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  1. I very rarely post but I’ll jump in as well since Australia is hi-jacking the thread. I have been in Sydney for 1 1/2 years (from SoCal) and there’s a decent amount of baseball fans here. I play in a well organized rec league here and quite a few know the game well and are fans of various MLB teams.
  2. Long time lurker, extremely rare poster here (I think the last time was the offseason when Beltre and Carl Crawford were FAs) but I just have to know. Why no mention of Tommy La Stella in guys we should target? Just curious to people's opinion since he is left handed, at least somewhat expendable by his club and given his MiLB track record and lack of consistent playing time in bigs, indicates some upside to break through to another level.
  3. Not sure what happened in 2009 when he stopped playing in the Angels system. In 2012 he was a student assistant for the Wiley college baseball team. In 2013 he played 1B on the team as a sophomore. http://www.redriverconference.com/team/12/6/313.php
  4. Kendrick/prospect to Royals for Butler/Crow A trade built around that might appeal to Royals as it would save them a few mil and solve their 2B problem. They would have added flexibility with rotating DH. Essentially replace Trumbo and Kendrick with Butler and Green while upgrading SP and RP.
  5. An Angels-Royals-Rockies trade could be interesting Angels get Yordano Ventura Chad Bettis Aaron Crow Rockies get Mark Trumbo Wade Davis Royals get Howie Kendrick Dexter Fowler The Rockies want to trade Fowler and supposedly covet Trumbo and Davis. This would also clear some cap space for them. Trumbo would fill a position of need for them and be under control for 1 more year than Fowler. The Rockies do not want to trade pitching but getting Davis makes trading Bettis more palatable. The Royals would get 2 players they supposedly covet as well to fill their 2 most pressing needs (
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