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  1. #iHeartConcertOnFox is on right now. Fundraiser for American food banks. Artists playing from their living rooms. Pretty cool so far.
  2. To complicate things even further, a lot of opinions on this are sharply divided along political lines. I live in a conservative area and our school board is already planning on opening schools on April 23rd (as compared to CSULB, which has decided to go strictly online until the end of the school year). My decision process is much less complicated because I don't have to consider economic/political concerns that the school board does....so, when the time comes, if I don't feel very good about the safety....my HS sophomore is staying home. But she's 16 (not 20) and I would think a Dunkin Donuts would be a much cleaner environment that a HS campus w/ 1,000 student (not the most hygienic group) mingling all day.
  3. State is closing beach parking lots today. I suppose that is good in some ways...a lot of beach parking in LA county was already closed and the last thing we need is people driving down to OC beaches from other areas. But it's taking away an option for a lot of OC residents to get outdoors.
  4. As if working in the prison system isn't already stressful enough. Thanks for what you do.
  5. When the rivalry between the Angels and Rangers was hot, those damned Rangers fans would always go on and on about Whataburger. I've had Whataburger and it is a fine burger (IMHO)....but I would have never admitted it to those Sandy-the-Squirrel-talking s.o.b.'s.
  6. Remember styrofoam coffee cups? They tasted a little bit like styrofoam too. I knew someone was going to ask about this. But, in the spirit of helping you have your fun, I didn't mention it in my original post. It's my contribution towards everyone keeping their spirits up. You're welcome!
  7. Add me to the list of people who don't like In-N-Out fries. They taste a little like styrofoam to me.
  8. 5. Getting the family outside for a long walk every morning.
  9. Geez, that must be one strange sight.
  10. Yeah, disrespect of other Americans....that's what we need more of.
  11. In the "things to do" category.... get up at a set time and go for a walk every morning if you can. Helps start the day off right with a healthy routine and takes the edge off of cabin fever.
  12. Panic: Bad Taking the issue lightly: Bad Being prepared and taking precautions to help get us all through this: Good
  13. The juniors at my daughter's HS were supposed to take the SAT's this past Friday..... No pressure kids....just stay sharp and you'll get tested sometime between next week and August....
  14. In 1980, I was a freshman at the University of Arizona. My dorm was right next to the football stadium and baseball field. I used to drift into the baseball games for free whenever it fit my schedule. We had an outstanding outfielder named Terry Francona and won the College World Series that season. Ooo! Ahh! Sock-it-to-um Wildcats! The next year, I transferred to Arizona State to be closer to my fiance....and the Sun Devils won it all my first year there. A-S-U! A-S-U! A-S-U!
  15. I'm playing it safe, but that is easy and low cost for me and my family right now. I'm retired and a stay at home father. I kept my youngest out of high school starting yesterday and her district is expected to announce school closings after the board meets this afternoon. My wife's workplace has gone strictly telecommute. My son is a college student (not Yale. )and they going with online courses so he'll be at home for a while. So, we all are getting some work done and just hanging out at home this weekend and we'll see how it goes....treating it a bit like a working staycation. I feel so fortunate that I don't have to make some of the very tough decisions that others are making these days.