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  1. This is so random! As long as this doesn't piss off Trout. I know they are close friends...
  2. Holy shit. Never thought this would happen to me. Did we land on NoWay Ramirez??
  3. The story didn't confirm or deny that. There were multiple quotes in the story about how Callaway had a horrible reputation among the women in the industry. There was also a quote from one of the women expressing confusion about how multiple teams hired him without being aware of his terrible reputation: "How would that be possible? At this point, it's his reputation. If they are vetting him, even an ounce of his personal life should reveal this."
  4. I have an Athletic subscription, I just read the article. Pretty lengthy with lots of quotes from different female media members in Cleveland, NY, and Anaheim. No one mentioned any dick pics, but he did send several shirtless pics and repeatedly asked for pics in return. He texted or emailed women over and over again even though they weren't responding. He made some inappropriate comments in-person about their outfits, looks, etc. When he was manager of the Mets, he liked to use the "If you come out and get drunk with me, I'll give you juicy news about the team" line as well. One woman also said that he thrust his crotch at her in the middle of a 1:1 interview. Yikes.
  5. Sources: Angels fire visiting clubhouse manager for aiding opposing pitchers https://es.pn/2InqO9Z @tdawg87I couldn't get the LAT article to open on my phone, but I read this one from ESPN which has some details. This story still doesn't make a lot of sense, and I was also surprised to learn that a "visiting Clubhouse manager" even exists. Wtf.
  6. Did he guarantee playoffs at the end there? He skipped way too many pages!
  7. Interesting that he would have the Angels WS and Division champ flags as his background pic, but then call the org weak.
  8. I DRIVE A DODGE STRATUS!!! You can't talk to me like that!!!!
  9. Right. I didn't phrase that very well. Did Madbum get more or less than expected?
  10. How does this affect Keuchel and Ryu's asking price? I assume Ryu is expected to get more than Madbum, and Keuchel less?
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