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  1. Interesting they have Marsh ETA 2020 and Adells as 2021.
  2. Heaney, Canning, Bundy - each win at least 15 games Heaney and Canning will have a low 3 ERA - lets say 3.25 Ohtani will have a 2.5 ERA Angels will hit over 245 HR's Angels win the West
  3. They are talking about it on the local sports radio here in Texas
  4. I'm on board with the upside of Ryu vs Kuechel because of the additions of inning eaters in Bundy and Teheran, though I would be happy with either. My biggest concern was Ryu's injury history and this post calmed my fears quit a bit. Thank you! I think Ryu if given the choice would take less guaranteed money but incentive laden deal like Stradling mentioned over the Blue Jays, even if they offered a couple million more guaranteed. The incentives deal from the Angels would need to exceeded the Blue Jays guaranteed offer though. I think that would be fair for both sides. Just a gut feeling.
  5. The Rangers got Kluber for their 30th ranked prospect - not even in their top 15. Without looking it up I think our farm system is rated pretty similar if not better than the Rangers.
  6. Its not my money, sign Kuechel and Ryu and save our bullet for the trade deadline if its needed. Ryu Ohtani Kuechel Heaney Bundy Canning, Sandoval, Suarez, Barria
  7. Lets see how the Astros do without the cheating. Im sure they will still be good but not as good as years past.
  8. They think Donaldson will sign a 1-2 year contract. They are crazy. lol
  9. I'm on a text thread with a bunch of Ranger fans and they have some serious sour grapes. They don't think Rendon is a superstar and feel Donaldson is better. Does anyone have any quick stats I can reference? They also say he is maybe 6th best 3rd baseman in MLB. I suck at looking up and reading the advanced stats, so any help would be appreciated.
  10. MLB Trade Rumors say the Rockies are exploring the trade market Arenado
  11. I really hope teams don't bail out the Yankees by trading for Stanton or Happ.