from the dead. Pretty good read: https://www.theringer.com/mlb/2018/8/9/17666160/kole-calhoun-los-angeles-angels-cold-start-hot-hitting
  15. Should only be used in reference to John Lackey though...
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