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  1. Adell has absolutely zero idea in RF.. How can a top prospect be that awful in the field?
  2. Can LaStella hit the ball left of 2nd base?! Why doesnt he at least attempt a bunt towards 3b?? I dont get it
  3. Only needed 4 innings to conclude that Teherans pitching IQ is well below his jersey number. Literally zero thought process. Send this thrash back to NL
  4. No maybe he should just keep being unrealistic in his analysis. How about something like “Heaney is a headcase, its clear as day. The moment something does not go right, he self destructs”. Is that mean? Yes. Is it 100% spot on? Without a doubt.
  5. Agree 100%. Gubbi is such a homer. “Now watch Adell get a hold of one.” Umm what? He cant even foul a ball off. Totally lost both offensively and defensively.
  6. Why anybody would throw anything else besides breaking balls in the dirt to Othani is beyond me. He will swing 2 out of every 3 times. No need to ever throw him a strike
  7. Its pretty simple. Just throw strikes. Rangers have a pathetic lineup, yet Canning thought he could K everybody. Just throw strikes, your not that good.. look at Lyles. Marginal at best, but throws strikes, and will get the W
  8. He also thought it was 3 outs. Seriously, fking sit his ass. Zero heart
  9. So he was locating his breaking stuff. Stop. Thats a minor leaguer. Put it on a tee with 2 outs and bases loaded. Make him put it in play. Thats a horrendous decision and one that has only one possible outcome- swing and miss- which you do not need there
  10. A 2-1 breaking ball to #9 Garneau is all you have to know. He’s trying to K everybody. No idea why you wouldnt just throw 5 straight FB’s to that loser... he doesnt know how to pitch situationally
  11. That makes too much sense. Plus the money he makes, they’ll never do that
  12. Again, explain why no shift there?? makes zero sense. Reddick, Tucker. Thats 4 runs
  13. Lol at gubbie and Vic defending Fletch in RF, on a ball where basically any Sunday Softball RF makes.. not to mention the play by Renfrigo at 2B
  14. Hermosillo should be yanked during pitching change What is Middleton’s baseball IQ?? 12? Has zero idea how to pitch
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