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  1. Yeah, but this isn't over. It isn't over until we say it's over. Was it over when Dipoto bombed our Minor League System? No, it ain't over now.
  2. Me too........glad I was wrong.
  3. Back to the original question. Nachos Peanuts Soda
  4. Yet another vote for 1979. If you were a fan during the rest of the miserable 70's, you'll understand.
  5. When everyone was lusting after Farrah Fawcett, my attention was on Jaclyn Smith.
  6. I hear you Failos. If it weren't for the Angels, I wouldn't watch baseball or be interested in it at all. I may watch the World Series, but only if a team I didn't like was in it and I want to see them lose. Maybe.
  7. Every time I read one of his posts, I read it in Tonto's voice from the Lone Ranger.
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