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  1. If the season is cancelled, does Bobby Bonilla still get paid? If so, does he just get 4% of the 1.2 M?
  2. Mike working out everyday with Albert. Sorry for the craig @Chuckster70 but I figured this sound be in this thread too.
  3. Thanks @Angelsjunky! Every time I look at the WAR numbers for the best of the best I have to remind myself that Ted Williams lost almost all of 5 prime years to WWII and the Korean War.
  4. I’m a fed who teleworks from home already. I’m surviving my MLB withdrawls by watching Josh Lewin’s play-by-play of anything videos on Twitter.
  5. If the Angels didn’t bother to extend Ryan... oh, never mind.
  6. As of now - NYY MLB/MiLB known cases: 2 Rest of MLB/MiLB: 0
  7. I’m old (Coronavirus high risk category) and my memory is bad but here goes: My dad was originally from the Midwest and a major Cards fan. He was also a fan of baseball in general and hated the Dodgers so I went to a bunch of games with him as a kid. I’ve seen Musial, Mays, Koufax, Aaron, Banks, Marichal, McCovey, Clemente, Drysdale, Gibson, etc. Went to my first Angels game in 64 cause dad wanted to see some guy named Dean Chance pitch. Saw Mantle, Frank/Brooks Robinson, Killebrew, RYAN multiple times, etc at the Big A. I was in the military for 20 years so went to games w
  8. He used GoFundMe to help stadium workers effected by the shutdown. If you followed him on Twitter...
  9. I think they’re waiting for Sosh to show up and manage.
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