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  1. Thank you so much to Chuck and the staff of Angelswin.com for giving me this opportunity to shed light on Rise Against Hunger and our mission of ending world hunger. I've personally been with the organization for 2 years with the mission itself started by a United Methodist minister and former U.S. Marine, Ray Buchanan. As Chuck mentioned we have served in 78 countries and approaching 550 million. meals distributed. Even with the pandemic, we were still able to impact 2.8 million lives in 2020. What personally drew me to Rise Against Hunger was my own children and the thoughts of them or any child going hungry. I'd been in corporate America my whole life and wanted to make a difference and searched out non-profit opportunities and its been the privilege of my life to work for this organization. The facts and numbers are staggering. Nearly 690 million people worldwide are undernourished, 144 million children suffer from stunting (chronic undernourishment), 47 million suffer from wasting (acute undernutrition) and in 2018, 5.3 million children died before their 5th birthdays where malnutrition played a role. And these a pre-pandemic numbers. One of the top priorities with Rise Against Hunger is marrying hunger relief with education. A large portion of our meals go to schools where most times a child will receive his or her only meal of the day, most times walking miles to attend. One of the great things we've achieved is more education opportunities for young girls who otherwise would be left in a remote village with her mother with no opportunity to learn or grow. With partnering schools offering free meals, parents in remote communities who normally would not allow girls the same opportunities as boys are now allowing their girls to go to school just to get that free meal BUT with that came the chance to stay and get an education. As the father of two girls, that's my personal favorite fact about what we do. I don't want to go on and on and write a book here (too late?) but please feel free to check out our organization on the link provided. Even word of mouth is great, just as good as a donation in my eyes so please mention us to your friends, neighbors or co-workers. We can put on a food packing event most anywhere in the country. We partner with churches, rotaries, large corporations, small family owned businesses. Heck we'll even do birthday parties! Please see the video link to see how an event works. We have a virtual 5/10K run going on now (Rise and Stride) as well as a fun virtual event in October for World Food Day 2021. Pictured is our volunteer wall in my Sacramento Distribution Center where volunteers sign and date times they've help us. Angelswin.com has been added today!! Again, thank you so much to Chuck the staff and to all you Angels fans for checking us out. Go Angels!!!
  2. Hi all, Been on this site from way back, posted in the beginning but really not my forte so pretty much a lurker for at least 13 years. How do I know 13 years? Because Chuck invited me to stop by and say Hi when on a family trip to Seattle when my now almost 14 year old was 8 weeks old. Side note, Chuck never told me where to meet him but it was the thought that counted(?) Anyway, I thought now would be a good time to reintroduce myself since I recently asked Chuck if my non-profit could join in the fun as a monthly charity. Back then when the site was in its infant stages I posted my introduction as "Hi, I'm Patrick, People seem to like me because I am polite and I am rarely late. I like to eat ice cream and I really enjoy a nice pair of slacks. Years later, a doctor will tell me that I have an I.Q. of 48 and am what some people call mentally retarded. Ah, simpler times. Angels history, been with them since the early 70's ( so both thank you Dad and F U Dad) with one of my first games being Ryan's 4th no-hitter when I was 8 years old. My Dad helped drywall Buzzie Bavasi's office and met him, as a then 13 year old, and wanted to punch him in the nuts because he had just let Ryan walk. Went and watched them as far back as Palm Spring days and have seen them play in 11 different stadiums so far. Best live memories: My girls first games at the stadium, them meeting Mike Trout (twice), being in the stadium for 4 of the 2002 playoff/WS games, each one a win, post Skaggs no-hitter, taking 2 out of 3 while wearing my gear at Fenway, and for an oldie, being at all 3 games vs Yanks 7/13-7/15 1979 and sitting at the foul ball which Baylor's 3-R HR hit in the bottom of 9th to tie the Saturday game. Can still see that ball hit the screen and yes I had to look up those dates but man what a series that was. Lots more but those come to mind. And since I've been on here a while, yes, I know what "craig" is/was, my favorite uniform is the 93-96 CA uni's, you're and idiot, and the best play I ever saw live was not an Angels play, it was Curtis Samuel sweep run for 15 yards in 2016 for Buckeyes 2 OT win over TTUN, I was sitting in the corner of the end zone. And yes I'm one of those guys who still thinks it's all about HR, RBI, ERA, Wins and Losses, sorry I know that's not as the kids say, hip today, but whatever. Like Nuke said, sometimes you win, sometime you lose and sometimes it rains. It's pretty much that simple. If my charity does happen to pop up this year I will be happy to jump back in and tell you all about it, it's a great mission and hopefully you'll all get to learn more about it should we be lucky enough to have it show up as a charity. Peace out boys, hope it's a good year but can't say I'm too optimistic. Patrick
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