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  1. He also thought it was 3 outs. Seriously, fking sit his ass. Zero heart
  2. So he was locating his breaking stuff. Stop. Thats a minor leaguer. Put it on a tee with 2 outs and bases loaded. Make him put it in play. Thats a horrendous decision and one that has only one possible outcome- swing and miss- which you do not need there
  3. A 2-1 breaking ball to #9 Garneau is all you have to know. He’s trying to K everybody. No idea why you wouldnt just throw 5 straight FB’s to that loser... he doesnt know how to pitch situationally
  4. That makes too much sense. Plus the money he makes, they’ll never do that
  5. Again, explain why no shift there?? makes zero sense. Reddick, Tucker. Thats 4 runs
  6. Lol at gubbie and Vic defending Fletch in RF, on a ball where basically any Sunday Softball RF makes.. not to mention the play by Renfrigo at 2B
  7. Hermosillo should be yanked during pitching change What is Middleton’s baseball IQ?? 12? Has zero idea how to pitch
  8. Can somebody explain why there wasnt an extreme shift on the Reddick at-bat? Last time he hit the ball to LF was 2012.. that ball is easily caught in shift
  9. How annoying is Gubbie? Can you be anymore of a homer. “They need to grind at-bats out, which the Angels are capable of..”. You broadcast every game, wtf are you talking about?? How about calling somebody out once in a while instead of constantly saying “do some damage.”
  10. Thanks for setting this up, Chuck.. Sent you an email to your hotmail account
  11. Fernandez swings at everything. And has no idea that theres a left side of field. Not good optics
  12. Anybody know why he hasn’t pitched in 3 days??
  13. 7 BB's, 3 errors, a ton on runners on base. Could easily have 10 runs. With that being said, this is on the offense